Chapter 490: Darkland?

“Who am I?”

“Where am I?”

“Where am I supposed to be?”

Wang Teng woke up with his mind in a whirl.
For a moment, he couldn’t remember anything.

He sized up his surroundings instinctively and noticed that this was a dark, humid, narrow, and cramped cave.
However, there was a layer of hay spread on the ground, so it wasn’t that damp.

He wanted to stand up but gave up after a while.
This space was too small.
It wasn’t big enough for him to stand up.

He could only bend his body slightly and lean against the walls of the cave.
However, this posture made him extremely uncomfortable.
Also, as he moved, the multiple wounds on his body got affected.

“Hiss!” The pain caused him to suck in a deep breath.

This was so painful!

Because of the excruciating pain, he finally remembered what happened before he fainted.

Black Incubus Devil Lord wasn’t dead!

She even dragged him to this damn place!

F**k, he risked his life to turn the tides.
He thought that he had succeeded, and everyone was cheering his name.
It was obvious that something amazing was going to happen to him.

He would be welcomed with compliments, admiration, respect… It felt good just thinking about it!

But in the end, everything was gone!

He was pushed into a dimensional rift and came to this unknown place.

Wang Teng sighed uncontrollably in his heart when he thought about this.
A formidable warrior like Black Incubus Devil Lord was too hard to deal with.
Even though she was forced into a hopeless situation, she still managed to dodge everyone’s detection and launched a sneak attack at the last moment.

Thinking about it, if he hadn’t exhausted his spiritual power and Force, he wouldn’t have been caught off guard by that Black Incubus Devil Lord.

It was useless thinking of these things now, though.
The most important thing was to understand his current circumstances.

He glanced around him and fixed his gaze on the other living creature in the cave.

The moment he woke up, he had noticed that little creature.
He didn’t pay much attention to it because it was too weak.
He might be seriously injured now, but he could still kill it with one finger.

At this moment, he looked at the little creature and sized it up.
When he saw its appearance clearly, he was slightly shocked.

It looked like a human child around six years old.
It was thin and small and covered in mud.
There were patches of black and gray on its body.
Its hair was dry, yellow, and stuck together.
He wondered how long it had been since that creature took a bath.

A sour and smelly smell spread in the cave.
He frowned uncontrollably.

The little creature’s heart started jumping violently when it saw Wang Teng looking at it.
It regretted not leaving earlier.
Now, it was right in front of the tiger’s mouth.

But it had lived in the forest for a long time, so it wouldn’t give up until the last moment.
It stood with an offensive air, baring its teeth at Wang Teng and revealing his two tiger teeth.
A low growl came from its throat.

Wang Teng furrowed his brows more violently when he saw its beast-like movements.
He said coldly, “Come here.”

“Howl!” The little creature felt even more fearful.
However, it continued growling at Wang Teng and didn’t move forward.

Wang Teng felt helpless.
He examined his body condition briefly and realized that the only energy he could use was his dark Force.
He released a strand of dark Force to grab the little creature and pull it towards him.

“Let me go, let me go!” The little creature struggled frighteningly, but it couldn’t move.

“Dark language!” Wang Teng was surprised.

He suddenly remembered what Black Incubus Devil Lord had said before pushing him into the dimensional rift.
She said that she would be waiting for him in Darkland.

So, this is the world of the dark apparitions?!

Wang Teng was in disbelief.
He immediately activated his Spiritual Sight and glanced around him.
All he could see was a thick dark Force.
There were no signs of cultivation in the little creature’s body, but faint dark Force could be seen all around him.

This was a characteristic of someone who had lived in a world filled with dense dark Force.

Hence, even if this wasn’t the Darkland, it must be related to it.

All kinds of thoughts flashed past his mind.
He opened his mouth calmly and said in dark language, “Don’t worry.
Answer my questions, and I won’t harm you.”

The little creature understood him.
It hesitated, but its survival instinct caused it to nod.

Wang Teng nodded happily when he saw the little creature willing to cooperate with him.
He asked, “Where is this place?”

“Forest!” The little creature replied instantly.

Wang Teng choked.
“What forest?”

“A forest is a forest.” The little creature looked at him curiously.

F**k, is this an idiot? Wang Teng was speechless.

Then, he asked a few simple questions to check if this was Darkland.
The results were predictable.

The little creature was a country bumpkin.
Its area of activity was only in this small patch of forest.
It was easier to find a pig that could fly than try to understand the world from its mouth.

Hence, he threw the little creature to one side and disregarded it.
He closed his eyes and started recuperating.

The little creature didn’t dare to leave.
It shrunk in a corner and sized up Wang Teng curiously and fearfully.

Wang Teng realized that the battle had left him with some serious injuries.
There wasn’t a single patch of clean skin on his body.
Besides dark Force, his other Forces were dried up.
Only a little spiritual power was left.
His head felt heavy, making him extremely uncomfortable.

He gave a bitter smile.
Then, he used a small strand of spiritual power to enter his space ring and found only two bottles of healing dans left.
He poured them in his mouth directly.

The little creature was stunned.
It looked at Wang Teng’s hands and then at its hands.

It had a serious question.
How to make things appear out of nowhere?

It copied Wang Teng and stretched its hands out.
Then, it stared at its palm…

Unfortunately, there was nothing!

It was too hungry.
It hadn’t eaten anything in a day.
Thus, when it saw Wang Teng swallowing the two bottles of healing dans, it thought that they were some delicious food.
The refreshing fragrance of the dans made it salivate too.

Wang Teng sat there for a few hours.

The night had passed.
After a night of recuperation, a part of his injuries was healed.
He wouldn’t hurt all over when he moved anymore.

At the same time, he had managed to replenish some of his spiritual power.
He could do some simple spiritual kinesis moves.
This gave him some self-protection ability.

However, he would still need some time before he recovered fully.

As he was thinking about this, his stomach suddenly growled.

He took out a piece of star beast meat from his space ring and barbecued it with his weak fire Force.
After some time, the fragrance spread through the air.

The little creature shrugged in its sleep, saliva dripping down the corners of its lips unconsciously.

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