Chapter 471: Darkness Clone Technique

Wang Teng: …

The atmosphere suddenly turned a little awkward.

Wang Teng stared at the ‘Black Incubus Devil Lord,’ who had turned into a ball of dark Force because of his punch.
He found this unreal and speechless.

He defeated the ‘Black Incubus Devil Lord’ with a single punch?!

Although he knew that the ‘Black Incubus Devil Lord’ was just putting up a strong front, she was still a general-stage martial warrior.
She fought ferociously with the metal armor flaming scorpion and beat it up until it couldn’t retaliate.
Why did she become so brittle in his hands?

Wang Teng looked at his fist and clenched it hard.
He felt that something wasn’t right.

On the other side, the metal armor flaming scorpion stared at Wang Teng fearfully.

This human seemed a little scary!

That female devil was brutal, but he killed her with a single punch!

The guy’s brutality was off the charts.

Mind you, it almost got murdered by the female devil.
By comparison, it would only get tormented if it landed in the hands of this human.

It couldn’t afford to provoke him!

Fortunately, this human wasn’t a bad person.
His righteous appearance was etched deeply in his mind.
This human had helped it get out of its hopeless situation by killing the female devil.
He pulled it out of the abyss of despair.

It firmly believed that this human was a good person.

Yes, that was right.
That must be the case.

The metal armor flaming scorpion looked at Wang Teng’s youthful face, and there seemed to be a holy layer of light painted on his face.
No matter how it looked at him, it felt that he was a good man.

However, this young man was a general-stage martial warrior.
This was an undeniable fact.
It must give him some respect, so it contemplated its words and tried its best to appear respectful.
It opened its mouth and said, “Young human martial warrior…”

“Wait!” Wang Teng suddenly raised a finger and interrupted the metal armor flaming scorpion.

The metal armor flaming scorpion didn’t know what to do with its emotions.
The words that it had spent much time thinking through got stuck in its throat.

Wang Teng disregarded the metal armor flaming scorpion.
His gaze was fixed on the spot where the ‘Black Incubus Devil Lord’ had disappeared.

A few pitch-black attribute bubbles were floating there.

He swallowed his saliva.
What kind of attribute bubbles did the female dark apparition leave for him?

By now, Wang Teng knew that this ‘Black Incubus Devil Lord’ wasn’t the true form.
It was just a special presence formed using Force.

He would call it the clone of the Black Incubus Devil Lord for the time being.

As long as it was related to the Black Incubus Devil Lord, he anticipated the content of the attribute bubbles.
There wasn’t much time left, so Wang Teng picked up the attribute bubbles immediately.

Spiritual Realm Spirit*350

Dark Force*880

Darkness Clone Technique*1

There were only three attribute bubbles, but the sum was considerable.
The Spiritual Realm spirit was 130 points more than what he had collected from the lycan.

The three attribute bubbles merged into Wang Teng’s body.
After he digested the last attribute bubble, a hint of joy appeared on his face.

Darkness Clone Technique!

This was a rare and unique dark skill.
It used spiritual power and Force as the foundation to form a clone that possessed a certain portion of your ability.

Wang Teng finally understood why that female dark apparition looked exactly like the Black Incubus Devil Lord, but their strength differed so much.

His guess was right.
She was just a clone!


Wang Teng felt lucky.
If the real Black Incubus Devil Lord was present, he wouldn’t have any chances of surviving.

That female dark apparition was too powerful!

Suddenly, Wang Teng’s expression froze.
He remembered what the clone said before it dissipated into the air.
She said that she would remember him?

Wang Teng: …

Wang Teng didn’t know if he should feel proud or cry when a formidable character remembered him.

Well, the darkness clone technique was a consolation.
This technique came from the Black Incubus Devil Lord, so it must be extraordinary.

Actually, the Darkness Clone Technique was the Black Incubus Devil Lord’s secret sky-rank technique.
It was rare and precious.
Other dark apparitions, even the general-stage ones, had no chances of learning it.

Yet, Wang Teng obtained this sky-rank secret technique.

What a surprise!

Wang Teng didn’t have much time to feel happy as the outline of a figure appeared in his mind.
Spiritual power and Force started circulating this outline.

The spiritual power and Force separated from the main body.
After a series of exquisite and hard-to-explain changes, it slowly congregated into a similar outline beside the first figure.

The process seemed easy, but in reality, it was difficult and complicated.
People without talent might not grasp the skill even if they spent a large amount of time practicing it.

The Darkness Clone Technique required a precise command over one’s Force.
Its requirement for one’s spiritual power was also stringent.

If one’s spiritual power didn’t meet the requirement, they would feel powerless and frustrated after receiving this technique.
You possessed this treasure, but you couldn’t practice it.

Fortunately, Wang Teng didn’t have this problem.
Spiritual power was his strong suit.
Not many people were able to reach the Emperor realm, after all.

It might even be possible that the Black Incubus Devil Lord’s spiritual power realm wasn’t as high as his.
In addition, Wang Teng’s enlightenment and dark talent were extremely high, giving him a strong control of his Force.

He ticked all the boxes, so the Darkness Clone Technique posed no difficulty to him.

Wang Teng was eager to try, thinking about the many uses for clones.
He was excited to experiment with this technique.
However, he also knew this wasn’t the right time.

The metal armor flaming scorpion had been silent all this while.
It was observing Wang Teng secretly.
For one moment, he was on the brink of tears, and the next, he smiled like an idiot.
For some reason, the scorpion felt that this human seemed a little mental.

It took a few steps back involuntarily.

Wang Teng turned and looked at the scorpion at this moment.
He saw what it was doing and felt speechless.

Wang Teng: …

Boss, are you seriously afraid of me?

Wang Teng didn’t know what to say.
After a few moments of silence, he thought of something and put a smile on his face.
“What did you want to say just now? We can continue.”

Although the metal armor flaming scorpion felt that the young man’s expression was strange, it didn’t think too much.
“Thank you for helping me.
Please let me play host to you.
There aren’t many resources on my land, but I do have some spiritual herbs.
I think they will be useful to human martial warriors.”

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
This lord-level star beast probably had many treasures.
Before he could ask it, the scorpion took the initiative to offer them to him.


“Cough!” Wang Teng coughed awkwardly before saying, “Don’t misunderstand.
I don’t demand repayment for my good deeds.
Oh right, I heard that you have a magical green flame.
May I have the honor of looking at it?”

The metal armor flaming scorpion: …

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