Chapter 461: Motivating The Entire Army!

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In the sky, the general-stage martial warriors from both sides were in a heated battle.

They moved at the speed of lightning, so from afar, all one could see were balls of lights colliding nonstop with one another, creating loud explosions along the way.

The frightening Force swept through the sky and destroyed everything in its way.

Even though the battle was occurring in the sky, the entire area had turned into a forbidden zone.
The ground below them would get implicated by the residual forces.

This was how mighty general-stage martial warriors were.

Every single attack they made had scary consequences.
Hence, you could imagine how frightening this life-or-death battle was.

The buildings in Star Maple City collapsed one after the other.
All that was left was debris.

After the array disintegrated, the remaining dark apparitions inside dashed out of Star Maple City.

Before this, the runemasters had activated the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array and the Yi Wood Melting Fire Array together and captured multiple dark apparitions in the city.
They had killed many dark apparitions with the help of lightning and fire.

However, some of the dark apparitions had still managed to survive.

They rushed out of Star Maple City crazily, afraid that the arrays would get activated again.

These dark apparitions had suffered the torment of two huge arrays.
The trauma lingered in their hearts.
Whenever they recalled the fear of being controlled by lightning and fire, they would shudder.

The Black Incubus Devil Lord frowned when she saw this scene.


Her cold voice echoed in the sky and landed in everyone’s ear.
The dark apparitions tensed up, and terror appeared on their faces.

They knew better than anyone how terrifying and ruthless the Black Incubus Devil Lord was.
If they offended this lord, they would die a terrible death.

“Any escapees will be killed!” The Black Incubus Devil Lord’s voice was indifferent without any emotions.

All the dark apparitions shivered, and their heads turned numb.
They glared at the humans and roared as they charged towards them.

The humans were in a state of despair the moment the Black Incubus Devil Lord appeared.

The Black Incubus Devil Lord was too strong!

The two massive arrays specially crafted by the human runemasters were easily broken by her.

Dan Taixuan and the other general-stage martial warriors seemed exceptionally weak in front of her.
Everyone saw what happened during the short exchange of blows between Dan Taixuan and the Black Incubus Devil Lord.

They knew that Dan Taixuan was powerful.
Ordinary general-stage martial warriors couldn’t beat her.
However, she had no chance of success when facing the Black Incubus Devil Lord.

In that case, which human could resist the Black Incubus Devil Lord?

Moreover, the general-stage dark apparitions had been released.
If the human general-stage martial warriors could stop them, that would be the best situation.

This was a battle that couldn’t be won!

While the humans were thinking about this, the dark apparitions’ ferociousness got ignited due to their fear of the Black Incubus Devil Lord.
They pounced on the human martial warriors.

Many people were caught off guard and got bitten to death by the dark apparitions.
It was a gruesome and devastating scene.

Wang Teng looked at them from the sky, his expression solemn.
However, he was wary of the Black Incubus Devil Lord.

If he used his spiritual power to control the battlefield again, would the Black Incubus Devil Lord kill him?

The Black Incubus Devil Lord suddenly turned and looked at him.
She seemed to have sensed his gaze.

Wang Teng jumped in fright.

It didn’t feel good to get targeted by a big boss!

Fortunately, the Black Incubus Devil Lord just stared at him mockingly and didn’t attack him.

Wang Teng heaved a sigh of relief secretly.
He turned back to the tragic battlefield below, and a firm gaze appeared in his eyes.

Come on, who’s afraid!

In this situation, he must act.
If he was fainthearted, if he remained still because he was afraid of the Black Incubus Devil Lord, it would become a psychological trauma, and his future cultivation would be affected.

He turned serious.
Then, he shot into the battlefield and spread his spiritual power to every single corner.

The same scene appeared on the battlefield once again.
The dark apparitions in the area froze for a second.

The human martial warriors were stunned.
Almost instantly, they understood what had happened.

“Wang Teng!”

“It’s Wang Teng!”

They looked at Wang Teng.
No one expected him to have the courage to continue fighting after he gained special attention from the Black Incubus Devil Lord.

They felt a sense of shame.
Compared to him, the despair they felt was nothing.

Wang Teng had been right in the arms of the Black Incubus Devil Lord.
That was the real hopelessness.
Yet, he didn’t give up.
So, what right did they have to give up?

“Why are you staring blankly at me? Kill them!” A fierce shout came from Wang Teng’s mouth.

The morale of the human race was roused greatly.
They pounced on the dark apparitions and waved their weapons high in the air.
The fearless spirit of the human race had appeared once again!




The human martial warriors howled.
They seemed to have turned into wild beasts.
Even if they had to use their teeth, they would bite the dark apparitions to death.

Dan Taixuan and Lord Yang, who were fighting in the sky, silently gave their approval when they saw this scene.

He had motivated the entire army alone!

Wang Teng did well, unexpectedly well.

As long as the morale was still there, the humans could continue fighting.

On the other side, a hint of surprise flashed past the Black Incubus Devil Lord’s eyes.
She sized up Wang Teng with interest.

This young human martial warrior was interesting!

All this while, Wang Teng had kept an eye on the Black Incubus Devil Lord.
He wouldn’t sit and wait for his death.
If the Black Incubus Devil Lord attacked him, he would run away immediately.

But to his frustration, the Black Incubus Devil Lord didn’t plan to kill him.

Wang Teng’s gaze flickered.
He didn’t care about the reason why she didn’t kill him.
It might be her ego as a formidable warrior, or she might be too lazy to move.
Whatever it was, he had the chance to kill the dark apparitions.

Along the way, he picked up attribute bubbles too.
The greatness of the Black Incubus Devil Lord made him realize how weak he was.
He needed to raise his ability quickly.

Every inch of improvement meant a higher chance of success.

The Forces of his five elements were close to reaching the 8-star soldier level.
He just needed a little more to break through.

After clearing the dark apparitions in this area, he immediately turned and shifted to another spot densely packed with dark apparitions.

Kong Li and Yuwen Xuan led their team and fought viciously with the dark apparitions.
Ice Wind and Black Widow were beside them too.
They rode on their Gale Wolves and traveled at high speed, hunting the dark apparitions around them.

However, there were too many of them.
They gradually got exhausted, and casualties started to appear among their ranks.

Wang Teng arrived above them.
He swept the area with his spiritual power and locked up the dark apparitions.

Kong Li and the others were surprised before they cried with joy, feeling invigorated.

“It’s our leader.
Our leader is here!” Ice Wind and Black Widow exchanged glances.
They were elated.


The troops massacred the dark apparitions when they couldn’t move.

“Form the battle formation!” Wang Teng shouted at them.

They reacted immediately and started gathering towards the center, quickly assuming the formation of a sword…

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