Chapter 477: I Can Use The Lightning For Cultivation

“You?!” The runemasters were shocked when they heard Wang Teng’s words.
They didn’t expect Wang Teng to stand up.
Although it was reassuring, they still felt helpless.

“No!” Gorlin shook his head without thinking.
“I’m old, so it doesn’t matter if I die.
However, you’re different.
You’re still young.
You mustn’t take the risk.”

“That’s right.
We already have one foot into the coffin.
It doesn’t matter if we die.
But young people like you are the future of this world,” Master Carl said sincerely.

Wang Teng didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.
These runemasters thought that he wanted to die in their place.
Why were they acting like they would part forever?

He opened his mouth and wanted to explain.
At this moment, Master Cha Shu patted his shoulder and smiled.
“You don’t have to say anything.
Give the old men a chance to be in the spotlight this time.
Your path shouldn’t end here.”

Wang Teng: …

These runemasters’ imaginations were amazing!

He didn’t expect a day where everyone rushed to die.

Master Carl glanced at the fierce fight in the sky.
He saw the general-stage human martial warriors retreating continuously under the attack of the Black Incubus Devil Lord.
The situation wasn’t good.
“Time is tight.
Let’s cut the crap and move.”


The other runemasters knew that there wasn’t much time to waste, so they stood up with grim expressions.
Wang Teng hurriedly opened his mouth.
“Master, I have a way to resist the power of lightning.
Let me host the 13th lightning rod.”

“You have a way to resist the force of the lightning?” Gorlin was surprised.
He said in a puzzled tone, “Don’t use this excuse to fool me to take my place.
Actually, you don’t have to worry.
Based on my cultivation, I have a high chance of survival.”

Wang Teng shook his head.
He stopped beating around the bush and explained, “I have a lightning element sky-rank scripture that will allow me to train my physique using the force of lightning.
It will complement the operation of the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array.”

He raised his palm and allowed small bolts of lightning to congregate on it.
The cracking sounds added weight to his words.

“You’re a lightning element martial warrior!” The doubt in the hearts of the runemasters dispersed when they saw the lightning Force.
At the same time, they were dumbstruck.

Gorlin took a deep breath.

During the Yang City war, Wang Teng had exposed many of his trump cards.
Hence, he knew that he was a multi-element martial warrior.
Still, he never expected Wang Teng to possess the rare lightning element Force.

He was flabbergasted, shooting Wang Teng a complicated look.

Multi-element martial warriors were the pronoun of a talent.
Even more, he had the lightning Force.
Gorlin had to admit that his disciple was a monster.

The other runemasters had the same thought.
Not only was Wang Teng’s rune mastery high, but his martial arts talent was also appalling.
It was unbelievable.

“If Wang Teng really possesses this special lightning sky-rank scripture, we will be safe.” Master Cha Shu stroked his beard.

“I won’t joke on something like this,” Wang Teng said.

Everyone looked at Gorlin.
As Wang Teng’s master, he had to make the decision.

“I can use the power of lightning to cultivate.
Master, don’t fight with me for this chance,” Wang Teng said in a half-joking manner.

All the runemasters were left speechless.
No one wanted to face the power of lightning, but Wang Teng wanted to use it for his cultivation.

Were young people nowadays all so frightening?

“Seriously!” Gorlin was caught between laughter and tears.
He remained silent for a moment before asking once again, “Are you sure you’ll be fine?”

“Don’t worry, Master.
I know what I’m doing.” Wang Teng nodded.

“Okay, I’ve decided.
You can host this array, but if you can’t handle it, don’t push yourself.
Give up in time and save yourself,” Gorlin said earnestly.

Wang Teng felt Gorlin’s care and felt warmth in his heart.
He nodded.

Gorlin stared at him intently.
He kept quiet and took out the last lightning rod from his space ring, passing it to Wang Teng.

The huge lightning rod landed on Wang Teng’s shoulder.
However, it seemed extremely light on him.
This weight meant nothing to the current him.

He smiled at Gorlin and the other runemasters before heading to the center of Star Maple City.

The runemasters exchanged glances with one another before splitting up.
They headed to the remaining 12 lightning rods scattered around the city.

They sat cross-legged on the 12 lightning rods and released their spiritual power to activate the array…

After reaching the center of the city, Wang Teng stabbed the lightning rod into the ground.


Amidst the loud explosion, the heavy, enormous, and sturdy lightning rod punched right into the ground like the backbone of the city.

Wang Teng stood on the lightning rod and looked at the runemasters.

If they wanted to activate this lightning rod, they needed to start from the 12 lightning rods.
They had to gather the power of the runes on those lightning rods to the rod below him.


In the sky, Black Incubus Devil Lord was like a dark goddess of war.
She held her sword and shield and threw everyone off their feet.
The frightening Force swept her surroundings like a tornado.

Dan Taixuan and the other human martial warriors kept retreating.
Blood was dripping from the corner of their lips.
However, they stubbornly charged forward again and again and fought with Black Incubus Devil Lord with all their might.

Black Incubus Devil Lord noticed the commotion below and frowned slightly.

She had witnessed the array hosted by the human runemasters.
Even her general-stage dark apparitions found it hard to deal with it, so it must be formidable.

She was pestered by the human martial warriors, so she wasn’t able to break free anytime soon.

She couldn’t look down on these humans.
She might be strong, but under the combined attack of these general-stage martial warriors, she found them troublesome too.
If she allowed the humans to activate the array again, her side might be constrained.

Her gaze turned sharp, and her cold voice echoed through the city.
“Kill those human runemasters!”

The high-rank dark apparitions received the order and immediately left the battlefield.
They shot towards the runemasters.

“Stop them!” The expressions of the general-stage martial warriors changed as they shouted in a hurry.

Many high-rank martial warriors tried to block them, but the dark apparitions didn’t stop.
They only had Black Incubus Devil Lord’s order in their minds.

Kill those human runemasters!

“Damn it!” The human martial warriors were furious.
They frantically tried to stop them, but a large portion of the dark apparitions still broke through their defense and flew towards the runemasters.

“Get two general-stage martial warriors to kill those dark apparitions first.” Lord Yang gritted his teeth and frowned as he fought with Black Incubus Devil Lord in the air.

“You have to ask me first.” Black Incubus Devil Lord scoffed, her attacks becoming even more ferocious.
The human martial warriors felt oppressed.

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