Chapter 465: Come Quickly, You Can Do It!

To Siler, this young human was a sinister and tricky person.
That was why he was able to think of such an irritating and torturous scheme.

He had never met such a frustrating fellow.
He was only at the 7-star soldier level, but he was forced to spend such a long time chasing him.

He would be embarrassed if anyone found out!

Wang Teng shot towards the ball of red glow he saw using Little White’s vision while feeling his ability.
All in all, the dark Force was at the top among all his Force attributes currently.

He was facing a life-threatening danger now, so he didn’t have the time to ponder over the abnormality of the dark Force.
He just hoped that he could use it.

It didn’t matter what Force it was.
As long as he could kill the dark apparition, it was a good Force.

Even if it was the dark Force, he would use it if it could help him kill the general-stage dark apparition.

He had no dislike for it!

Very soon, Wang Teng realized that he could still use his dark Force smoothly.
He didn’t feel anything strange.

He heaved a sigh of relief.
If any troubles happened now, he would be in a dire situation.

Since he was able to use his dark Force normally, it meant that he could execute the power of a 9-star soldier-level martial warrior at its peak.
Along with his other skills and techniques, there was a higher chance of him killing the general-stage dark apparition.

But to Wang Teng, this wasn’t enough.

His pupils twirled around as he commanded Little White to silently close in on the crimson ball of light.

If one knew the enemy and oneself, they would not need to fear the result of a hundred battles.

Based on the intensity of the Force glow, this star beast must be at the lord level.
If he had no better idea, he wouldn’t go and provoke this formidable presence.

Wang Teng used the power of the spiritual pet contract to command Little White forward.
He was extremely careful, trying his best to not alert the lord-level star beast.

He didn’t want to lose Little White here.

Little White retracted its Force under Wang Teng’s order.
It carefully flew closer to the lord-level star beast’s territory just like an ordinary bird.

As it got closer, it felt the scorching aura in this area.
Huge rocks stood erected in the middle of this dense forest.
The trees here grew strangely too.
The leaves were fiery red, looking like flames sparkling on the trees.

Even though it was extremely hot, the ground was wet.
Molds could be seen everywhere.

Little White flew low in the sky.
It circled the huge rocks covered with mold and soared through the fiery red leaves growing on the trees…

Suddenly, Wang Teng asked it to stop and hide.

Right in front, in the middle of a pile of broken rocks, a green flame was burning.
Beside this flame lay a hideous and gigantic scorpion.
It looked like an armored tank hibernating on the ground.

As its mouth opened and closed, as it breathed, small wisps of flames from the green fire got sucked into its stomach.

There was a ball of flame on the tip of its tail, covering its poisonous stinger.
It looked very strange.

It was obvious that this lord-level giant scorpion shouldn’t be provoked.

It looked like a metal armor flaming scorpion, but its flames should be red, not green! Wang Teng felt puzzled when he saw the appearance of the giant scorpion.

Could it have mutated?!

A thought suddenly flashed through his mind.
His gaze landed on the green flame.

If it had mutated, it would be harder to deal with!

A glow appeared in Wang Teng’s eyes.
He felt that the lycan would be extremely satisfied with the opponent he had found for him.

He commanded Little White to leave.
However, an unexpected situation occurred.
Little White stared intently at the green flame, a strong yearning surging into its heart.
It used the spiritual pet contract to send its feelings to Wang Teng.

“You want that flame?” Wang Teng asked through the power of the contract.

After receiving the confirmation, he persuaded Little White for a long time before it managed to curb the immense temptation.


Siler got impatient.
He started attacking while chasing Wang Teng, attempting to lower his speed.

Explosions resounded in the forest, and the trees around them were all chopped into pieces.

Their chase had implicated many low-rank star beasts.

While Wang Teng was dodging, he hurriedly picked up the attribute bubbles dropped by those unlucky star beasts.

Wood Force*15

Fire Force*10

Blank Attribute*3

At a certain moment, his fire Force achieved a breakthrough.

Fire Force: 9/7000 (8-star)

A glint flashed past his eyes.
He didn’t feel much excitement since he only lacked one point.
Hence, it was predictable that it would rise in level.

However, he didn’t mind teasing the lycan behind him.

“All the best.
Continue attacking.
Believe in yourself.
You will be able to hit me soon,” Wang Teng said seriously after evading his opponent’s attack.

Siler: …

The muscles on his face twitched, and he felt his blood boiling.
This human dared to provoke him!

“I will kill you!” Siler bellowed.

“Come quickly.
You can do it.” Wang Teng hooked his finger at him.

Siler raged, his attacks turning even more ferocious.
He felt that if he didn’t kill this human, he wouldn’t be able to live in peace, and his lifespan would be cut short by ten years.

Boom, boom, boom!

More and more unlucky star beasts died under his flames of anger.
Siler didn’t know that his actions were involuntarily helping Wang Teng in increasing his ability.

The remaining three Forces finally reached the 8-star soldier level consecutively.

Metal Force: 35/7000 (8-star)

Wood Force: 18/7000 (8-star)

Water Force: 40/7000 (8-star)

As his ability rose, Wang Teng’s confidence in killing the lycan dark apparition also increased.
Finally, he led his opponent to the territory of the metal armor flaming scorpion.

Siler immediately felt the frightening atmosphere in this hoodoos forest.
However, Wang Teng didn’t give him any time to react.
He took out Mo Que and slashed it deep into the forest.


As the blade glow landed among the hoodoos, a terrifying, shrill cry was heard.

Siler’s expression changed.
He forcefully stopped in his tracks.

Wang Teng took the chance while he was hesitating to dart into the forest.
He left through the path he had pre-planned using Little White’s vision and evaded the general-stage lycan’s detection.

“Damn it!”

Siler’s expression was extremely ugly.
He had already seen the huge scorpion crawling quickly out from the hoodoos.

Once again, he lost sight of Wang Teng.

The metal armor scorpion noticed Siler too.
It hissed at him.
To his surprise, it started speaking human language.
“Get out of my territory!”

Wang Teng, who was hiding in the dark, was dumbfounded.
This was the first time he had seen a star beast that could speak human language.

Siler didn’t find it weird.
As a dark apparition, destruction and havoc were carved into his bones.
How could he bow down to a star beast? Even if the star beast was at the lord level.

The metal armor giant scorpion noticed that the invader wasn’t backing down, so it stopped talking.
It hissed and charged towards Siler, smashing its giant pincers at his head.


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