Chapter 457: Come! Come! Come!

The dark apparition fighting with humans in the sky turned green with anger.
He glared at Wang Teng viciously.

His subordinates fled in disorder while he got tricked by Wang Teng.
This 9-star soldier-level sheep-head dark apparition wished that he could skin Wang Teng alive and swallow him whole.

However, he was entangled by a 9-star soldier-level human martial warrior, so he couldn’t escape.

“Get off!”

He bellowed in anger.
The sickle-shaped weapon in his hand tore the air and created a shrill sound as it spiraled towards the human martial warrior opposite him.

The 9-star soldier-level human martial warrior’s expression changed.
In his haste, he couldn’t block the attack, so he had to evade it.

The sheep-head dark apparition took the chance and broke free from his opponent.
He moved his body and darted towards Wang Teng.

“Damn it!” The 9-star soldier-level martial warrior immediately reacted.
His expression turned ugly as he chased after the dark apparition.

At this moment, a figure landed right in front and blocked his path.


The 9-star soldier-level human martial warrior yelled when he saw a dark apparition blocking his way.
He launched a furious attack.
The battle blade slashed a frightening green glow in the air.
He wanted to kill his enemy in a single move.

After all, the dark apparition in front was already heading towards Wang Teng.
If he was a step late, Wang Teng would be in danger.

“Hehehe, are you trying to kill me?”

The vampire who blocked this human martial warrior sniggered.
He didn’t evade the attack and instead welcomed it with his weapon that looked like a thorn.


The two figures collided, and a heated battle ensued.

The 9-star soldier-level human martial warrior was in a hurry to leave, so his attack was ferocious and vicious.
He wanted to end the battle quickly.

However, the dark apparition just scoffed and held him back.
His main aim was to waste his time, so he appeared calm and relaxed.

As he fought with the human martial warrior, he laughed and shouted at the sheep-head dark apparition.

“Fergus, I’ll take care of this man.
Go and kill that young human!”

“Leave it to me.
I will kill him!” The sheep-head dark apparition dashed towards Wang Teng without turning his head.
There was strong killing intent in his gaze.

“Bastard!” The 9-star soldier-level human martial warrior burst in anger when he noticed the dark apparition ignoring him.
A resplendent glow erupted from his battle blade as he hurled it at the dark apparition.
Sharp blade auras enveloped his blade.

“Haha, are you angry? It’s still early.
Once Fergus kills that talented young man from your race, you will only get angrier.” The vampire laughed rampantly.
He seemed to be intentionally provoking the martial warrior.


At a moment like this, the human martial warrior calmed down.
His expression turned cold, and his blade glow gushed towards his enemy.

On the other end, when Wang Teng saw the powerful dark apparition rushing towards him, he turned serious.

“9-star soldier level.
The dark apparitions view him with such high importance!”

Kong Li and the others noticed the situation on this side too.
Their faces turned slightly pale.

That was a 9-star soldier-level dark apparition, two levels above them.
They might not be his match even if they attacked him together.

They knew that the dark apparition targeted Wang Teng because his performance was too outstanding and had an overwhelming impact on the result of the battle.

“Wang Teng, run!” Kong Li shouted.

Yuwen Xuan and Xie Xueya were frantically looking for powerful warriors around them for help, but all of them were held back by other dark apparitions.
No one was able to reinforce them immediately.

The vampire dark apparition had killed a human martial warrior before he could help Fergus to stop his opponent from chasing him.
If not, this situation wouldn’t have occurred.

“Damn it, it’s all that fellow’s fault.
Why did he perform so well? He gained the attention of the 9-star soldier-level dark apparition.” Xie Xueya was agitated.
She secretly reprimanded Wang Teng for causing trouble.

However, she also knew that if she was in his position, she would do the same thing, even if it meant attracting the attention of powerful enemies.

Although Wang Teng heard Kong Li’s warning, he didn’t choose to run.

He stood in mid-air and kept his brick, switching it with the divine weapon, Mo Que.
Then, he stared at the 9-star soldier-level dark apparition that was furiously closing in on him.

Come on, it’s just at 9-star soldier level.
I’ve killed one before.

I’m not afraid!

With his current abilities, if he was unable to kill someone at a higher level, it would be a humiliation to the system.

Those dark apparitions thought that he was easy to bully.
In that case, he would show them what an indomitable warrior was like.

Dan Taixuan said that he needed to groom his formidable presence.

How was he supposed to groom it? Defeating same-level talents wasn’t enough.
He needed to defeat enemies at a higher level than him!

Thus, even if his opponent was at the 9-star soldier level, he would kill them too!

He looked up abruptly.


Leiting Physique!

Eight Level Devil Scripture!

A formidable presence erupted from his body.
His black hair flew in the wind, revealing his sparkling eyes below his forehead.
They were giving off a blood-curdling glint.

At this moment, he was fearless.
An indomitable and formidable warrior!

All the enemies blocking his way would be annihilated.




Wang Teng screamed in his heart as the Force in his body surged into Mo Que.
After the three howls of anger, the aura around him reached its peak.

Fergus was rushing towards him at the speed of light.
His speed was so fast the air around him started exploding from the compression.
He plunged down from the sky like a meteor, but suddenly, his pupils constricted.
Sensing Wang Teng’s menacing presence, he hesitated for a moment.

Then, he flared up in anger.
How could he be afraid of a young human martial warrior?

Furthermore, this human martial warrior was two levels lower than him.
What a joke!

He would be able to kill him easily using half his strength.

Fergus’s cruel and cold eyes suddenly widened.
There was dark Force in the depth of his gaze.
The sickle-like weapon in his hand seemed to have turned into the scythe of the Grim Reaper.
It slashed towards Wang Teng with a pitch-black glow around it.


A glaring beam finally shot out from Mo Que.
Force congregated into a frightening blade glow as it struck towards the dark apparition, top to bottom.

Big Dipper Flaming Blade!

Blade conscious erupted


A flaming fire glow a few meters long shot right up the sky, splitting the sky into two.

It was a crusade against heaven, led by a nobody from the ground.

Fergus was the first to bear the brunt.
The moment the blade glow exploded, disbelief covered his entire face.
There was astonishment, exasperation, and regret in his eyes.

Unfortunately, everything was too late.
The next second, he was swallowed by the blade glow.

The flaming glow enveloped the sky and cut Fergus’s body into two.
His corpse dropped from the air.

An eerie silence appeared on the battlefield for a moment.
Everyone was confused.

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