Chapter 474: Rough Operation

Wang Teng stood in front of the emerald, tall and silent.
He closed his eyes and pushed his spiritual kinesis into the emerald slowly.

He wrapped his spiritual kinesis around his hand to prevent himself from getting burnt by the temperature inside.
At the same time, the spiritual kinesis seeped into the crystal gradually.

As his spiritual kinesis entered, Wang Teng sensed a mystical world.
He felt as if he was immersed in fire.
He was surrounded by extremely thick fire essence that had congregated into green flames.
These strands of fire essence were burning his spiritual kinesis.

Wang Teng frowned.
He sensed his spiritual kinesis getting exhausted quickly.
If this continued, he would be wasting his effort even if he had a large reserve of spiritual kinesis.

The next moment, he gritted his teeth and the speed of his spiritual kinesis increased exponentially.
It shot right into the depth of the emerald like an arrow released from its bow.

There was a ball of flame possessing the highest temperature in the emerald.
Wang Teng could feel it.
It was faintly spreading its heat deep inside the crystal.

This saved him time in searching.
Without a doubt, this hottest ball of flame was the Emerald Glazed Flame!

However, as he delved deeper, the temperature got higher and his spiritual kinesis was consumed faster.

Wang Teng furrowed his brows tightly.
He increased the intensity of his spiritual kinesis.
There was only one chance.
It wasn’t safe to leave the Emerald Glazed Flame here as other people might get to it.

Hence, he took this as his last throw and pushed out all his Emperor Realm spiritual kinesis.


It felt as if the giant dragon entrenched in his mind had suddenly woken up!

Finally, through his spiritual kinesis, Wang Teng saw a dazzling green flame as beautiful as an emerald floating quietly not far ahead.

Wang Teng stopped breathing in awe, but he didn’t hesitate.
There was nothing to hesitate about.
No techniques were required to subdue the flame with his spiritual kinesis.
He just needed to do it!

Under Wang Teng’s control, his spiritual kinesis started congregating and turned into a huge net, wrapping around the flame.
If those people who subdued such rare flames in the past knew how rough he was, they might stand up in their graves.

Mind you, when they were taking the flames, they were extremely careful.
They used all sorts of methods to lower the risk until they found it appropriate to make their moves.
No one pounced on the flame like Wang Teng.

The Emerald Glazed Flame started resisting when it felt the invasion of an external force.
The green flames grew bigger and brighter.
It wanted to break through the imprisonment of the spiritual kinesis and its control.

Wang Teng’s face turned slightly pale.
He condensed his spiritual kinesis and formed multiple needles to stab into the Emerald Glazed Flame.
They were aimed right at its core.

Both parties were at a standstill.
For a moment, no one had the upper hand.

Outside, the metal armor flaming scorpion was observing Wang Teng.
When it noticed that he didn’t receive any backlash, it felt puzzled.

Could it be that he hadn’t started absorbing it? Why wasn’t he having any reaction?

Was he waiting for it to move?

An idea flashed in the metal armor flaming scorpion’s mind.
The more it thought about this, the more it felt this way.

Cunning human!

Humans are all bad!

This white face was probably fake.
Did he think that it couldn’t see through his exaggerated acting skill?

The metal armor flaming scorpion complained in contempt as it thought to itself. I don’t believe that you won’t get enticed by the green flame.
The moment you absorb it, you will die.
I can afford to wait!

It sucked the fire Force in its surroundings to heal its injuries as it patiently waited at the side.

“Ah!” After some time, Wang Teng suddenly screamed in agony and vomited a mouth of blood.

The metal armor flaming scorpion’s eyes lit up.
It laughed loudly and sprung up to crawl towards Wang Teng.
It said delightedly, “Human, you fell into my trap and received the backlash from the green flame.
You won’t be able to recover any time soon.
You’re dead!”

Wang Teng clutched his chest and seemed terrified.
He pointed at the metal armor flaming scorpion with trembling fingers.

“Hmph, you took advantage of me and wanted to snatch my treasure.
Humans are all lying bastards.” The metal armor flaming scorpion snorted.

“Bullshit, you were the one who gave it to me.
I only accepted it because I found you pitiful.
Yet, you’re hurting me now.
Shameless.” Wang Teng snapped back.

“Nonsense! I gave you the treasure because I was heavily injured.
I was afraid you would attack me.” The metal armor flaming scorpion turned angry from embarrassment.

“Hmph, so it’s my fault?” Wang Teng mocked.

“Stop wasting time.
Humans and star beasts are natural enemies.
I’ll eat you up today.
Human flesh and blood is a tonic to me.” The metal armor flaming scorpion gave a blood-curdling smile.

“Don’t come near me!” Wang Teng seemed appalled.
He kept retreating, trying to distance himself from the scorpion.

“Stop defending.
I’ll give you a quick death.
You won’t be able to survive today.” The metal armor flaming scorpion’s voice was indifferent.

“We can discuss.
I can give you anything as long as you spare me.” Wang Teng’s voice was trembling.

“There’s nothing to discuss.
After I eat you, your things will be mine.” The metal armor flaming scorpion wasn’t moved.
It dashed forward and smashed its huge pincers on Wang Teng’s head.


At this moment, Wang Teng sighed.
“Why do you have to do this?”

The fear on his face disappeared without a trace, replaced by a cold smile.
At the same time, he raised his hand, and a green flame blossomed like the most beautiful flower on earth.

Scorching heat swept through the underground cave.

The metal armor flaming scorpion was the first to get affected.
The blazing heat was about to melt it, but the young human in front of it was calmly holding the flame.
He wasn’t the least bit affected.

“Impossible!” The scorpion exclaimed in disbelief.
There was a tinge of obvious fear in its voice.

“How’s my acting?” Wang Teng chuckled.

The metal armor flaming scorpion: …

Damn it, humans are all unscrupulous!

This young man is exceptionally sly!

Noticing its silence, Wang Teng shook his head and said, “At first, I wanted to spare your life, but now, there’s no need to consider it!”

As he spoke, he curled his fingers slightly, preparing to flick the flame at the metal armor flaming scorpion.

The metal armor flaming scorpion squinted and shouted in fear, “Wait!”

“What else do you have to say?” Wang Teng paused before asking.

“Let me go, and I’ll give you all my treasures.
I’ve collected many rare ores and spiritual things in these few years,” the metal armor flaming scorpion said hurriedly.

“After I kill you, your things will be mine.” Wang Teng threw its words back at it.

The metal armor flaming scorpion’s face turned green.

“It looks like you have nothing to convince me otherwise.” Wang Teng shook his head in regret.
Then, he continued his attack…

“Stop, I can… I can… I can recognize you as my master!” The metal armor flaming scorpion took much courage to make this decision.
It was hesitant, but it still shouted loudly.

It knew that it had no other choice.
After this young human received the green flame, it felt a huge threat from him.

This green flame was more frightening than the green flame it had absorbed.
It was afraid that once it touched the flame, it would be burned into ashes.

It knew clearly how powerful the green flame was.

“Recognize me as your master?” Wang Teng tilted his head and looked at it.
A smile appeared at the edge of his lips.

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