Chapter 47: Practice Taichi? The Good For Health Kind~

After the lesson ended, the school became extremely noisy.

The students from the different years walked out of their classrooms.
They merged into human streams and surged towards the entrance of the school.

Wang Teng went straight to the teachers’ office instead.
He was going there to look for his headteacher, Mr.
Fan Weiming, to register for the martial arts exam.

The office was livelier than what Wang Teng expected.
The desks of the headteachers of the year three classes were even more so.
They were surrounded by students, making the whole office appear crowded.

When Wang Teng knocked on the door, he immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

After all, Wang Teng was quite famous in the year three cohort.

“Why is it him?”

“What is he doing here? Did he come to register?”

“The rich second generation wants to participate in the martial arts exam too? Has he even practiced martial arts before? Is he joking around?”

“Did he say that he had never practiced martial arts before?”

The sudden rhetorical question caused the people discussing in hushed voices to turn strangely quiet.

“Well~ he has never said that before.”

“In that case, what are you all gossiping about?”


The conversation was put to an abrupt halt.

Then, everyone continued gathering around their headteachers and registered their names seriously.
It felt as if nothing had happened.

“Wang Teng!” Fan Weiming also noticed Wang Teng.
His tone carried obvious surprise.
“You came to register too? Come in!”

As a professional headteacher, he clearly knew how many students in his class had chances of entering the martial arts course.

Wang Teng was obviously not one of them.

Although Wang Teng’s father occasionally gave him gifts, he still had his principles.

I will persuade this fellow later.
The martial arts exam isn’t something to play with.

Fan Weiming thought to himself secretly.
Then, he continued, “Wait at the side for a moment.
I will help them finish their registration first.”

“Okay.” Wang Teng nodded.

His gaze landed on his classmates.
There were a few people he was unfamiliar with.
Then, there was Yang Jian, who sat in front of him, and…

His table buddy and class monitor, Lin Chuhan!

Yang Jian was fine.
He had an uncle working in the Ministry of Education, so he had gotten some inside scoop a long time ago.
He had more time to prepare as compared to other people.
Thus, his confidence was explanatory.

As for Lin Chuhan, forgetting her ability first, the ‘Five Years of Martial Arts Exam, Three Years of Mock Papers’ was enough to let her suffer.

However, she came to register the next day after the announcement was released.

It should be known that many people were still hesitating.
They couldn’t decide within such a short time.

The martial arts exam was intersected with the regular university entrance exam.
If one applied for the martial arts exam, they wouldn’t be able to take part in a few subjects of the standard university entrance exam.

It looked like Lin Chuhan’s resolution was quite firm!

“Lin Chuhan, have you thought about this carefully?” Wang Teng moved towards Lin Chuhan and asked in a low voice.

“That’s right, Class Monitor.
The martial arts exam isn’t a child’s play.
There’s even a death rate for the actual combat assessment.
It’s very dangerous.”

Yang Jian was in a dilemma just now.
He didn’t know how to open his mouth.
Hence, when he heard Wang Teng starting this topic, he jumped into the conversation and persuaded Lin Chuhan.

“I know.
I have given it careful thought,” Lin Chuhan nodded and replied.

“Your parents agreed?” Wang Teng asked with a frown.

“My parents… I can make my own decision!” Lin Chuhan obviously hesitated for a second, but she still replied to them firmly.

The corner of Wang Teng’s mouth twitched.
So, she didn’t discuss it with her parents.
Was this young lady so independent?

He wanted to dissuade her again, but when he saw her stubborn and pretty face, he swallowed the words back into his mouth.

“Sigh, forget it.
Everyone has their right to make decisions.
Since she has made up her mind, there’s no point in me persuading her otherwise.”

Yang Jian saw that Wang Teng had shut his mouth.
It wasn’t appropriate for him to continue speaking, either.

At this moment, all the other students had finished their registration.
He walked forward and handed over his registration fee.
Then, he filled in the registration form, and just like that, the registration process was done.

The process was surprisingly simple!

Yang Jian left after he finished his registration.
Fan Weiming took the water cup beside him and opened its lid.
He blew the water in the cup.

With his sharp eyes, Wang Teng noticed the goji berries in the cup flipping their bodies naughtily.


Lin Chuhan tried her best to maintain the stern expression on her face.

Fan Weiming didn’t sense their change in expression, though.
He took a sip of his goji berry tea and looked at the two people in front of him.
His head was hurting slightly.

One was the top student in his year three class eight.
She was one of the best talents in the year three cohort and had the potential to enter The First University.

But, this child wanted to participate in the martial arts exam.

He wasn’t saying that the martial arts exam was bad; it was just a problem of suitability.

In terms of studies, Lin Chuhan was the best in the entire Donghai No.
1 High School.
However, speaking of the martial arts exam, if she was really able to pass the exam, her results wouldn’t be high.
At least, it wouldn’t be as high as her general papers.

Lin Chuhan had rushed over immediately after her lesson ended.
He had persuaded her for a long time, but her mind was fixed.
He couldn’t convince him no matter how hard he tried.
How could Fan Weiming’s head not hurt?

As for the other person—Wang Teng!

He was a rich second generation.
His studies were extremely poor, and there was nothing that could be said about it.
But, the martial arts exam wasn’t an ordinary exam.
Fan Weiming didn’t want him to joke around with his life.

Thus, he said, “Wang Teng, I’ve said before that the martial arts exam is dangerous.
You didn’t hear me, right?”

“Teacher, I heard you alright.” Wang Teng rolled his eyes. Why doesn’t he trust me?

“You heard me… then why do you still want to register for it?” Fan Weiming was frustrated.

“Teacher, I understand that you’re doing this for my sake, but I know what I’m doing.
You don’t have to worry.” Wang Teng noticed that his teacher still appeared unconvinced, so he revealed his trump card.
“Also, my father agreed.”

“Oh! Your father agreed!” Fan Weiming was slightly stunned.
He wondered to himself, It looks like he has his ways.
It’s good to be wealthy…

Eventually, he nodded.
“In that case, come over and register.”

He handed the registration form to Wang Teng.

Wang Teng paid the fee and signed his big name on the form.

At the same time, Fan Weiming addressed Lin Chuhan again.
“Chuhan, I still hope that you will consider this again.
The university entrance exam is a huge turning point in life.
You can’t act on impulse.”

“Teacher, I’m not acting on impulse.
I’ve already thought about this very, very clearly,” Lin Chuhan replied with a bitter smile.

She didn’t expect her greatest obstacle to be her headteacher.

She knew that he was doing this for her sake, but she really wanted to take part in the martial arts exam.
She was very determined, so determined that if she didn’t participate, she would regret it for life.

“Teacher, even if I participate in the martial arts exam, I won’t give up my general papers.”

Lin Chuhan bit her lips and continued, “If I can’t pass the martial arts exam this year, I will give up wholeheartedly.
I will repeat my year and go for the normal university entrance exam.”

Since she had already said this, Fan Weiming couldn’t do anything more, no matter how unwilling he was.
He just sighed and approved her application.

After the two of them left the office, a teacher at the side said to Fan Weiming, “Mr.
Fan, that’s the top student in your class, right? Are you letting her go just like this?”

“What else can I do? Her mind is set.
Am I supposed to prevent her from registering?” Fan Weiming glanced sideways at the other party.

“Sigh, that’s true.
But, honestly speaking, the attractiveness of the martial arts path is really frightening.
If I was a few years younger, I might have wanted to give it a try, too,” said the teacher.

“Why can’t you practice if you’re older? Do you know Taichi? It’s passed down from our planet.
After some modifications by the martial warriors, Taichi is now very suitable for old people to practice.
Even if you are not a martial warrior, you can use it to strengthen your body.”

Fan Weiming took a sip of his goji berry tea as he spoke calmly.

“Oh? Mr.
Fan, have you practiced it before?” The teacher’s eyes lit up.

“Haha, of course.” Fan Weiming was a little proud.
His interest was immediately perked up.
“Let me tell you, Taichi is excellent for our health.
After practicing it, my back doesn’t hurt anymore, and I’m not balding.
I’m very energetic at night too!”

Fan, teach me when you’re free (*^▽^*).”

“No problem.
Let’s meet in the park in the evening?”

“Sure, see you at the park!”

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