Chapter 473: Emerald Glazed Flame

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A green light lit up the entire dark underground cave as scorching heat seeped out from the giant green gemstone.

The metal armor flaming scorpion glanced at the young man beside it in astonishment.
He didn’t get affected by this scorching heat at all, remaining calm as if he were in his backyard.

It was a little stunned.
This young man didn’t look like a simple person.

However, after sensing it personally at a close distance, it realized that the aura from this human was only at the 8-star soldier level.
He wasn’t at the general stage.

Could it be that the frightening female devil was honestly exhausted? This young man’s punch was the last straw that broke the camel’s back?

The metal armor flaming scorpion glanced at Wang Teng again with a meaningful gaze.

Wang Teng was sizing up the green crystal.
He racked his brain and finally found the information on this crystal…

Green Glazed Flame!

Or you could call it the Emerald Glazed Flame!

This was a magical flame that was born from the essence of the world.
It took many years to form and only had a small chance of success.

In summary, the fire essence of the world had coincidentally merged into the ore under special circumstances and turned into the green crystal now.
The temperature inside the crystal was extremely high, but it was hard for it to combust spontaneously.

As more and more fire essence merged into the crystal, after many years, the essence compressed, congregated, tempered, and underwent many complicated processes.
The heat inside reached a new high, and finally, a beautiful flame appeared deep in the crystal.

The flame was green and hot, its power unpredictable.
Rumor had it that it had the power to burn everything.
However, it was constricted by the green crystal and would remain imprisoned unless the crystal cracked.

This was the origin of the Emerald Glazed Flame.

The memory fragment Wang Teng received from a certain alchemist allowed him to recognize the object in front.

The alchemists and the blacksmiths were probably the people with the most knowledge of flames.
Some flames allowed them to yield twice the result with half the effort when they were making dans or forging.
Hence, they scrambled to find all sorts of strange flames.

Unfortunately, this Emerald Glazed Flame was extremely rare as it was formed naturally by this world.

Up until today, only one alchemist from the Xingwu Continent had found an Emerald Glazed Flame thousands of years ago.
He recorded it down, and this was how the later generations found it in the ancient books.

There were other types of flames too, but they were all rare and would only appear in the world once every thousand years.

The special flames most alchemists and blacksmiths sought were beast flames that possessed certain special traits or lava flames that had a higher temperature.
They were unique, but compared to divine flames like the Emerald Glazed Flame, they were nothing.

Wang Teng’s eyes grew brighter.
He was getting excited.

This metal armor flaming scorpion didn’t know that it was sitting on a treasure.
The green flame outside was just a small wisp of the original.
The real Emerald Glazed Flame must be in this emerald.

Hence, he looked down on the scorpion!

It took the coin and gave up on the gold!

But thinking about it, there was nothing the metal armor flaming scorpion could do about this emerald.
If not, it would have already broken it to take a look inside.
It wouldn’t have remained in one piece.

If it had obtained the real Emerald Glazed Flame, Wang Teng wouldn’t be needed.

After all, one small wisp of flame was enough for it to advance to the lord level and see extreme growth in its strength.
If it had gotten the main body of the Emerald Glazed Flame, it would have become indomitable.

Of course, this might be the reason why news of the Emerald Glazed Flame didn’t leak out.

“Young martial warrior, the source of the green flame is in this emerald.
Go and absorb it.” The metal armor flaming scorpion’s voice was heard at this moment.

Wang Teng sneered in his heart.
On the surface, he nodded without saying anything and walked step by step towards the emerald.

He knew that the metal armor flaming scorpion wouldn’t be honest.
If he hadn’t recognized the Emerald Glazed Flame, he wouldn’t have guessed the scorpion’s thoughts.

However, he knew how to absorb the Emerald Glazed Flame, so he understood what the metal armor flaming scorpion was thinking.

If he touched the emerald recklessly and tried to absorb the flame, the fire essence accumulated in the emerald would explode on the spot.
One careless move and he might turn into ashes.

The metal armor flaming scorpion must have suffered the same torment before.
It was lucky to be still alive!

Wang Teng arrived in front of the emerald as his mind wandered off.
He looked up; it was a majestic sight.

The emerald was massive.
It was etched into the stone walls with a huge portion of it still buried underground.
He didn’t know how big it was exactly.

He wondered how long it took to form a flame of this size.

Wang Teng couldn’t help but exclaim how mysterious the world was.
Even though he was stronger than normal people, he still felt small and insignificant in front of this majestic presence.

The arrogance he had built up recently disappeared again.
He should remain humble.

He took a deep breath and prepared the spiritual power in the depth of his mind.
As he placed his hand on the emerald, his spiritual power surged out and spread into the emerald.

Wang Teng knew three ways of absorbing the Emerald Glazed Flame.
Two of the methods required external power and had a higher risk.
A wrong move would cause a backlash.

One of the reasons why special flames were rarely made known to the public was because they were extremely hard to subdue.
Many formidable warriors had died while subduing the flames.
They were burnt into ashes.

Also, these formidable warriors would not spread the information of the flames after they found it.
Hence, once they died, the news would get buried along with their disappearance.

This caused the flames to become even more secretive.

Besides the first two methods, there was another safer way of subduing the flame.
Of course, it was only safer in comparison.
The risk was still high.

The last method was to use powerful spiritual power to control the flame and suck it into one’s body.

Controlling the flame required spiritual power.
Alchemists and blacksmiths used the invisible spiritual power to control the intensity of the flame to have the effect they wanted.

Spiritual kinesis was the objectification of spiritual power.
When talking about controlling, it might be more convenient than directly using spiritual power.
Hence, the risk of using spiritual kinesis to subdue the flame was comparatively lower.

The stronger your spiritual kinesis, the lower the risk.

Of course, only divine spirit masters were able to use this cheating method.
Others wouldn’t need to think about it at all.

Fortunately, Wang Teng’s spiritual kinesis was powerful.

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