Chapter 45: A Man Who Possessed 18 Relocated Houses

After parting with Zhao Ganghu and his brother, Wang Teng pondered over Zhao Ganghu’s suggestion while driving.

He had to admit that Zhao Ganghu was street smart.

When Zhao Ganghu chose to seek refuge with Wang Teng, a martial warrior, he was able to resolve the grudges between them in the past.
At the same time, he was also able to turn Wang Teng into his security blanket.

There was also that self-torture trick just now… Hmph~

Wang Teng smiled ambiguously.

Should he accept Zhao Ganghu’s sincerity?

As he thought about this, Wang Teng drove his car into an estate.

During his lesson in the morning, he had searched for all the available houses between Donghai No.
1 High School and his home on 58.

He had also set appointments with a few landlords in the afternoon to take a look at the houses.

The estate in front of him was his first destination.
The landlord was a middle-aged woman around 50 years old.

Since Wang Teng was a little late, the woman’s expression was unhappy.
However, when she saw him driving a sports car, her eyes lit up.
She immediately turned enthusiastic.

She brought Wang Teng for a tour of the house.
She kept introducing the house to him, telling him how good her place was and how conveniently located it was.

Wang Teng felt his head spinning because of her chattering.

Also, the moment they talked about the rent, he felt even more speechless.

On the website, it was written as 3500 per month.
Yet, when he came, it became 6000 per month.
The price rose by almost 100%!

It was obvious that she was treating him like a wastrel!

In the end, Wang Teng could only get rid of the naggy old woman by telling her that he needed to go home and consider the offer.

He couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when he drove out of the estate.

It was seriously frightening!

After that, he went to look at a few more houses, but none of them were satisfactory.

Some had weird landlords, while others had so many rules and regulations that they didn’t seem to be looking for a tenant.
Instead, they must be seeking a guard to watch over their house…

This room was out of bounds; that appliance mustn’t be used!

My house was renovated recently, so please don’t dirty the walls!

Remember to water the flowers and plants on my balcony.
Remember to feed some dogs and cats, etc.

There were all kinds of rules like these!

Wang Teng was speechless.
If they couldn’t bear to leave their house, why bother renting it?

Since the flowers and plants were so precious, since the dogs and cats were so cute, why didn’t they bring them along and raise them personally?

After spending an hour or so, he didn’t gain anything.
Wang Teng shook his head and went straight to the last house.

Actually, he didn’t dare to have too much hope.

“I should have just found an agent!” Wang Teng shook his head.
After the Wang family declined in his past life, he went to rent a house outside alone and got tricked by real estate agents a few times.
He could still remember it vividly.
That was why he subconsciously threw away the thought of looking for agents.

The last house was located around Donghai University town.

It wasn’t situated on the path from his house to Donghai No.
1 High School anymore.
However, this area was secluded and quiet.
It was at the edge of a university town, so the security was not bad either.

He saw it coincidentally and felt that it was not bad.
Thus, he decided to take a look.

“Are you ‘Young Master Wang, the king of Qidian Orphanage’?”

The landlord was a middle-aged rough-looking man.
He was wearing beach pants and slippers as he stood at the side of the road.
The moment he saw Wang Teng, his question shocked him.

“Young Master Wang, the king… of Qidian Orphanage?!”

He wondered for a moment before he remembered that this seemed to be his online nickname.

He had created the nickname back when he was young and childish.
He had long forgotten about it.
When he went online in the morning today, he didn’t notice his nickname at all.

He didn’t expect someone to recite his nickname out…

It was so embarrassing!

He wished to disappear on the spot!

Deep down inside, he really wanted to find a hole and bury himself in it, but on the surface, he remained exceptionally calm.
He nodded.

“You’re the landlord!”

“Yes, it’s me.
Come, I’ll take you to see the house.” The rough-looking man acted naturally.
He didn’t get overly excited.

This looked like someone who had been through many experiences in life!

He brought Wang Teng in a certain direction.

There was an area filled with low-level apartments in front of them.
They walked in from the main road and twisted and turned in the small alley.
After some time, they finally arrived in front of a house with a courtyard.

The outside wall was greyish-white and covered with vines.
The landlord opened the metal gates and entered first.

“You can take a look around yourself.”

Wang Teng didn’t hold back and started sizing up the house straight away.
The more he looked at it, the more satisfied he felt.

The location of the house was quiet.
It looked old from the outside, but the decorations inside were all new.
It appeared extremely comfortable.

There was a small courtyard included.
It looked spacious.
If he wanted to practice martial arts, he would be able to move freely here.

The university town was not far away from this house.
It was quiet, but once you stepped outside, you could see the student street in the distance.
At night, at around 10 pm, it was still very lively.

Most of the people living in this area were ordinary families.
Many university students also rented a room here.
There weren’t many rotten eggs mixed in.

“What do you think?” asked the landlord when he saw Wang Teng had finished his tour of the house.

“Not bad.
Tell me about the price.” Wang Teng nodded.

The landlord took out a cigarette and placed it in his mouth.
At the same time, he passed one to Wang Teng.
“Do you want one?”

Wang Teng accepted it and placed it in his mouth.

The landlord lit up the cigarette and took a deep puff.
He blew the smoke out slowly and asked, “Are you renting it alone?”

“That’s right.” Wang Teng nodded.

“If you’re renting it alone, it won’t be cheap.
However, I noticed that you drove a sports car over, so you probably don’t lack the money.” The landlord smiled.
“How about this? I won’t charge you more.
5000 a month, can you accept this price?”

Wang Teng had checked the rent of the houses in this estate coming here.
This price was really reasonable.

Also, the renovation was not bad.
By right, other people would rent the house if the price was slightly higher.

Wang Teng couldn’t help but glance at the rough-looking man.
He was a little astounded.

“What’s wrong? Do you find it too cheap?” The rough-looking man knew what Wang Teng was thinking at a single glance.
He smiled, revealing his yellow teeth.

“The price is alright.
I won’t mind if it’s a little higher.
However, I have a requirement,” Wang Teng said.

“You have a requirement? Tell me about it!” The rough-looking man raised his eyebrows.

“When I’m renting the house, no one can enter it, including you,” Wang Teng said.

“No problem! This is reasonable.” The rough-looking man nodded and replied without any hesitation.

In the end, the man didn’t ask for more money.
He kept his word and rented the house to Wang Teng for 5000 a month.
This caused Wang Teng to have a good impression of the man.

A month of rent as a deposit and three months of rent paid on the spot.

Received on Alipay.

The contract was also signed.

The rough-looking man took out a bunch of keys and passed them to Wang Teng.

“If you’re worried, I can pass you the spare keys too.
I lived in the newly built estate just beside this one.
If you’re not in a hurry to leave, I can go back and bring the spare keys for you.” The rough-looking man pointed at an estate that could be seen from here.

“I’ll be moving in at night.
You can give it to me then.” Wang Teng didn’t reject his offer.

The rough-looking man nodded in agreement.
They started walking towards the main road outside.
By foot, it only took a few minutes.

When they reached the main road and were just about to bid farewell to each other, the rough-looking man’s cell phone rang.

“The vast sky is my love…”

The passionate and unrestrained ringtone echoed in the streets.
Many students walking by turned around to look at them.

The rate of second glance was 200%!

“Hello, yes, wife… Okay, okay, I will come back immediately… what? Oh, buy a bottle of soy sauce? Sure, I will go and buy it at once.”

Wang Teng looked at the rough-looking hunk, who was still calm and composed a moment ago.
Right now, he looked like a mouse that had met a cat.
He was nodding his head and bowing as he answered the call.
The fawning intention in his voice was evident.
For a moment, his expression was extremely interesting to watch.

After some time, the rough-looking man hung up the call and heaved a long sigh.

He lit a cigarette to calm his soul.

His back started to straighten again.

“Sigh, I’m a man who has 18 relocated houses.
Why did I fall in the hands of a woman?”

Wang Teng: …

Brother, I think you just revealed something terribly serious!

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