Chapter 476: The 13th Lightning Rod

When Black Incubus Devil Lord looked at Wang Teng, Dan Taixuan and the other martial warriors saw him too.

“Good lad, I knew that you wouldn’t die!” Dan Taixuan laughed heartily, the worry in her heart disappearing.

Lord Yang and the others were in a pretty bad state.
They had suffered grave injuries, but when they saw Wang Teng, they felt relieved.

This was great!

They had high hopes for Wang Teng.
If he was allowed to grow, he would become an indomitable guardian of the human race soon.
Hence, they hoped that he wouldn’t die here.

Gorlin and the runemasters were furiously trying to recover their injured spiritual power.
They wanted to reactivate the array, but they wouldn’t be able to recuperate so quickly.

Hearing the commotion, they opened their eyes and heaved a huge sigh of relief.
It was as if a weight had been lifted off their shoulders.

Kong Li, Yuwen Xuan, Xie Xueya, and the people who knew Wang Teng were beaming with joy after a moment of confusion.

“He didn’t die!” Kong Li’s face was covered with blood.
She didn’t know if it was her blood or the dark apparitions’.
However, it was unable to hide the smile on her face.
She slashed the dark apparition in front and shouted in happiness.
She seemed exhilarated.

That’s good.
I would lose an opponent if he died. Yuwen Xuan wondered to himself.

“I knew that that bastard wouldn’t die so easily.” Xie Xueya pouted.

Suddenly, everyone remembered something.
The realization left them stunned.

If Wang Teng was back, where was that general-stage dark apparition that went to chase him?

Where was he?

They looked behind Wang Teng.
There was no sign of the lycan dark apparition.

The next instant, an absurd thought appeared in their minds.
Did Wang Teng kill the dark apparition?

The moment this thought floated up, everyone got a shock.

That was a general-stage warrior.
How could a 7-star soldier-level martial warrior kill him?

Only Black Incubus Devil Lord knew that Wang Teng had killed the lycan dark apparition.
He had even destroyed her clone with a single punch.

This young human’s ability seemed to have undergone some mysterious changes.
His strength had risen tremendously.

The punch he fired at her clone, based on the physical strength alone, had reached the general stage.

However, she was baffled because the young human’s aura was still at the 8-star soldier level.
Also, remember that he was only at the 7-star soldier level at the start.

This human wasn’t simple!

His talent was amazing too.
He managed to advance during the battle.

How could she let this talent remain alive?

Black Incubus Devil Lord wanted to kill Wang Teng.
But she heard Dan Taixuan and the other general stage martial warriors’ voices shouting beside her.


Numerous general-stage human martial warriors charged toward her while she was in a daze and attacked her violently.

“Hmph!” Black Incubus Devil Lord frowned and snorted.
“Since you’re looking for death, I’ll fulfill your wish!”

Dark Force swarmed around her body.
The black feather overcoat drifted in the wind, revealing her perfect body dressed in pitch-black tight-fitting armor.

The armor tightly clung to her body, giving off a cold and dark glint.
The pauldron, gardebras, and cuisse had sharp thorns on them.
They gave her a fierce and wild aura.

She looked like the dark god of war!

The black feathers started congregating and formed a black feather sword and shield in her hand.

“Kill!” Black Incubus Devil Lord bellowed as she dashed towards the general-stage human martial warriors.

Another frightening battle exploded, covering the sky with all kinds of Force glows.
Crimson, gold, blue, green, black… the Force explosions shattered the sky, giving off a terrifying power.

Wang Teng’s expression turned grave.
He looked at the battle in the sky and then at the chaotic battlefield below.

Even though they were at a standstill, he could tell that the humans didn’t have much of a chance of winning.

Especially with the presence of Black Incubus Devil Lord.
Dan Taixuan and the human martial warriors won in numbers, but Wang Teng didn’t think they had an advantage.
Black Incubus Devil Lord was just too powerful.

He needed to do something to change the tides.
If not, the human race would be annihilated.

His gaze shifted, and he saw Gorlin and the runemasters.
He made a decision in his heart.

There were multiple attribute bubbles accumulated on the ground.
Wang Teng swept them over with his spiritual power.
Next, he flew towards Gorlin and the runemasters as he picked up the attribute bubbles.
“Master, can you host the array?”

The runemasters glanced at one another and shook their heads.
They sighed.
“Our spiritual power is injured, and we are unable to recover quickly.
Even if we try our best, we might not be able to withstand it for long.
The power of the array will be greatly discounted.”

Wang Teng hesitated for a moment before saying, “Are you able to help me if I’m the core of the array?”

“You?” The runemasters were shocked.

They knew that Wang Teng’s rune mastery had probably reached master level, so his spiritual power wouldn’t be weak.
But he would need to withstand most of the pressure if he was to be the core.

Since they were injured, the pressure on them would naturally be transferred to Wang Teng.

“Difficult, very difficult.” Gorlin shook his head.

“Master, what if my spiritual power has reached the peak of the Emperor realm?” Wang Teng asked.

When he was absorbing the attribute bubbles, his spiritual power had shot up and reached the peak of the Emperor realm quietly.

Spirit: 962/1000 (Emperor Realm)

One could imagine how many attribute bubbles there were on the battlefield.

“Emperor Realm!?” Gorlin and the other runemasters looked at Wang Teng in astonishment.
They believed that Wang Teng wouldn’t joke with them in this situation.
Hence, it must be true.

But… How was this possible!

Even they hadn’t reached that stage.
He was so young, yet he had already surpassed them!

They found it unbelievable.

Wang Teng knew what they were thinking from their expressions.
A strand of spiritual power seeped out from his forehead.

Gorlin and the others were dumbfounded.

Based on their experiences, they could sense that this spiritual power had indeed reached the peak of the Emperor realm.

“Good!” Gorlin was elated.
“We can give it a try!”

The other runemasters were overjoyed too.
They looked at Wang Teng as if they were looking at a treasure.
That gaze…

Wang Teng took a step back unconsciously.

However, at this moment, Master Carl hesitated.
He said, “Even if we do that, the power of the two arrays could only reach the same height as before.
It can harm normal general-stage dark apparitions, but it won’t be enough to deal with Black Incubus Devil Lord.”

The runemasters were stunned for a moment.
They acknowledged this point.

They clearly knew how powerful the two arrays were.

It would only be able to imprison Black Incubus Devil Lord for some time before she broke through the array.
At that time, the host of the array would receive a huge backlash.

In the end, everything would be a wild goose chase.

No one spoke for some time.

“There’s a way to raise the strength of the array,” Gorlin suddenly said.

“What way?” The runemasters got impatient.
They saw hope.

“You should know that the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array has 12 lightning rods…” Gorlin said.

“Bullshit, of course, we know that.” Master Carl cursed in his haste.

“Carl, keep quiet.
Master Gorlin hasn’t finished speaking.
Why are you so impatient?” Master Cha Shu frowned.

Gorlin gave a bitter smile.
He continued, “In the past, I was bored, so I did further research on the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array and found an ancient method of improving the array.
It requires a 13th lightning rod, which will become the core of the array.
At least one runemaster is needed to support the operation of this rod and bear the force of all the lightning.
He needs to gather all the lightning in one spot and throw out the fatal attack in the end.”

After listening to Gorlin’s description and explanation, the runemasters turned silent.

“This method… is crazy!”

“That’s right.
We won’t be able to withstand the lightning if it gathers on a single spot.
Anyone who tries would die!”

“The host might fall due to the power of the lightning before giving the last strike.”

The runemasters were all experienced and sharp.
They managed to find the flaw in this method almost immediately.
They shook their heads.
This wasn’t a good idea.

They weren’t afraid of death, but the probability of this plan succeeding was too low.
It was close to impossible.

“Why don’t I try it?” Gorlin suggested firmly.

“No!” The runemasters shook their heads hurriedly.

“Master Gorlin, this is an unnecessary sacrifice.
It’s not worth it,” Master Cha Shu said.

“Also, we don’t have a 13th lightning rod.
We only made 12,” Carl said.

“I was worried that this might happen, so I troubled the blacksmiths to make another lightning rod.” Gorlin’s tone was resolute.
He said with grief, “Don’t persuade me anymore.
This is a dire situation.
If I don’t try, the human race will be in danger of extinction.”

The runemaster didn’t know how to refute.
If the nest fell, the eggs would be broken.

They understood this logic, but the success rate was too low, unacceptably low.
After a moment of silence, they eventually nodded.

“Since we’re already at this stage, let’s put everything at stake and give it a try.” Master Carl was the first to open his mouth.

“That’s right.
I’m old enough.
I’m getting sick of living.” Master Cha Shu laughed heartily.

“Hahaha, we fight for the human race and die for the human race.
A thousand years later, my name will be remembered by our descendants…”

The other runemasters stroked their white beards and nodded in agreement.
There was no fear of death on their faces.

“Cough, erm, why don’t I host the 13th lightning rod?” Wang Teng finally found the chance to interrupt them.

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