Chapter 458: Couldn’t Last More Than Three Seconds!

Fergus’s body smashed on the ground and gave a dull thud.
Everyone finally regained their senses.

“How is that possible?”

Many people started muttering to themselves unconsciously.

A 7-star soldier-level martial warrior killed a 9-star soldier-level dark apparition.
Were they dreaming?

They found it unbelievable.
Some people even rubbed their eyes and looked at the burnt corpse of the powerful dark apparition, Fergus.
He was chopped into half and died an unwilling death…

This reminded them once again that this was reality!

“This fellow is a pervert!” Kong Li swallowed her saliva.
Once again, her understanding of Wang Teng was refreshed.

Her junior brother was brutal!

Even though she knew that Wang Teng was unexpected at times, she never thought that he could jump levels and kill a 9-star soldier-level dark apparition!

It seemed impossible no matter how she looked at it.

Yuwen Xuan was also shocked.
He finally understood how big the gap was between him and Wang Teng.

Many people in the military called him a talent but compared to that fellow, his title seemed like a joke.

On the other side, Xie Xueya’s expression behind her mask was filled with stupefaction.
Her jaws dropped, and she couldn’t stick them back for a long time.

What breed of monster was this guy?!

Everyone looked at the young man holding a strange and huge weapon with flames circling his body.
Many words flew into their minds.

God’s child!



They felt as if they were looking at the rise of an indomitable warrior!

They did not doubt that if this young talent continued on his path, he would become a general-stage martial warrior.

Wang Teng had the potential to become a formidable general-stage warrior!

The vampire who came to hold back the human martial warrior so that Fergus could kill Wang Teng was dumbfounded.
He felt that he was going crazy.

Fergus was killed by a 7-star soldier-level young man.
What a useless thing!

Feeling indignant, his gaze turned towards Wang Teng, bringing along his malicious intent with it.

No matter what, this young man was too outstanding.
He mustn’t stay alive!

“How dare you get distracted when fighting with me!” A voice shouted beside his ear.

“Oh shit!”

The dark apparition’s expression changed.
He was genuinely shocked just now.
That was why he got distracted during a life-or-death battle.

And that moment had decided his loss.

The human martial warrior’s blade arrived.
The vampire didn’t have the time to dodge.

But he wasn’t a weakling.
His gaze turned vicious, and he hurled himself at the human martial warrior instead of evading the move.

At the same time, he stabbed his thorn-like weapon at the human martial warrior’s throat at the speed of lightning.

A life for a life!

The human martial warrior’s expression changed.
He tilted his body to evade the dark apparition’s attack.
The move that was supposed to kill the dark apparition diverged from its original path and slit the arm of the dark apparition instead.


The dark apparition howled in pain as one of his arms was chopped off forcefully.
Blood splattered into the sky like a fountain.

However, he gritted his teeth and continued retreating at the speed of lightning.

“Human, I’ll remember you for severing my arm.
You’ll suffer my revenge in the future.”

A voice filled with hatred and bitterness seeped out of his mouth.
He glared coldly at the human martial warrior.

“You want to leave?” Naturally, the human martial warrior wouldn’t allow it to escape easily.
He chased after him.

“You can’t keep me here.”

The vampire soared towards the dimensional rift in the sky.
The human martial warrior chased him for a distance but had to stop in the end.

He glanced at the dimensional rift in fear.

In the past, some formidable human martial warriors attempted to get close to the dimensional rifts, but the result was obvious.
Their endings were terrible.

The closer they went, the more dangerous it was.
The result was unpredictable.

Hence, he could only watch the vampire flying higher and higher with a furious expression.
He was full of unwillingness.

“Hahaha, I said that you can’t keep me!” The vampire laughed arrogantly.


At this moment, his body trembled, and his laughter stopped abruptly.

Huh, whose body is this? Why doesn’t it have a head?

He felt his vision spinning.
Then, he saw a body without a head.

“I’m sorry.
He can’t stop you, but I can.

“Also, I’m a narrow-minded person.
If I can take revenge now, I won’t leave it for tomorrow.”

Just when he was about to lose consciousness, two calm sentences sounded beside his ear.

The vampire didn’t even have the time to retract his conceited smile.
He was flabbergasted. It’s him! How is that possible!

Then, he lost his consciousness forever.

Everyone once again stared absent-mindedly at Wang Teng in the air.
They turned and looked at the spot where he was standing a second ago.
His lingering shadow was still dissipating.

“His speed is amazing!”

The human martial warrior was stunned and staggered.

Not only did Wang Teng kill the sheep-head dark apparition who attempted to kill him, but he also helped him kill this formidable vampire dark apparition!

Double kill!

This fellow was terrifying!

Wang Teng was indeed a revengeful person.
This vampire was an accomplice.
Hence, he must kill him and leave no future trouble.

Even if it might be dangerous to get too close to the dimensional rift, he still acted.

How many people could be so decisive?

The 9-star soldier-level martial warrior was convinced by Wang Teng.
He wasn’t his match.

“Leave that place.
It’s dangerous.” The human martial warrior remembered the unpredictable dangers of the dimensional rift, so he immediately shouted to remind Wang Teng.

The moment he finished speaking, a peal of soft laughter was heard.

“I didn’t know that I’d see such an interesting scene the instant I arrive.

“A rare talent is born in the human race!”

The human martial warrior’s expression changed tremendously when he heard the voice.

Actually, he didn’t need to remind Wang Teng again.
The alarm in Wang Teng’s heart was ringing frantically.
He wanted to leave without hesitation.

However, the next moment, he froze.

His entire body seemed to have been pinned to the spot by an invisible force.
He couldn’t move at all.
Wang Teng was astounded.

This must be a general-stage dark apparition!

Damn it, do you have to do this to me?

I only killed two 9-star soldier-level dark apparitions.
Do you have to send someone so frightening to kill me?

I took so much effort to groom my indomitable presence.
I didn’t even have the chance to get arrogant before you poured a bucket of cold water on me.

Why can’t you let me be proud for a few more seconds, bastard!

Wang Teng was on the brink of tears.
He felt that his idea was a little bad.
If he knew this was going to happen, he wouldn’t have taken his revenge.
It was alright to leave his revenge for tomorrow.

Suddenly, he felt someone brushing his face.
Then, a soft body hugged him from behind and blew into his ear…

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