Chapter 482: The Eight Arms Devil Physique and the Revelation of Defeat

At the same time, a spiritual kinesis was born in his mind.
It allowed his original spiritual kinesis to expand multiple times.

The dragon formed from spiritual kinesis grew bigger, its claws and scales life-like.
It seemed like a real dragon.

A glaring gaze shimmered in Wang Teng’s eyes as he scanned his surroundings.
It was oppressive.

Eyes were the windows of one’s spirit.
The most obvious change in him after his spiritual realm increased was his gaze.
After that instantaneous glimmer, the light retracted, and his eyes turned deep and profound.

This was solely the changes to his spirit.
Some unknown changes were happening to his physical body too.

Eight Arms Devil Physique!

This was his second physique talent after the Demon Lotus Poison Body.

Wang Teng didn’t know if he should be surprised or happy.
Actually, he felt a little worried.

He had absorbed the attribute bubbles a little too quickly.
If he knew that this was the Eight Arms Devil General’s special physique, he wouldn’t have dared to absorb it.

After all, he had a deep memory of the Eight Arms Devil General’s appearance.
The guy had eight arms.

Wang Teng looked at his body instinctively.
He was afraid that his small body wouldn’t be able to handle the weight of eight arms.
If he really grew eight arms, he would definitely turn into a monster.

He thought of the situation just now and shuddered in fear.
But it was too late to regret.
The attribute bubble had already entered his body, and changes had started appearing.

He didn’t know if it was his illusion, but he felt a throbbing on his back.
It felt as if something wanted to burst out of his skin.


Wang Teng screamed in his heart.
He was appalled.

The legendary Nezha had six arms, but he went straight to eight.
How frustrating!

Very soon, the physical transformation stopped.
Feeling a certain change in his body, he understood what happened.

Eight Arms Devil Physique: 30/6000

The Eight Arms Devil Physique was a physique talent of the Eight Arms Devil race.
Anyone with this physique would have an indomitable body, and their battle ability would surpass those at the same level.
At the same time, they possessed a strong vitality and astonishing recovery ability.
When they were heavily injured, they wouldn’t die immediately.
They could recover quickly.

No wonder the Eight Arms Devil General didn’t die and still had the fuel to escape.
It was all due to this Eight Arms Devil Physique.

Wang Teng was enlightened.

The eight arms were real, but it didn’t mean that anyone who possessed this physique would grow them.

The Eight Arms Devil Physique was a combat form of the Eight Arms Devil Physique.
You would only be able to use it after you had enlightened the higher level of the Eight Arms Devil Physique.

The members of the Eight Arms Devil race were born with eight arms.
If they used the Eight Arms Devil Physique, the effect would be combined.
At that time, a frightening change would occur to their arms, improving their attacking power.

This was why the Eight Arms Devil Physique was extremely compatible with the Eight Arms Devil race.

However, there were rumors that the Eight Arms Devil race grew eight arms due to the influence of the Eight Arms Devil Physique.
Hence, they evolved from having two arms to having eight arms.

Evolution was the talent of every living thing.

But Zurz’s bloodline was weak, so his arms were not that powerful.
He wasn’t able to execute the battle form of the eight arms.

If not, Wang Teng wouldn’t have defeated him so easily.

Now, Wang Teng knew the deepest secret of the Eight Arms Devil race and even gained their physique talent.
His Eight Arms Devil Physique wasn’t as powerful as Zurz’s, but his bug would allow him to increase this attribute more easily.

Everyone knew that physique and talent were innate.
It was hard to change it in the future or improve it.
This was why Zurz’s bloodline was still weak even though he was at the general stage.

Zurz wanted to improve the power of his bloodline, so his battle ability could increase.
Of course, when he advanced to the general stage, his bloodline power rose.

This made things easier for Wang Teng.

Wang Teng didn’t think too much about the eight arms.
The trait was too obvious and ugly.
If there wasn’t a need, he wouldn’t use it.
But he had high hopes for the recovery ability and strong vitality of this physique.

There were only pros and no cons if he continued to raise this attribute.
It would keep him alive longer.

The remaining attributes consisted of enlightenment and dark Force.
The 600 points of Eight Level Devil Scripture raised his proficiency from small achievement to big achievement.

Eight Level Devil Scripture: 265/1000 (big achievement)

The Eight Level Devil Scripture was compatible with the Eight Arms Devil Physique.
It looked like the battle ability of the Eight Arms Devil race was focused on the physique.

Wang Teng possessed both, so his physique became stronger and his battle ability rose.

He clenched his fists and felt extremely good.
He could eat ten bowls of rice now.


The battle in the sky turned intense, and a figure was hurled down.
Wang Teng regained his senses and hurriedly took a look.
His expression changed.

The figure that slammed down was the general of Star Maple City, Yin Tongfang.
He crashed into the ground and formed a deep hole.

The dust dissipated and revealed the condition below.
Yin Tongfang was covered with blood.
A few gruesome wounds could be seen on his body, showing his grievous injuries.

Wang Teng raised his head.
Dan Taixuan and the other general-stage martial warriors were also in a bedraggled state.
Black Incubus Devil Lord was too powerful and was at a much higher level.
If they didn’t win in numbers, they wouldn’t have been able to resist for so long.

The defeat was slowly revealing itself.

Wang Teng turned grim.
He looked at Gorlin and the runemasters and felt agitated.
Faster… faster…

This was the crucial moment, so he could only pray in his heart and not interrupt them with any sounds.


Another figure slammed on the ground.
It was another general-stage martial warrior he didn’t recognize.
This guy was seriously injured too.
He lay in the hole and couldn’t get up.

The other human martial warriors around them surrounded them and protected the two general-stage warriors.

A few more seconds later, another two general-stage martial warriors were thrown to the ground.
It was unknown if they were dead or alive.

Dan Taixuan, Lord Yang, and the remaining martial warriors continued to resist.
Unfortunately, it was highly likely that they would get killed or heavily injured by Black Incubus Devil Lord soon.

The humans felt a sense of despair.
As more and more general-stage warriors fell, the despair got stronger.

Were they going to die here?

Was there no hope for the humans?

Master, please hurry. Wang Teng’s expression was grave.
He looked at the runemasters with sweat on his palm, trying his best to remain calm.

He couldn’t mess up at this moment!

They still had nope.
As long as the array was activated, there would be hope.

The runemasters had also noticed the dire situation, so they put all their effort into activating the array quickly.


Finally, the array trembled.
The dense rune on the 13th lightning rod under Wang Teng lit up.

“Wang Teng!” Gorlin shouted.

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