Chapter 487: Finale!

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Thunder echoed, and lightning flashed.
It was like the dawn of thunderbolt punishment.

The thick purple pillar of light collided with the black pillar of light, setting off an earth-shattering explosion.
It was impossible to distinguish purple or black at the point of impact.

A dazzling light blinded the onlookers.
The explosion of the Forces formed a terrifying impact wave sweeping through the surroundings.

Everyone looked up at the sky in astonishment, with bolts of lightning being reflected in their eyes.
Their hearts trembled.
This felt like the apocalypse.

This attack was no different from the force of heaven and earth.

Dan Taixuan and the other general-stage martial warriors were violently thrown back a few meters from the impact.
They were flabbergasted as they stared absent-mindedly at the two light pillars in the sky.

The attacks of both sides were so powerful!

It was hard to believe!

They found it impossible to comprehend.
They wouldn’t be able to resist this terrifying power for more than three seconds either!

Also, one of the attackers was a young man less than 20 years old.
This was unbelievable.


The explosions echoed in the sky.
The two light pillars were at a standstill as a momentary pause happened in the sky.
Time and space seemed to have stopped for a second.


Black Incubus Devil Lord roared, and a thick dark Force surged out continuously.
The black pillar of light blossomed and pushed against the lightning pillar.

Wang Teng’s expression changed.
Lightning Force swarmed around him, attracting even more bolts of lightning.
They finally became the energy source for the four lightning giant beasts.


Thunder shook the eardrums of the spectators.
The four lightning beasts bellowed at the sky.
The purple lightning in their mouths started burning more fiercely.

As more lightning Force was instilled in the lightning pillar, it expanded and pounced back on the black pillar.


Instantly, the purple pillar was at an advantage.
It forced the black pillar down violently.

Everyone was elated.
They stared at the pillar of light intently and cheered for it in their hearts.
They wished that they could help the purple pillar personally to suppress the black pillar.
But lightning Force was rare.
No one at the scene possessed this Force.

Also, in front of this frightening power, normal general-stage martial warriors wouldn’t be of much help either.
If they jumped in suddenly, they might die from the shockwaves of those pillars of light.

The numerous faces on the huge ball of meat below revealed expressions of pain.
Their eyes, mouth, nose… blackish-red blood dripped down.
It was horrifying.


Black Incubus Devil Lord screeched, madness and evilness shimmering in her crimson eyes.
She released all the dark Force in her body.

The black pillar pushed itself up once again…

Everyone felt their hearts lifting up along with the pillar.
It was like riding a rollercoaster.
They almost had a heart attack.


The collision between the two light pillars once again formed an explosion, releasing a scary impact wave.


Crisp cracking sounds were heard.

The runemasters’ expressions changed suddenly.
They looked at the lightning rods they were sitting on.
Huge cracks were starting to form on them.

Even the extremely durable lightning rod couldn’t withstand the impact of the explosion.
These cracks spread rapidly.
Soon, they covered the entire lightning rod.

Bang, bang, bang…

The next instant, the lightning rods started exploding one by one.
They had no choice but to step out of the array.

The Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array crumbled as the lightning Force spiraled wildly in the array.
It had gone completely out of hand.

The runemasters were appalled and kept retreating.
It was impossible for them to get any closer.

“How did this happen?” Master Carl was bewildered.

“The attacks were too powerful for the array to handle!” Gorlin felt helpless.
He stared straight at the middle of the array worriedly.

The other runemasters hurriedly looked in the same direction.
Their expressions changed slightly, and they felt anxious and agitated.

At this moment, Wang Teng was drenched in blood.
More and more wounds were appearing on his body.
His face was no exception.
His skin had started cracking starting from his cheeks, to his forehead….
Blood flowed down his nose and dripped into his mouth.

Damn it, I’m getting disfigured! My handsome face!

Damn it, why isn’t this monster dead? If she doesn’t die soon, I’ll be dead!

Wang Teng screamed silently in his heart.
He felt that he was going to fall soon.
His physical body was breaking down, and even his bones were creaking.
His expression was ugly.

Right, attribute bubbles! I need more attribute bubbles!

Whether it was spirit or Force attributes, they were his live savior now!

All of his spiritual power was used on the array, but he still had to move some out to sweep the battlefield.
He picked up all the attribute bubbles around him.


Dark Force*30

Fire Force*10

Water Force*15

All the bubbles on the battlefield got picked up instantly.
They merged into his body without any hesitation.

The attribute bubbles, which represented different kinds of power, started to take effect.

Wang Teng immediately felt a refreshing stream flowing through his body.
The spirit attribute was filling up the dried sea of spiritual power in his mind while the different forces moved through his limbs and nourished his body.
The wounds had healed a little.

Although this level of healing was negligible, there was at least some effect.
It allowed his condition to stop from worsening.

Wang Teng glanced at Black Incubus Devil Lord before taking out a huge amount of healing potions from his space ring, pouring them into his mouth directly.

These were the medicines he had made personally.
He kept the ones that had the best effect, and they finally came in handy now.

The moment the dans melted in his mouth, warm energy spread throughout his body.
It started repairing his wounds…

Wang Teng felt that he had managed to keep himself alive again.
He smiled proudly at Black Incubus Devil Lord and said, “Come, let’s see who will die first.”

Black Incubus Devil Lord squinted, her face turning even darker.
This human had managed to recover so quickly.

How was that possible!

How did he do it?

Even if he consumed the dans, the serious injuries shouldn’t have healed instantaneously.

She couldn’t understand what was happening.

Both parties were almost exhausted.
The person who could stand until the end would be the winner.

Wang Teng’s sudden recovery gave Black Incubus Devil Lord an ominous feeling.
She didn’t hesitate any more and released all the Forces left in her.

Wang Teng turned serious.
He felt the array collapsing too.
The lightning Force in the array had lost control and became extremely violent.
Even the four giant lightning beasts he formed were showing signs of going out of control.

Fortunately, his spirit had reached the Imperial realm, so he managed to forcefully control the four giant lightning beasts with his formidable spiritual kinesis.

“Come, this will be the last strike.
You die, or I die!” A ruthless gaze flashed past his eyes.
His spiritual kinesis was released in its entirety, and the four giant lightning beasts merged into the lightning pillar.


The lightning pillar became twice as big.
It pushed the other pillar down fiercely.

The sudden change caught Black Incubus Devil Lord off guard.
She didn’t know that Wang Teng still had such a move up his sleeves.

Boom, boom, boom!

The black pillar started breaking down.
In the end, the lightning power swallowed Black Incubus Devil Lord.

“No!” The numerous faces on the ball of meat screamed in agony.

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