Chapter 488: A Name That Would Be Remembered!

Boom, boom, boom!

Amidst the flashes of lightning, Black Incubus Devil Lord’s agonizing screams stopped abruptly.
Her meaty body was submerged in the lightning.

A frightening aura spread out.

Everyone retreated continuously, unable to resist the terrifying shockwave.
However, they continued staring at the ball of lightning in front, waiting for the final result with bated breath.

The lightning rod in the middle was on the verge of breaking.
The walls were already cracked, and only half of the main body remained.
It stood there stubbornly.

Wang Teng stood on the lightning rod with a pale face and blood all over him.
He panted heavily and fixed his gaze at the ball of light in front.
He had reached his limit.
If Black Incubus Devil Lord didn’t die, he had no other methods.

Suddenly, he frowned.
Glancing around him, his expression changed.

The collision of the two forces was so powerful that the space around him was starting to become distorted.
Cracks appeared, revealing the pitch-black emptiness behind them.

When the two light pillars collided, the space in this area became unstable.
As more collisions occur, it finally shattered.

Wang Teng possessed space talent, so he knew that these accidental dimensional rifts were extremely unstable and dangerous.
No matter how powerful you were, you couldn’t resist a cut from them.

Moreover, he was seriously injured and the Force in his body was weak.
There was no chance of him surviving the cut.

Lightning Force flew around him violently.
If they weren’t at such a close distance, he wouldn’t have noticed their presence.

Hence, Dan Taixuan, who was a distance away, didn’t know his situation.
They couldn’t get close to him either.
If not, they would have come to reinforce him.

After some time, the lightning dissipated, and the ferocious lightning Force around him gradually calmed down.

Wang Teng looked in front.
The other people looked at the spot where Black Incubus Devil Lord was.



“Black Incubus Devil Lord is dead!”

There was nothing in front.
The eerie ball of meat was no longer there.

It had disappeared!

The strange black smoke that could reform Black Incubus Devil Lord’s body also didn’t appear.

The general-stage martial warriors rushed over and scanned the vicinity.
They didn’t detect any Force fluctuations of Black Incubus Devil Lord.

Black Incubus Devil Lord was really dead!

This was unbelievable, but the truth was laid out in front of them.
Wang Teng had killed Black Incubus Devil Lord!

After a moment of silence, cheers erupted on the battlefield.
They had snatched a victory out of defeat!

They had survived the disaster!

Only those who experienced it personally understood what this felt like.

Everyone was cheering and laughing.
As they laughed, tears started falling on their bloodstained faces.

Bodies scattered on the battlefield!

Many people had been sacrificed!

This was the fate of a soldier as well as a martial warrior.
They might be used to death, but when they saw their comrades falling, their hearts were still filled with sorrow.

Wang Teng heaved a sigh of relief.
Exhaustion engulfed his body.
He was tired.

However, it felt good to be alive.

He smiled as he thought about this.

Then, he raised his head.
The five dimensional rifts in the sky seemed to be closing unwillingly.
Soon, they disappeared entirely.

The clouds dispersed, and a ray of sunlight shone down onto the ground.
The battle had ended!

All the runemasters and the general-stage martial warriors looked at Wang Teng.
There were relief, amazement, and admiration in their eyes…

At this moment, cheers were heard below.

“Wang Teng!”

“Wang Teng!”

“Wang Teng!”

Everyone was shouting Wang Teng’s name.
He had salvaged the war and saved the humans from getting massacred.
Everyone felt grateful towards him.
Admiration and respect toward him started to blossom in their hearts.

This young man was a rare talent of this century!

No one could be compared with him.

Whether they were from the Xingwu Continent or Earth, they acknowledged him from the bottom of their hearts.
Everyone was convinced by his amazing and impressive performance!

The young man was exhausted, so he was stooping down.
He was covered in blood and was in a disheveled state.
Yet in everyone’s eyes, he was standing tall and straight.
He was giving off a glamorous light that overshadowed everyone.

The blood was the symbol of glory and the representation of his military exploits.
Wang Teng’s name would be remembered in this war!

Wang Teng was stunned when he heard people cheering for him.
He lowered his head to take a look.
Upon seeing everyone’s expression, he smiled.

He didn’t suffer these injuries for nothing.
He didn’t care about reputation, but he felt happy when he saw so many people surviving the war.

With greater power came greater responsibility!

In the past, he scoffed at these words, but he seemed to understand them a little now…

“Let’s go.
Enjoy everyone’s cheer!” Dan Taixuan looked at him and smiled.

“Master, I can’t move!” Wang Teng gave a bitter smile as he raised his hand.

They were all shocked.
They thought that his injury wasn’t serious since he was able to launch the final ultimate attack, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

He had exhausted all his energy!

Even though he was hurt, he still bit the bullet and gave the final blow.
His injuries were worse than the general-stage martial warriors!

“You…” Dan Taixuan was moved.
She wanted to hold him up.

“Careful!” At this moment, a surprised and furious shout was heard.

Wang Teng’s expression changed at once.
He felt a strong wind behind him.
There was no time for him to evade and no way to dodge it.

He couldn’t even turn his body.


Wang Teng didn’t see what attacked him.
He just felt a strong force hitting his back.
He vomited a mouth of blood and was thrown to the left.

Multiple dimensional rifts were starting to close up on the left.
However, they hadn’t disappeared.

Wang Teng squinted.
If he collided with them, he would die.

Without any choice left, he could only activate his space talent to the maximum and break the unstable space.
The next instant, his body disappeared into space.

“Young man, I will be waiting for you in the Darkland!” A cold voice resounded.
Then, a blood-red glow flew into the dimensional rift too.

“Wang Teng!”

“Wang Teng!”

Dan Taixuan, Gorlin, and the other people were dumbstruck.
They chased after him quickly but Wang Teng’s figure was already gone.

Dan Taixuan gritted her teeth and wanted to dash into the dimensional rift.

“Are you crazy? Don’t!” Lord Yang stopped her in a hurry.

“Move! He’s seriously injured.
He will be dead if he falls into the rift!” Dan Taixuan replied in anger.

“You’ll die if you go in.
This dimensional rift is formed accidentally, so it’s a mess inside.
General-stage martial warriors won’t be able to handle it!” Lord Yang shook his head and sighed.

“Damn it!” Dan Taixuan clenched her fist tightly and gritted her teeth.
She had never felt so powerless.

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