Chapter 486: Heavenly Might!

As Wang Teng operated the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array to its maximum, multiple bolts of lightning struck down and congregated at a certain spot.
The lightning was glaring, its power magnificent.

Amidst the bolts of lightning, a giant lightning beast that looked like an ancient mythical creature took shape.
It looked similar to a Kirin.
Made of lightning, it appeared divine and majestic as it gazed down at the world.


The roar of this ancient mythical creature resounded in the air.


The people below gasped in awe when they saw this scene.

“Did Wang Teng create that?” Kong Li exclaimed uncontrollably as she looked at the majestic lightning beast in the sky.

“This fellow is indeed a rare talent!” Niu Li’s eyes shimmered.
He was staggered.

He remembered that when Wang Teng had just arrived in Black Sparrow Troop, the instructor leading them reminded him that this fellow wasn’t an ordinary person.

The subsequent events proved that this was true.

The moment he entered the military, he defeated an outstanding 7-star soldier-level talent in the army, Major Yuwen, embarrassing him greatly.
Then, he uncovered the scheme of the dark apparitions and achieved his first merit.
It was unexpected…

However, compared to the situation now, those were just trivial matters!

He was controlling two huge arrays alone to resist Black Incubus Devil Lord.
Even the 12 master-level runemasters had become his background.

All these were astonishing enough if it had happened to a famous formidable warrior, much less on a young man who hadn’t reached 20.
To be able to reach this stage at his age made him exceptionally outstanding.

Yuwen Xuan stood beside Kong Li.
There was only amazement left in his gaze.
He didn’t think of comparing himself with Wang Teng anymore.

That fellow was a monster.
Competing with him was equivalent to burning his fingers.

“How is that troublesome fellow so strong?” The purple lightning reflected in Xie Xueya’s eyes.

There was a tall figure standing amidst the lightning.
He looked like… the reincarnation of the God of Lightning!

This scene left a deep impression on her mind.

Wang Teng’s subordinates were also widening their eyes in surprise.

Was that their leader?

He was so powerful!

They knew that Wang Teng was a talented martial warrior, but they didn’t know that he was inhumanely powerful.
This was almost heaven-defying!

Dan Taixuan and the other general-stage martial warriors were speechless from bewilderment.
Even they felt terrified by the lightning beast and didn’t dare to underestimate it.
This was enough to prove how shocking Wang Teng’s deed was.

“What a strong presence.
I’m afraid that general-stage warriors won’t be able to escape from this lightning beast.” Finally, the general-stage martial warriors regained their senses and muttered to themselves.

“This young man is indeed a rare talent in this world.
There might not be another one for a few thousand years!” The general-stage martial warrior with a beard sighed.

“What a pity.
Why don’t we have such a talented youngster in our Xingwu Continent?” Some martial warriors found it a pity.

They were looking at the rise of an unmatched talent, but it had nothing to do with them.
It was like losing a few billion.

Dan Taixuan suddenly felt a little extra when she heard her comrades praising her disciple.
This young brat improved too quickly!

She was going to get surpassed by him very soon!

At this moment, Dan Taixuan felt depressed…


Black Incubus Devil Lord bellowed and screamed as she struggled to charge out from the big net made of green flame.
The swollen and huge body rolled towards Wang Teng.

The runemasters and the general-stage martial warrior were flabbergasted.

The current Black Incubus Devil Lord was eerie and frightening.
Dan Taixuan and the others could feel that she was many times stronger than her previous form.

If they fought with Black Incubus Devil Lord again, they wouldn’t be able to last until the runemasters activated the array.

Yet, they couldn’t be of any help even though they knew that Black Incubus Devil Lord was dangerous.
They weren’t runemasters.
They would only cause trouble if they entered the array recklessly.

While Black Incubus Devil Lord moved towards him oppressively, Wang Teng remained calm.
He indifferently stared ahead.
The next instant, the green flame gathered once again in front of him.
Then, it flew towards the huge body of Black Incubus Devil Lord.


The powerful green flames slammed violently into Black Incubus Devil Lord’s body, knocking her back for more than ten meters.
She howled in pain as her flesh got burned piece by piece.
They turned into black smoke and entered her body once again…

Wang Teng didn’t relax for an instant.
He controlled the lightning Force and made sure they flowed out of the array continuously.

Three balls of lightning appeared once again in the sky.

Everyone was flabbergasted when they saw this scene.
They thought that forming one lightning beast was Wang Teng’s limit.
However, that was just the start.

How far was he going to go?

Gorlin and the other runemasters exchanged glances with one another, their gazes filled with astonishment.
But the next moment, they instilled their spiritual power into the array and worked hard to operate the array together with Wang Teng.

Wang Teng’s gaze flickered.
He felt some pressure being lifted from him.

With the help of the 12 runemasters, more and more terrifying bolts of lightning started gathering.
The three balls of lightning expanded furiously as if they were brewing something.

But he still needed time.

Boom, boom, boom!

Explosions were heard continuously as the green flame blocked the furious and violent Black Incubus Devil Lord.
She was getting closer and closer.
The two crimson eyeballs glared at Wang Teng with evilness and madness.

Wang Teng frowned.
That gaze made him uncomfortable.
He couldn’t find a phrase to describe it.
It was like a mentally ill patient, but it was more chaotic, disordered, and evil.

She was like a person who had multiple mental illnesses and turned into an evil monster in the end.

Black Incubus Devil Lord noticed Wang Teng’s gaze.
She opened her huge and hideous mouth and gave Wang Teng a… smile!

Wang Teng’s mind was invaded, and an evil spirit seeped into the depth of his mind.
His expression changed.
The Imperial realm spiritual power in his mind exploded instantly.


A vast and endless spirit rolled over, destroying all the negative emotions and shattering them into pieces.

A flash of surprise appeared in Black Incubus Devil Lord’s eyes, while anger seethed in her heart.



Why was this young human so strong!

This was impossible!

“Die! Die! Die!”

Black Incubus Devil Lord’s spirit turned into a mess.
She couldn’t care about the green flame on her body anymore.
She exploded and turned into numerous small fragments of meat, shooting towards Wang Teng.

Once the huge blob of flesh was divided into pieces, it instantly got burned by the green flame in mid-air.
This time, the wisps of black smoke were swallowed by the green flames before they could return to the main body.

Still, a large portion arrived in front of Wang Teng.

“Be careful!” Dan Taixuan, Gorlin, and many others screamed in shock!

Wang Teng’s expression changed as well.
He didn’t expect Black Incubus Devil Lord to be so crazy.
She was willing to sacrifice herself to injure him.

He didn’t have the time to think, though.
He used his spiritual power to move the array quickly.


The lightning beast in the sky bellowed.
It moved its body and soared down.

It seemed to have turned into a bolt of purple lightning traveling through space amidst all the lights.
It appeared in front of Wang Teng like a loyal guardian beast and pounced on those meat pieces.


Thunder echoed in the air.
The force was frightening.

Unexpectedly, the meat pieces screamed and hissed in pain.
They sounded like multiple people groaning.
The voice was chilling and pierced right into one’s heart.

Dan Taixuan and the others frowned.
They felt their heads hurting and swelling.
The human martial warriors started bleeding from the ears.
They hurriedly covered their ears with painful expressions.


The roars of the lightning beasts were heard once again.
It overlapped with the screams of the meat pieces, dispelling them.
However, the lightning beast had used up all its lightning Force and disappeared from the world.

After some time, the lightning dissipated.
Even the voices were gone.
There was an eerie silence.

Everyone scanned the array, looking for signs of Black Incubus Devil Lord.

“Is she dead?”

This was what everyone was thinking.

They were all filled with anticipation.
Black Incubus Devil Lord had brought catastrophe to the world every time she appeared.
She left nightmares to the human race.

Everyone who had heard of Black Incubus Devil Lord would feel fearful when talking about her.

Today, the humans at the scene almost got annihilated.
They nearly became another glamorous military exploit of Black Incubus Devil Lord.
Fortunately, the ultimate talent, Wang Teng, appeared and turned the tide through his vigorous efforts.

If Black Incubus Devil Lord was killed, the human side would be the winner of this war.

Everyone held their breaths on tenterhooks, including the general-stage martial warriors.

“That’s not right.
Black Incubus Devil Lord shouldn’t be killed so easily!” Lord Yang frowned.


Suddenly, howls of fear were heard from afar.
Everyone turned to look in the direction of the sound and saw a frightening scene.

Black smoke started rising from the ground.
The dark apparitions that had escaped far away got entangled by the black smoke.
They flew into the air uncontrollably.

The dark apparitions seemed to know what was going to happen.
They were shouting in fear.

“Lord, spare us!”


“Lord, spare us…”

They begged for mercy and struggled with all their might, trying to break free from the black binds.
However, it was all to no avail.
All of them got dragged towards the huge array.

“Damn it, Black Incubus Devil Lord isn’t dead!”

Dan Taixuan and the others realized something, their expressions turning ugly.

Wang Teng shifted his gaze.
He saw a crimson eyeball floating in the sky some distance away, staring coldly at him.

“What strong vitality!” Wang Teng felt helpless.
He raised his head and looked at the remaining three balls of light in the sky.
“I thought I didn’t need to use them, but I’ll still have to rely on you in the end.”


The lightning congregated, and the three lightning balls gradually took shape…

At the same time, he remained busy and pointed at the blood-red eyeball.
The green flames shot towards it.
However, the blood-red eyeball possessed intellect and was extremely sly.
It disappeared into space without a trace.

Then, it appeared a distance away and stared at Wang Teng mockingly.

Numerous dark apparitions flew towards the array while screaming in fear.
They were guided to the crimson eyeball by the black smoke.
The instant the black smoke touched the crimson eyeball, it became thick and swallowed the dark apparitions.


The screams stopped abruptly.

More and more dark apparitions merged into the black smoke with the crimson eyeball at its core.
The body expanded once again and squirmed as it transformed into large-sized pieces of flesh.

This time, many hideous faces appeared on the flesh.
Their eyes and mouths were wide open as if they had suffered tremendous pain before their death.
It sent a chill down his spine when he looked at it.

Wang Teng frowned.
This image was sinister, much worse than the previous appearance of Black Incubus Devil Lord.
He found it troublesome.

A helpless sigh sounded in his heart.
The lightning Force in the array wasn’t enough.

He started using his Leiting Physique again without any hesitation.
Lightning shot down from the sky and struck his body.

He needed more lightning!

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

But when the lightning Force entered his body, cracks started to appear on his skin.
His physical body had endured too much lightning power this time.
He had already reached his limit before this, so his body was starting to fall apart.

Fresh blood spurted out from the cracks, turning his shirt red.

“Wang Teng!” Dan Taixuan, Gorlin, and many others noticed the situation on his side.
They started to feel anxious.

Wang Teng’s situation seemed bad!

But they also knew that they could only rely on him now.

“Damn it, we can’t help at all.” A general-stage martial warrior clenched his fists tightly and gritted his teeth.

The other general-stage martial warriors were silent too.
They couldn’t defeat Black Incubus Devil Lord in her previous state, much less after she grew scarier and more powerful.

Damn, the cultivation of Leiting Physique can’t catch up in time.
If not, I’d be able to handle this patch of lightning force.
Shit! Wang Teng felt helpless, even thinking that he might lose his life here.

However, when he glanced around him, his gaze turned firm.
As a man, he needed to do what he should do!

He had died before, so he wasn’t afraid of dying again!

Moreover, there were so many people watching him.
He must maintain his image.
They would laugh at him if he ran away at this crucial moment.

All sorts of thoughts flashed through his mind.
Then, he smiled and bore with the excruciating pain as he instilled the lightning Force into the array.

Lightning struck, and thunder roared!

The three balls of lightning started shining brightly as if they had received some stimulation.
They quickly took form.

On the other side, another ball of light appeared.
It started expanding at a fast speed and caught up with the previous three balls of light.


Black Incubus Devil Lord had regained her body by now.
Using countless dark apparitions as her body, she had turned even scarier.

The numerous faces on her body were all her faces now.
They looked at Wang Teng in unison, opening their mouths and spilling black smoke out.

Wang Teng’s pupils constricted.
He hurriedly raised his head.





Almost simultaneously, four different howls and hoots resounded through the entire sky.

The four balls of light had taken form completely.

The lightning dragon raised its head and roared at the sky.

The lightning turtle held up the sky with its four limbs.

The lightning phoenix hooted majestically.

The lightning Kirin looked down at the war below…

The four giant lightning beasts bowed at Wang Teng before landing in the four corners of the array.
They opened their mouths, and four balls of glaring purple lightning glow blossomed from their mouths at the same time.

At this moment, a pillar of black glow shot out from Black Incubus Devil Lord’s mouth.
It came at Wang Teng with a destructive force.

The four giant lightning beasts stared at it furiously with wide eyes, looking tall and majestic.
The four rays of purple lightning merged and formed a lightning pillar.
It plummeted down and hit the black pillar of light.

This was how heavenly might probably looked like!


A terrifying explosion shattered the entire space.
Dazzling and harsh light exploded…

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