Chapter 480: Do You Remember This Spear? Let Me Return It To You!

As the Eight Arms Devil General charged towards him, Wang Teng’s gaze landed behind him.
That was where General He had self-destructed.
Numerous big attribute bubbles were floating in mid-air.

Wang Teng’s spiritual power went around the Eight Arms Devil General and picked up the attribute bubbles.

Spiritual Realm Spirit*320

Spiritual Realm Enlightenment*260

Water Force*1100

Advanced Stage Water Talent*350

Triple Ripples Water Scripture*1

Seven-Star Emerging Scripture*1

Emerging Sword Conscious*220

While he was absorbing the attribute bubbles, Wang Teng was stunned.

It was understandable that a general-stage martial warrior would drop many high-quality attribute bubbles.
Their spirit, enlightenment, and even Force were higher than normal martial warriors when they died.

The most precious items were contained in the four bubbles behind.

A total of 350 points of advanced-stage water talent allowed Wang Teng’s water talent to rise tremendously.


Triple Ripples Water Scripture—a water element sky-rank scripture.

Seven-Star Emerging Scripture—a water element sky-rank sword battle technique.

Emerging sword conscious—the conscious of a sky-rank sword technique.

This was a present General He gave him after his death!

Suddenly, an image appeared in his mind.
He was beside a cliff.
There was a stream running at the side, flowing into the horizon.
At the same time, three blurry human light figures appeared.

One of them sat cross-legged beside the cliff and was cultivating.
Complicated Force paths appeared on his body.

The second light figure was practicing his sword in the stream.
Amidst the water vapors, an invisible water sword raged in the stream.

The third light figure was facing a huge waterfall roaring down the cliff.
Suddenly, he slashed his sword out, and a sharp and powerful white light soared into the sky.
This move caused the waterfall to change its direction and the stream was split into two.
It was a formidable move.

Outside, the Eight Arms Devil General continued charging towards Wang Teng.
When he noticed that Wang Teng was in a daze, his face turned black.

Then, his expression turned hideous.
Black blade glow appeared as he swung his blade at Wang Teng.

“Clang, clang, clang!”

Wang Teng controlled the flaming weapon torrent with his spiritual kinesis, allowing it to spin on its normal path with him in the center.

The black blade glow from the Eight Arms Devil General clashed into the flaming weapon torrent and gave off a metallic sound.

Wang Teng was only immersed in his thoughts for a split second.
At this moment, he was looking at the Eight Arms Devil General coldly.
He suddenly raised his arm and pointed at him.

Countless weapons congregated into a huge flaming sword.
It struck right towards his enemy.

The Eight Arms Devil General’s expression changed.
He threw out a few blade attacks quickly to resist the frightening fire sword.


The two forces collided, setting off a huge eruption.
The Eight Arms Devil General was thrown off his feet.
He tumbled in the air before forcing himself to a stop.

His expression was grim.
A single attack from this young lad was enough to force him back.
When did he become so powerful?!

He expected this young human to be strong, but he didn’t know that the before-and-after difference was so big.
The power of that attack was at the general stage!

However, he didn’t believe that this young human could continuously release such powerful attacks as a soldier-level martial warrior.

“Die!” The Eight Arms Devil General bellowed in anger.
Dark Force surged out, and he waved his blade again.
A terrifying black blade glow formed in the air, sweeping towards Wang Teng.

“Hmph!” Wang Teng snorted.
Holding Mo Que, the fire Force in him erupted.
A flaming blade glow poured out.

Sky-rank battle technique—Big Dipper Flaming Blade!

Blade conscious explosion!

Boom, boom, boom…

The black and red blade glows erupted in the air.
The impact of the explosion affected half the sky.
The terrifying blade glows struck the humans and dark apparitions below too.

They were appalled as they left the area hastily.

Many people were dumbfounded.
Wang Teng was able to face a general-stage dark apparition without losing his ground.
This was unbelievable.

Wang Teng retracted his gaze.
Indeed, a general-stage presence wasn’t easy to deal with.

When he returned to the battlefield, he had picked up another round of attribute bubbles, so his five elements had all risen to the 9-star soldier level.
But their flaws were obvious when compared with a real general-stage formidable warrior.

As for the mutations of the dark Force, it allowed his physical body and his strength to reach the general stage.
There was nothing to worry about.

However, he couldn’t use his dark Force whenever he wanted.
In the end, he had to rely on his spiritual kinesis.

While the blade glow was dispersing, he pushed his spiritual kinesis out and controlled the weapon torrent to attack the Eight Arms Devil General.

The Eight Arms Devil General didn’t dare to receive it forcefully.
He dodged right and left, but those weapons clung to him under Wang Teng’s control.
They chased him wherever he went.
He was going crazy.

“Damn it!” The Eight Arms Devil General was furious.
He howled in anger and turned around to launch a full-fledged attack.


He slammed the blade in his hand at the flaming sword formed by the weapon torrent.
The explosion echoed throughout the entire city.
Time seemed to have stopped for a second.

Crack… Crack!

A crisp sound broke the stalemate.

The Eight Arms Devil General narrowed his eyes.
He watched the blade in his hand burst apart.
Then, the weapon torrent slammed into his chest ruthlessly.

The Eight Arms Devil General felt as if he was struck by lightning.
He vomited a mouthful of blood uncontrollably.
However, a dense black glow lit up around his body.
This seemed to be a strong defense skill that helped him to block the lethal attack forcefully.

“Hahaha…” He opened his mouth and laughed delightedly.
There was still blood at the edge of his lips.
“Do you think you can kill me?”

“Why do you have to do that?” Wang Teng remained calm.
A spear appeared in his hand as he continued indifferently, “Do you remember this spear?”

The Eight Arms Devil General’s gaze flickered.
He scoffed.
“Lad, you’re lucky that I didn’t kill you back then.”

“I have always remembered this spear.
Now, I’ll return it to you.”

Wang Teng released his hand.
The spear flew out under the control of his spiritual kinesis and merged with the weapon torrent.
It got engulfed in flames.

No one knew that the Emerald Glazed Flame was part of this flame.
At the same time, the weapon torrent changed shape.
It turned into a flaming thorn and was spinning at high speed.
The spear was the core of this flaming thorn.

The Eight Arms Devil General’s heart pounded.
His head turned numb, and he retreated without stopping.

“Go!” Wang Teng spurted this word emotionlessly.

The flaming spear shot towards the Eight Arms Devil General and arrived in front of him like a flash of lightning.
It was aimed right at his chest.

“Stop!” The Eight Arms Devil General screamed.
The black light around him was at its thickest.
It shimmered frantically as it tried its best to resist the thorn.

Under the defense of the black light, the weapons that formed the thorn started melting.
They melted into broken pieces and flew away in the wind.

Gradually, the spear core was revealed.


The next instant, a green flame shot out from the spear, directly burning through the black defense layer.

Then, it pierced through the Eight Arms Devil General’s chest, along with the spear.

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