Chapter 468: Killing The General-Stage Dark Apparition

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The clone’s face was as cold as ice.
Her lazy expression had long disappeared.

As she faced this giant metal armor flaming scorpion who dared to wave its pincers at her, she decided to give it an unforgettable memory.


She raised her fair and smooth palm and slammed it forward.

The huge pincers covered with green flames were pushed away by a frightening force, and a huge patch of green flame was extinguished.

The clone’s palm didn’t get stained with any of the green flames, though.

Cracks appeared on the shell of the metal armor flaming scorpion’s giant pincers due to the clone’s attack.

This gentle push possessed such great power!

Wang Teng squinted when he saw this scene from his hiding spot.
This ‘Black Incubus Devil Lord’ was also at 10-star general stage, but she was much more powerful than the lycan.

His gaze landed on the clone’s palm, and his eyes lit up.
There was a thin layer of light shining on her palm.
It was like a shield protecting her hand.

The green flames did have some effect.
With his sharp eyes, he noticed a few strands of green flames sticking on the faint layer of light.
It was burning and damaging the layer.

However, the clone’s control ability was strong.
The moment the layer of light got damaged, a new layer was formed.

An invisible force spread above the layer of light and shook off the green flames on it.

This was the special method ‘Black Incubus Devil Lord’ used to block the green flames.
She still feared it.

Wang Teng felt relieved.
This was enough to prove that the ‘Black Incubus Devil Lord’ in front of him wasn’t as terrifying as the one he met before.

Then, he shifted his gaze to the other side.
The lycan flew back in a bedraggled state after he got thrown away by ‘Black Incubus Devil Lord.’ He seemed a little awkward.

Although he was exasperated, he didn’t dare reveal his displeasure because of Black Incubus Devil Lord.

He couldn’t offer any assistance to the fight between ‘Black Incubus Devil Lord’ and the metal armor flaming scorpion, so he awkwardly waited at the side.

Soon, he remembered the mastermind behind everything and started scanning the forest below to find Wang Teng.

If he didn’t kill this sinister human, he wouldn’t be Siler!

Wang Teng saw the ruthless gaze of the lycan and smiled.
Did he torture the dark apparition a little too much?

The other party hated him very much!

That gaze looked as if he wanted to bite him!

In that case, why don’t I secretly kill the lycan while ‘Black Incubus Devil Lord’ is fighting with the scorpion?

After all, if ‘Black Incubus Devil Lord’ killed the metal armor flaming scorpion, he would have to face two general-stage dark apparitions simultaneously.

The lycan had suffered serious injuries, so this was the best time to ambush him!

Wang Teng’s gaze turned sharp.
He looked at his attributes panel, focusing on the Assassination skill in his repertoire.
In the past, he didn’t use it because he didn’t have the chance.
However, this seemed to be the perfect scenario to use this technique.

But the Assassination skill level was a little low.
It was at the foundation stage.
Obviously, it wasn’t enough to deal with the general-stage dark apparition.


He threw all his 3200 blank attributes into this skill.

The Assassination skill rose from foundation to small achievement to big achievement.
It finally settled on the perfected stage.

Assassination: 1613/5000 (perfected)

With the help of the blank attributes, memories of the Assassination skill floated into Wang Teng’s mind.

In his memory, the outline of a light figure appeared.
It started executing all the assassination techniques, starting from the easiest and gradually getting more complicated and profound.
The figure showed the learning process from a novice to a master.

Finally, the memories merged into Wang Teng’s mind and body and became part of his ability.

In an instant, he changed from an ordinary person into an assassination machine.
It was as if he had experienced many years of brutal training.

His gaze changed.
Once Wang Teng entered the state, his gaze turned indifferent and cold-blooded.
He became extremely logical and calm.

This was the basic quality of an assassin!

Unfortunately, all his 3200 points of blank attributes were gone.
If not, Wang Teng would have increased his Assassination skill to the peak of the perfected realm.

Now, he could only use what he had.

However, with the addition of his space talent and concealing skills, he could more than double the effect.

The next second, his body disappeared on the spot.
No traces were left behind as if he had merged into the air.

This was a practical application of the Assassination skill.
Along with the concealing skills, he was able to merge with the surroundings to wait for the opportunity to launch the lethal move.

The lycan dashed into the forest below and searched for Wang Teng crazily.
He hated him to the core.
The pain coming from every inch of his body constantly reminded him that his sufferings were all caused by that young human!

But no matter how he searched, he was unable to find Wang Teng’s hiding spot.
This made him mad, his eyes turning bloodshot.

Suddenly, his head turned numb and his heart started palpitating without any warning.
His general-stage battle awareness caused him to move to the side without thinking.


Blood blossomed in the air.

“Come out!” the lycan shouted angrily.

He had almost suffered a lethal blow just now.
Although he had dodged it, he still received a deep cut on his arm.

He was forced into a tight corner by a soldier-level human martial warrior!

This was a humiliation for a general-stage warrior.

However, Wang Teng didn’t continue after the first sneak attack.
The space around him became distorted, and he disappeared without a trace.

The lycan swung his wolf claws and destroyed all the trees around him so that Wang Teng wouldn’t have any place to hide.

Wang Teng launched his attack again.
He shot out from the side and slashed his sharp sword at the lycan, adding another wound to the collection.


“Human, come out and have a duel with me!

“Don’t hide like a mouse.
Come out! Come out!”

The lycan almost went crazy.
He sensed that Wang Teng was around him, but he couldn’t find him no matter what.
He felt extremely frustrated and irritated.

“As you wish!” Wang Teng’s cold voice echoed beside his ears.
Before the lycan could feel happy, another cut appeared on his thigh.

Wang Teng was using Mo Que.
It was so sharp that even the indomitable body of a general-stage dark apparition couldn’t block it.

The cut was extremely deep, going all the way into his flesh.
Even his bones could be seen.

The lycan staggered and almost fell.
His leg trembled as large amounts of blood started flowing down his leg.

“Howl! I will kill you! I will kill you!” He bellowed while attacking everything in his path frantically.

“Come, kill me!

“I’m here!

“I’m here!”

Wang Teng’s mocking tone resounded all around him..
It drilled into the lycan’s ear from all directions like cursed chants.

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