Chapter 478: How Majestic!

The dark apparitions arrived in the blink of an eye.
The runemasters were activating the array, so they didn’t have the extra hands to resist.

This was an emergency!


A dark apparition arrived in front of Master Carl.
It raised its scythe-like weapon and prepared to kill this runemaster with a sinister smile.

Carl’s expression changed.
Most of his spiritual power was spent on the array, so he could only erect a defense rune shield in front of him.


The dark apparition was at the 9-star soldier level.
The moment Master Carl formed his defense shield, the dark apparition shattered it with a full-force attack.

The dark apparition’s gaze was cold and ruthless, its scythe coming at Master Carl’s throat.

Gorlin and the other runemasters panicked when they saw this scene.
Were they going to fail before they could even activate the array?

Bitterness and despair floated into everyone’s heart.
They had just found hope, but it was broken so easily.
No one would be able to accept it.

“You’re looking for death!” A shout suddenly sounded.
Along with it, a terrifying fire glow more than ten meters long cut the sky into two from the left.

The dark apparition’s expression changed entirely.
It let go of Master Carl and quickly shifted its weapon to block the incoming attack.


The fire blade glow swallowed the dark apparition in an instant.

“Ah!” A scream of agony escaped from the fire.
Then, there was silence.

The fire dissipated slowly.
There was nothing left from the dark apparition, not even ashes.

In his haste, Wang Teng had instilled the Emerald Glazed Flame directly into his fire blade glow.
When the flaming blade glow hit the dark apparition, the Emerald Glazed Flame exploded in its body and burned him without leaving a trace.

However, other people only saw the dark apparition getting burned into ashes with a single slash from Wang Teng.
Both the human martial warriors and the dark apparitions were staring at him in astonishment with their mouths agape.

An insta-kill!

A 9-star soldier-level dark apparition got killed by Wang Teng in a split second!


He was terrifying!

Wang Teng himself was astonished by the power of the attack.
After all, this was his first time using the Emerald Glazed Flame.
It was surprisingly strong!

As expected of a treasure formed from the essence of the world.

Of course, he didn’t reveal any emotions on his face, remaining calm and composed.

He stood on the lightning rod with Mo Que in his hand.
He placed the other hand behind his back and glanced at the warriors with an indifferent gaze.

He looked like a man of noble character.

The dark apparitions who came to kill the runemasters were all dumbstruck and took a few steps back instinctively.
For a moment, no one dared to come forward.

Damn it! He had killed a 9-star soldier-level dark apparition with a single strike! If they went forward, they would be gone too!

The Eight Arms Devil General, who was fighting with the humans, squinted when he saw this scene.

When did this young human become so powerful!

He was filled with disbelief.
It hadn’t been long since they met in Yang City, but he had already grown to this stage.

What a frightening talent!

As expected, he should have killed him when he had the chance back then.
Unfortunately, he didn’t succeed the last time.

Also, the useless Siler didn’t manage to kill him.
He hadn’t appeared until now, so he was probably dead.
If this young human had killed him, he would be at the general stage, right?

The more he thought about it, the more the Eight Arms Devil General felt astounded.
He also noticed the divine weapon in Wang Teng’s hand.
The muscles on his face twitched… That was his divine weapon!

“Hahaha, good job!” Dan Taixuan, Lord Yang, and the other martial warriors were thunderstruck.
They felt that Wang Teng’s slash had destroyed all the frustrations in their hearts.
They burst out laughing.

On the other hand, Black Incubus Devil Lord’s face turned black.
This young human had created trouble for her again and again.
It was infuriating.

A cold glint appeared in her eyes.
She said coldly, “Surround him and attack him together!

“Anyone that dares to run away will be killed!”

The dark apparitions trembled, and fear flashed across their eyes.
Then, their gazes turned vicious.


They charged forward once again.
At that moment, the bloodthirsty nature of the dark apparitions was revealed directly.

Gorlin and the other runemasters turned grim when they saw this.
They wanted to get up and defend him.
However, Wang Teng’s voice echoed through the array.
“Masters, focus on activating the array.
I’ll take care of these nobodies.”

The runemasters were appalled.
Did Wang Teng just say that these high-rank dark apparitions were nobodies?

But this tone made them feel at ease for some reason.

They were decisive too.
After hearing Wang Teng’s words, they chose to believe in him and continued activating the array.
They stopped looking at the dark apparitions flying towards him.

The dark apparitions were furious.
Not only were they called nobodies, but they also got ignored by the human runemasters.
They needed to wash their humiliation away with some fresh blood.

Wang Teng didn’t give them the chance, though.
Right after he finished speaking, he released his spiritual kinesis.




All the weapons dropped on the battlefield shot into the air as if they were pulled by an invisible force.
Everyone stared at them in amazement.

The numerous weapons turned into a stream.
A crimson red light burned above them, bringing along a frightening power with it as it flowed towards the dark apparition.

“This is… spiritual kinesis!”

Some people recognized the power and exclaimed in surprise.

Wang Teng possessed spiritual kinesis!

All the humans and dark apparitions widened their eyes in shock as they looked at the young man in the sky.

His arms were opened as flames surrounded him and a stream formed by weapons gathered beside him.
Under his command, the weapons turned into gigantic flaming swords.

Some of the swords circled the runemasters, protecting them, while others went to attack the dark apparitions.
At this moment, the entire Star Maple City was enveloped by his weapons torrent.

What a majestic sight!

The dark apparitions were submerged in the sea of weapons.
The flame on the weapons wasn’t normal either.
There was a wisp of Emerald Glazed Flame mixed in it.
Once it touched any dark apparition, the Emerald Glazed Flame would explode in their bodies.

The dark apparitions screamed in pain as they fell to the ground.
Some had already started burning in mid-air and turned into ashes within a split second.

This was a land of wailing and despair for the dark apparitions.
Not a single one of them managed to resist the torrent of weapons.
All of them fell.

The onlookers were in a daze, their jaws dropping without their control.
They didn’t know what to say.

“Gulp!” The sound of someone swallowing his saliva broke the eerie silence.

The dark apparitions were terrified.
They looked at Wang Teng as if he were more of a devil than them.
Honestly, they were scared.

The killing intent in Black Incubus Devil Lord’s heart boiled.
She stared intently at Wang Teng, her desire to kill him reaching the peak.
This human couldn’t be left alive!

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