Chapter 469: As Expected Of A General-Stage Warrior!

Wang Teng used his Assassination skill and disturbed the lycan’s mind with the methods recorded to make him mad.

By right, the mentality of a general-stage warrior shouldn’t be so weak.
However, the lycan had suffered multiple stimulations and attacks, so he wasn’t able to keep his cool anymore.

To him, Wang Teng’s voice was like an evil curse.
His mind was about to explode from the pain, and he started attacking aimlessly.




Wang Teng wounded the lycan continuously, leaving many hideous cuts on his body.
After some time, the lycan was already covered with blood.
He looked miserable.

All these happened within a short time.

Assassination required speed, accuracy, and brutality.
If too much time was wasted, the lycan would notice something amiss and recover his senses.

However, the outcome was inevitable now.

Almost there! Wang Teng thought to himself as he looked at the wounds on the lycan’s body.

Immediately after, the crazy lycan suddenly froze.
Then, he opened his mouth and vomited black blood.

He was flabbergasted.
This sudden change caused him to calm down instantly.
He bellowed, “What did you do?”

Wang Teng didn’t reply to him.
He waited quietly for the poison Force of the Demon Lotus Poison Body to explode entirely in his body.

“You’re a poison-element martial warrior!” Siler was in disbelief after he felt the change in his body.

He quickly sensed an extremely troublesome and strong poison in him.
Without him knowing, it had already spread to his entire body.
Even his dark Force got corroded by it.

What a frightening poison Force!

Siler wanted to get rid of the poison Force, but it was glued to his body and Force.
Even the most infectious dark Force had become helpless in front of this poison Force.

“Damn it, come out.
I want to kill—pfft!” Siler tried his best to resist the poison Force in his body as he roared in anger.

However, before he could finish speaking, he vomited another mouthful of black blood.

Wang Teng squinted.
He traveled through space and appeared behind the lycan.
Then, he threw his Mo Que out…


Siler felt the threat of death.
He forcefully twisted his body and opened his mouth, a black Force ball congregating at high speed in it.

“I’ve been waiting for this move!” Wang Teng scoffed.
A sinister red light appeared in his eyes.
It stabbed right into the lycan’s eyes.


He used the bewitching skill he had picked up from a vampire dark apparition on this lycan dark apparition.

The lycan was caught off guard and fell into Wang Teng’s trap.

“Die!” Wang Teng waved Mo Que down during his moment of absent-mindedness.


Fresh blood sprayed out of the neat cut.
The lycan’s head flew into the air.


The excruciating pain forced the lycan to regain his consciousness.
At that instant when his head was chopped, his consciousness was still alive.

He recognized the hypnotic battle technique.
It was exactly like the Bewitch talent ability of the vampire race.

As a dark apparition, he died of a dark apparition’s skill.

And the person who killed him was a soldier-level human!

The lycan widened his eyes in regret as his consciousness seeped into the darkness.

A wolf head dropped from the sky and smashed on the ground.
It rolled a few times before stopping a few steps away.

His body crashed onto the ground loudly.

Wang Teng panted.
He felt emotional as he looked at the wolf’s head.

Damn it, it was so hard to kill a general-stage warrior!

He almost went to hell with him.

Fortunately, everything ended well.

It might seem as if he didn’t use much effort, but he had to combine his schemes and the assassination methods to kill his opponent.

The process was arduous and strenuous.
A single error could end his life.
After all, that was a general-stage dark apparition.

Fortunately, he kept his life and killed the general-stage dark apparition.

He had no time to feel proud, though.
There was another stronger dark apparition waiting for him to kill.
That was the real trouble!

Wang Teng kept the corpse of the lycan in his space ring and looked at the attribute bubbles floating on the ground.

Dark Force*1200

Advanced Stage Dark Talent*300

Spiritual Realm Spirit*220

Spiritual Realm Enlightenment*280

Dark Wind Bullet*420

Wang Teng was almost blinded by the hundreds and thousands of attributes.

This was the first time he had gained so many attributes from an individual.
In the past, he wouldn’t even dare to think about it.

As expected of a general-stage warrior!

He was a living attribute machine.
Of course, this machine was a little too powerful.

Wang Teng stared at the attribute bubbles in front of him hesitantly.

His dark Force was already at the peak of 9-star soldier level.
He was 440 points away from reaching the general stage!

But, there were 1200 points of dark Force right in front of him!

It was within reachable distance.

Many martial warriors worked and fought hard to reach this stage.
The majority of them collapsed halfway through the journey, including the gifted ones.

In the end, only a small percentage of talents would climb to the top and step through the gates to turn into formidable warriors!

Now, the opportunity was right in front of Wang Teng, but he was hesitating!

He would be beaten to death if he told others about it.

Wang Teng was in a dilemma because this was the dark Force.
If it was another Force, he would have jumped in joy.

Not long ago, he had discovered something strange about his dark Force.
Before he figured out what happened, he was still wary of it.
If he was assimilated, he wouldn’t be able to save himself even if he cried his heart out.

His only consolation was that the dark Force in his body didn’t give him any adverse effects.

I don’t care.
The opportunity is right here.
To hell with the abnormality! After a short moment of hesitation, Wang Teng made his decision.

Seeking wealth in risk!

The system had already lowered the risk to its minimum.
If he still worried so much, he might as well go back and enjoy his inheritance.

He had a strong opponent waiting to attack him.
The stronger he was, the higher his chance of surviving!

Isn’t it just a 10-star general? After this breakthrough, I’ll kill that female dark apparition!

Wang Teng picked up the spirit attributes first.
He had used up much of his spirit when he was running away, so he needed to replenish it.

Then, he picked up the enlightenment and advanced-stage dark talent.

These two attributes would enhance his control of dark Force.
He felt anxious about his dark Force, so he hoped that he could increase his control of it through raising his enlightenment and the related talent.

As the attribute bubbles merged into his body, Wang Teng’s enlightenment increased.
His mind got clearer.

The 300 points of advanced-stage dark talent allowed his dark talent to rise exponentially.

Advanced Stage Dark Talent: 330/1000

Wang Teng instantly felt that his sensitivity and grasp of the dark talent had become sharper and easier.

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