Chapter 475: Return To The Battlefield

Wang Teng sized up the metal armor flaming scorpion with interest and touched his chin.
He was surprised by its suggestion.

The metal armor flaming scorpion was a lord-level star beast.
Yet, it was frightened of death and was willing to acknowledge him as its master to survive.

However, to Wang Teng, it wasn’t bad to have a lord-level spiritual pet.
This metal armor flaming scorpion had undergone a mutation due to the Emerald Glazed Flame.
Hence, its potential wasn’t low.

Furthermore, he had gotten his hands on the true form of the Emerald Glazed Flame.
He could use it on the scorpion and improve its level.

Of course, it would need to perform well if it wanted to obtain benefits from him.

After thinking it through, Wang Teng looked at the nervous metal armor flaming scorpion and opened his mouth, his expression nonchalant.
“Give me your spiritual flame, and I’ll spare your life.”

The spiritual flame was the spirit core of all living creatures.
General-stage martial warriors or lord-level star beasts could feel the presence of their spiritual flame.

Handing it over meant they were passing their lives to others.

Compared to the spiritual pet contract, this method was much more direct.
The one who handed over its spiritual flame would forever be a slave of the other.

As expected, when the metal armor flaming scorpion heard Wang Teng asking for its spiritual flame, its heart stopped beating.
It fell into a dilemma again.

It had toiled hard to become a lord-level star beast because it wanted to control its own fate.
It was hard for it to stomach the thought of a human determining its actions in the future.
But if it didn’t hand it over, it would die.

Wang Teng stared at the scorpion in silence.
If it didn’t relinquish its spiritual flame to him, he wouldn’t be able to trust this star beast.
In that case, he would have no choice but to kill it.

The metal armor flaming scorpion also understood this.
It hesitated because it was unwilling.

Within a few seconds, it made its decision.
A ball of murky flame floated out of its head.
This matter had no shape or color.
It couldn’t be seen or touched.
You could only use your spiritual power to sense it.

Wang Teng released his spiritual kinesis and swallowed this ball of matter.
Then, his spiritual kinesis shrunk back into his forehead.

The metal armor flaming scorpion shuddered.
It seemed to have suffered a serious injury and turned dispirited instantly.

It laid on the ground weakly.

Wang Teng glanced at it and said, “Stay here and heal your injury.
Keep a watch over the emerald.
Wait for me to come back.”

“I know.” The metal armor flaming scorpion glanced at him with a complicated expression before lowering its head.

“Since you have acknowledged me as your master, I won’t beat around the bush.
If you are obedient, you will get your fair share of benefits.
I’ve obtained the Emerald Glazed Flame, so you can think about this carefully.” Wang Teng didn’t explain thoroughly.
He turned and left.

The green flame is called the Emerald Glazed Flame? This fellow knew what it was! No wonder he is able to subdue it. The metal armor flaming scorpion’s eyes flickered.

At the same time, it understood that if it could use the green flame for its cultivation, it could take another step forward.

“Oh right, I have another spiritual pet that needs this green flame.
I’ll ask it to absorb the green flame later.
Don’t treat it as an intruder.” Wang Teng turned back after taking a few steps.

The metal armor flaming scorpion felt bitter.
The main flame was gone, and he wasn’t even given the small one.
This fellow must be his natural enemy.

And he already had a spiritual pet!

It looked like his spiritual pet life wouldn’t be easy.

Wang Teng ignored the metal armor flaming scorpion and returned to the ground.
It called Little White over and let it absorb the small flame.

Initially, Wang Teng’s target was the small flame.
He didn’t know that there was something better underneath.
The metal armor flaming scorpion tried to act smart by luring him underground to kill him.
In the end, it sent the Emerald Glazed Flame straight into his arms.

Hence, Wang Teng didn’t want the small flame anymore.
But to Little White, this small flame was a rare item.

Through the spiritual pet contract, Wang Teng understood why Little White had such a strong yearning towards the green flame.
Once it absorbed the green flame, it would be able to activate the Ghost Fire Talent in its body, giving it stronger attacking power.

Wang Teng was delighted to see this.
He patted Little White’s head and said, “Go ahead and absorb it.
I need to hurry back to help them.”

“Caw!” Little White cawed at him worriedly.

“Don’t worry.
You won’t die.” Wang Teng told Little White the scorpion’s identity.
He asked the crow to stay here obediently and wait for its talent to awaken.
Then, he rose into the air and disappeared into the horizon.

Little White looked in his direction.
After some time, it came beside the green flame and started absorbing it.

Wang Teng flew quickly in the air, hurrying towards Star Maple City.
He had wasted too much time here.
He wished that the city was still surviving.

Although he knew that the city was fraught with danger due to the presence of the formidable Black Incubus Devil Lord, he couldn’t do nothing.
He was a member of the human race, after all.

Also, he had the Emerald Glazed Flame now.
This was a powerful protection.
It was formed from the essence of heaven and earth.
A general-stage martial warrior would have a tough time handling it if he got stained with the flame.
Wang Teng could rely on it to save his life.

Wind gusts passed his ear as Wang Teng increased his speed to the maximum.
Soon, he heard the tragic sounds of a massacre.

Force explosions echoed from afar, shaking the sky and the earth.

Wang Teng’s expression turned grim.
When he got closer, he was given a shock.
He realized that there were many more human martial warriors, and they were at a stalemate with the dark apparitions.

Black Incubus Devil Lord had already joined the battle.
Dan Taixuan and numerous other general-stage martial warriors had joined hands to attack her.
It was an intense battle.

On the other side of the sky, a few general-stage human martial warriors were holding back the general-stage dark apparitions.

Only two general-stage dark apparitions were left, the sheep-headed Sabah and the Eight Arms Devil General.

The situation was better than he had expected.
The human side wasn’t the one getting beaten badly.

When Wang Teng appeared on the battlefield, many people noticed him.
The first to see him was Black Incubus Devil Lord.
She was fighting many general-stage human martial warriors by herself, strong and unparalleled.

It was hard to imagine her true might.

Black Incubus Devil Lord forced the general-stage martial warriors back and looked at Wang Teng as if there was no one around her.
A cold glint appeared in her eyes.

Wang Teng felt his head turning numb from the sharp gaze, but the next instant, he glared back.

I’m not afraid of staring at you!

My eyes aren’t small!

Wang Teng even raised his fist and pretended to punch her ferociously.

Black Incubus Devil Lord’s breathing turned heavy. This bastard!

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