Chapter 460: The Destruction Of The Array

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Both their attacks seemed normal.
One punch and one fist.
It couldn’t be any simpler.

However, when their attacks collided, an appalling explosion spread out from the center.

The powerful force swept the entire sky.
Some martial warriors and dark apparitions around them couldn’t run away in time, so they were thrown back a few hundred meters.

A figure flew out of the center of the explosion.

It was Dan Taixuan.

Wang Teng’s expression turned grave.
This was the second round of attack, and Dan Taixuan was at the losing end.
It was expected.

The Black Incubus Devil Lord hadn’t used all her strength.
The difference was a little wide!

As he thought about this, he activated his space talent without hesitation and appeared behind Dan Taixuan in a split second.
He caught her in his arms.

“Leave!” Dan Taixuan said in a low and grim voice.

Wang Teng activated his space talent again.
The air behind him got distorted, and their figures disappeared.

The Black Incubus Devil Lord frowned.
She smiled gently and said, “Amazing, you guys again managed to escape from me.”

The moment she finished speaking, Wang Teng and Dan Taixuan appeared in the distance.

They stared at the Black Incubus Devil Lord intently.
They were extremely fearful of her.

Lord Yang and the other martial warriors hurriedly arrived behind them.
All of them were eyeing the Black Incubus Devil Lord vigilantly.
At the same time, they asked, “How are you?”

“I won’t be dying soon.” Dan Taixuan shook her head.

Lord Yang nodded.
Then, he gave a forced smile.
“We’re in trouble.
I didn’t expect the Black Incubus Devil Lord to appear!”

“There’s no Divine Executor Cannon in Star Maple City.
We’re unable to inflict any harm to her.
To think that we spent so much time and effort preparing for this war.
Are we unable to escape from annihilation?” A hint of despair appeared in Yin Tongfang’s eyes.

In the past, the appearance of this Black Incubus Devil Lord represented destruction.
No one could escape from that fate.

Wherever she went, only death, suffering, and agony remained.

Until today, she had flattened seven cities in the Xingwu Continent.
The Black Incubus Devil Lord was the epitome of destruction.

This was why everyone was so terrified and shocked when they heard her name and saw her face.
The Black Incubus Devil Lord had come to Star Maple City.
Did they have any chance of survival remaining?

“Wow, how crowded.” At this moment, the Black Incubus Devil Lord looked at them and raised her eyebrows.
She smiled gently.
“Let’s play a game before I destroy this city!”

As she spoke, black feathers started gliding out from her overcoat, congregating and forming a black throne.

It was almost impossible to tell that the throne was made from feathers once it was formed.
Instead, it seemed to be constructed using black metal.
It gave off a cold glint.

On the back of the chair, there were a few black feathers that were larger than the others.
They stuck themselves on the throne like sharp swords, exuding a menacing vibe.

The Black Incubus Devil Lord slowly sat on the throne and glanced at the general-stage martial warriors mockingly.

“Game!” Lord Yang and the others were furious.
The Black Incubus Devil Lord wanted to play with them!

The Black Incubus Devil Lord smiled when she saw the angry expressions on the faces of the humans.
She was delighted.
She looked down on Star Maple City and shook her head.
“These fellows are useless.
They got stuck down there for so long.
I should barbecue and eat them when we go back.”

Although she was muttering to herself, her words landed in everyone’s ears clearly.

The muscles on their faces started twitching.
She wanted to barbecue these general-stage dark apparitions?

The Black Incubus Devil Lord was as cold-blooded as what the rumors said.

At the same time, they saw the Black Incubus Devil Lord stretching out her hand and pressing it down on Star Maple City that was covered by the array.

“Damn it!” Lord Yang and the other martial warriors were shocked.
They wanted to stop her, but it was too late.

The array started cracking under the intense pressure of the invisible force.

The runemasters hosting the array were flabbergasted.
They frantically activated the two massive arrays and attempted to block the Black Incubus Devil Lord’s attack.

In the array, three general-stage dark apparitions died due to the double damage of the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array and the Yi Wood Melting Fire Array.
The rest were in a bad state too.
They had burnt marks all over their bodies and suffered many injuries.

The Eight Arms Devil General was still surviving tenaciously.
However, its arms were once again broken due to the lightning attacks from the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array.
He had lost three arms.

He was in excruciating pain, and his heart was bleeding.

He had paid an enormous price to regrow his arms.
In the end, before he could put them to good use and atone for his past mistakes, he lost them again, immediately after he landed on the Xingwu Continent.

His face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

The general-stage dark apparitions struggled desperately, but they were unable to break the array.
If the runemasters were given enough time, the dark apparitions would all get killed in the arrays.

They were in despair, but the sudden dawn of the Black Incubus Devil Lord gave them hope.

Sabah noticed the abnormality of the array and laughed.
“Humans, you’re dead.
Once I get out, I’ll tear you into pieces!”

The other dark apparitions were elated too.
They looked towards the top of the array in unplanned unison.


A loud cracking sound entered their ears.
Then, large pieces of Force fragments fell to the ground.

The next moment, an explosion came from above the array.
The entire array had disintegrated.
Multiple Force fragments turned into spots of light and disappeared in the air.

Master Gorlin and the other runemasters were dumbstruck.
The backlash from the array caused them to vomit a mouth of blood, and their auras dwindled.

The 12 runemasters got seriously injured in an instant.

Amidst peals of crazy laughter, the dark apparitions rushed towards the runemasters.

“How dare you!”

Yin Tongfang and the martial warriors were afraid of the Black Incubus Devil Lord, but they weren’t scared of these general-stage dark apparitions.

Hence, when they noticed that they actually wanted to kill the 12 runemasters, they stopped them indignantly.

The runemasters were like the general-stage martial warriors in the rune world.
In certain situations, they would be of greater use than general-stage martial warriors.
Hence, all of them were treasures of the human race.
The martial warriors wouldn’t allow the dark apparitions to harm them.

“The game has started!” The Black Incubus Devil Lord sniggered.
She placed her hand on her chin and watched the collision of the two races.
A huge battle exploded instantly.

The situation was in a mess as a bunch of general-stage martial warriors attacked at the same time.
The destruction they caused was frightening.
The buildings in Star Maple City were all in ruins.

The runemasters took the chance to retreat.
They weren’t general-stage martial warriors, so their battle abilities weren’t comparable with Yin Tongfang and the others..
If they remained here, they would be a burden.

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