Chapter 470: Boss, Don’t Worry.
Let Me Help You!

Moving along, the next special battle technique was Dark Wind Bullet!

Wang Teng had received the same battle technique from a human who had turned into a dark apparition.
However, at that time, he only received a few attribute points.
He didn’t want to waste blank attributes on it, so he had shelved it away.

Now, he had received 420 points of Dark Wind Bullet attributes from the lycan, allowing his skill to rise to the small achievement stage.
This proved that the lycan’s grasp of this technique was higher than the other dark apparition.

Dark Wind Bullet: 321/500 (small achievement)

Wang Teng disregarded the attribute after a single glance.
The Dark Wind Bullet was not bad, but the most important thing was the rise in his dark Force level.

The last few attribute bubbles were pitch-black, dense like an endless black hole.

He picked them up.

The dark Force attribute bubbles immediately merged into Wang Teng’s body.


Wang Teng shuddered.
As the dark Force seeped into his body, the dark Force inside his 9th Force nucleus reached its limit.
This time, he focused his attention on his body and carefully observed the changes in the dark Force.

He realized that the dark Force did merge with his Force nucleus.
Next, similar black patterns started forming on the surface of the Force nucleus.
This represented the perfected state of the dark Force in the 9th Force nucleus.

There were nine Force nuclei in a human.
They were distributed on the spine, starting from the tailbone and ending at the back of the head.

When the nine Force nuclei reached a perfected state, Force would overflow and run through the entire spine.
At that moment, the ability of the martial warrior would undergo a tremendous change as they advanced to the general stage!

Wang Teng knew that the dark Force would run through his spine very soon, so he felt a little nervous.
He prepared his cultivation technique so that he could use it to push dark Force through his spine when it overflowed his Force nucleus.
That way, he would be able to advance to the general stage.

He waited for some time.
After his 9th Force nucleus reached the perfected state, it quietened down.
There was no movement from it.

Wang Teng: …

He was stunned.

What is this?

What just happened?

What am I doing?

His mind was full of curses.
Why didn’t he advance to the general stage? Why didn’t anything happen in the end?

Damn it.
System, are you playing with me!

Wang Teng felt that the world was playing a prank on him.

“Damn it!” He pointed his middle finger at the sky before taking a deep breath.
Then, he stopped dawdling over this issue and turned to rush towards the area where the ‘Black Incubus Devil Lord’ and the metal armor flaming scorpion were fighting.

From afar, he could tell that the metal armor flaming scorpion was dying.
As expected, the female dark apparition wasn’t an easy opponent.

The metal armor flaming scorpion was in a terrible state after withstanding the fierce attacks by the clone.
When Wang Teng came near, he noticed that the green flames on the scorpion had turned dim.
It was going to be extinguished soon.

There were many cracks on its shell too.
Wounds could be seen everywhere, and green blood covered its entire body.

However, the clone also had some scratches on her body.
There were a few unobvious burnt marks caused by the green flames, and her hands were trembling slightly.
She had paid a huge price to destroy the hard shell of the metal armor flaming scorpion.

The clone of the Black Incubus Devil Lord was floating ten meters away as she stared at the metal armor flaming scorpion sternly.

The Black Incubus Devil Lord only gave it the ability of a 10-star general-stage martial warrior, so she had trouble killing this star beast.
She frowned while complaining in her heart.

She had almost exhausted all the dark Force in her body.
She was a clone made of dark Force, so her ability to absorb dark Force to replenish her stock wasn’t very effective.

Once she used up all the dark Force she had, she would disappear automatically.

“Why isn’t that idiot back? All he needed to do was to catch the human.
What’s he doing?” The clone was furious.
She looked in the direction of their fight a moment ago.

Unfortunately, her ability was limited currently, so she couldn’t sense the situation there.
She would never expect the general-stage Siler to get killed by a soldier-level Wang Teng.

The unknown situation made her feel that she was losing control.

“If the true form was here, it wouldn’t have been so troublesome.” The clone sighed.
Then, she looked at the metal armor flaming scorpion and scoffed.
“Bow down or die!”

The metal armor flaming scorpion hesitated.
Its stance wasn’t as tough as before because it felt the threat of death.

Wang Teng saw this scene when he came closer and cursed in his heart.

What the hell, boss? Where is your dignity? Where is your ego? What happened to your domineering attitude at the start?

Don’t be afraid.
Continue fighting her!

A smile appeared on the edge of the clone’s lips when she saw the metal armor flaming scorpion’s hesitation.
It was a lord-level star beast, but once fear had crept up to its heart, it wasn’t far from surrendering.

“I’ll only give you ten seconds.
Pass me the green flame, and I can spare your life!”

Wang Teng cursed the ‘Black Incubus Devil Lord’ for being unscrupulous.
She wanted to win the war without a fight!

He felt that he needed to do something.
He mustn’t allow the metal armor flaming scorpion to hand over the green flame so easily.
After all, he wanted that treasure too.

He activated his Spiritual Sight to check the two parties’ situations.

Huh?! He exclaimed in his heart, a sinister smile appearing on his face. I almost got fooled by her.
There must be something wrong with this ‘Black Incubus Devil Lord.’ The Force glow in her body is much dimmer.
She’s a paper tiger now.

“Ten, nine, eight…” The clone started counting down.

Wang Teng stopped hesitating.
He jumped straight out and shouted, “Boss metal armor flaming scorpion, don’t worry.
I’m here to help you!”

The clone: …

The metal armor flaming scorpion: ???

They both turned and looked at Wang Teng who had suddenly dashed out, feeling stunned.

The metal armor flaming scorpion was utterly confused. Who is this? Do I know him? Why did he suddenly run out to help me?

“Boss scorpion, the dark apparitions have invaded our world.
This is unforgivable.
We belong to the same side, so we should work together to kill her!” Wang Teng shouted in a righteous tone.
Then, he charged towards the clone.
“To show my sincerity, I’ll go first.”

He knew that there was limited Force left in the ‘Black Incubus Devil Lord’s’ body so he wasn’t afraid.

Of course, he remained cautious of the Black Incubus Devil Lord.
Once the situation went astray, he would use his space talent to escape.


He punched his fist out, hurling a frightening fist Force at the clone.

“Brat, I’ll remember you!” The clone’s expression turned ugly.
The next moment, she disintegrated under Wang Teng’s fist Force and turned into a ball of dark Force, dissipating in the air.

Wang Teng: …

The metal armor flaming scorpion: …

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