Chapter 455: Spiritual Power—Crowd Control!

The Ghastly Blood Cross wasn’t like the Eight Level Devil Scripture.
Once he used this offensive attack, the fact that he had dark Force would be exposed.

The Eight Level Devil Scripture was a physical scripture and was used to heighten his strength and physique, so most people wouldn’t detect the problem if he didn’t release its true power and reveal the devil pattern special trait of this scripture.
Also, Wang Teng had the system covering up for him.
Even the dark apparitions might not notice what was amiss.

At this moment, Wang Teng remembered the activation theory of the Ghastly Blood Cross.
If he removed the dark Force and only used the evil aura with one of the five element Forces, would he be able to execute this earth-rank technique?

He could give it a try in the future.

Wang Teng and Lesley’s battle seemed long, but it only lasted for a few seconds.
After he killed the talented vampire dark apparition, he didn’t waste any time and immediately entered the battlefield again.

Xie Xueya felt terrible when she saw Wang Teng flying away without even looking or talking to her.

This bastard never looked her in the eye, not even once.
Was she so ugly?

Oh right, she was still wearing a mask.
This fellow hadn’t seen her true face.

Hmph, she must let him see her beautiful face and astound him next time.

Then, he would bootlick her shamelessly like all the other men.
At that time, she could heartlessly give him the cold shoulder.

What a perfect plan!

Speaking about it, that irritating bastard didn’t wear his mask today and looked quite handsome.

She thought that this petty and stingy man with a bad character must be ugly, but he was quite dashing.

Pfft, I’m on the battlefield.
Why am I thinking of such stupid things?

Xie Xueya shook her head and felt guilty for some reason.
Fortunately, she was wearing a mask, so no one laughed at her.

Feng Shan, who was not far away, didn’t notice her abnormal actions in that short moment.
He was focused on Wang Teng’s back view.
They were both 7-star soldier-level martial warriors, but why was their difference so huge? It made him unhappy!

However, he heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Wang Teng ignoring them.

If Wang Teng came over and reprimanded them, he would feel embarrassed.

Wang Teng didn’t know his complicated thoughts.
If he did, he would laugh at Feng Shan for thinking too much.
He didn’t have the time to care about someone he didn’t know.

Feng Shan and Xie Xueya didn’t waste any more time and rushed to help other people.
They found some 7-star soldier-level dark apparitions and started fighting with them.

Wang Teng flew in the air and scanned the battlefield around him.
He picked up the attribute bubbles that were dropping continuously from the fights.
His ability increased unknowingly.

Earth Force*25

Dark Force*30



Fire Force*10

Battlefield Awareness*15

There were all kinds of Force attribute bubbles present.
Similarly, there were spirit, enlightenment, battlefield awareness, and many other special attributes.

They were one of the best ways for Wang Teng to increase his ability.

Wang Teng didn’t stay idle either.
There were no other powerful dark apparitions around him, so his attention landed on the weaker dark apparitions below.

In front of the dark apparitions, the human martial warriors were still at a disadvantage.
Even though they had discovered the dark apparitions’ plan ahead of time and made ample preparations, once they went on the battlefield and fought with the dark apparitions, the humans continued to suffer more losses than wins.

Wang Teng also noticed this.
Besides the stronger human martial warriors, the ordinary human martial warriors didn’t have much advantage when facing the dark apparitions.
Many times, it was a life for a life.
The vicious one would win.

There were many fearless human martial warriors who were unafraid of death.
Thus, the scene was extremely tragic!

Wang Teng scanned the battle below and frowned uncontrollably.

He wanted to do something, but he couldn’t save all the human martial warriors facing death threats simultaneously, no matter how powerful or fast he was.

If he used some wide-range attacks, it was unrealistic too.
He would accidentally injure a large number of human martial warriors.

This was why they only activated the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array and Yi Wood Melting Fire Array after everyone in Star Maple City had been evacuated.

One of these two huge arrays was enough to injure and kill a large number of human martial warriors with its terrifying power, much less both of them.

The human race couldn’t afford to suffer this loss.

Wang Teng’s mind worked furiously.
He took out his attributes panel and quickly scanned all his abilities.
He hoped to find a skill he could use in this situation.

Very soon, he looked through everything but didn’t notice anything useful.

He shook his head and wanted to give up.
Suddenly, his gaze landed on the second column of his attributes panel.

Spiritual power!

Damn it, he was so stupid! He had forgotten his trump card!

Spiritual power was an invisible force.
He could use it along with his runes to form a Force attack.
At the same time, he could use it for simple physical attacks too!

Moreover, he was in the Emperor realm now.
The amount of spiritual power he could use was sizable, and the effective range was also wide.
He had no problem tackling the dark apparitions in one huge patch.

When he thought of this method, Wang Teng felt a little excited for some reason.
He felt as if he had found something fun.

His gaze shimmered as he searched for an area densely populated with dark apparitions.
His spiritual power surged out of his forehead like a flood.
He formed an effective circular range with him in the center.

Silently and secretly, an invisible force spread out like transparent tentacles, twirling themselves around the dark apparitions.

The attacking power of the spiritual power depended solely on its user.
When Wang Teng only used it for picking up attributes, it was harmless and undetectable by others.

However, when Wang Teng wanted to kill someone, his spiritual power became his best companion.
It started to bare its fangs.

On the battlefield, numerous dark apparitions were fighting with the humans.
Suddenly, they paused in their attacks.


The dark apparitions were puzzled and shocked.
They didn’t know what had happened.

However, to the experienced human martial warriors, this moment of delay was enough to end the battle.

The human martial warriors didn’t know what happened to the dark apparitions either.
They were about to get killed by them, but the dark apparition suddenly went mad and froze as if their CPU had crashed.
But since the opportunity was in front of them, they wouldn’t let it go.
They grabbed this chance and waved their weapons, chopping the dark apparition to death.

That chop was accurate and decisive!

Up and down.
One blade was enough to take the life of the dark apparition.

However, some dark apparitions that were more powerful and had stronger battle awareness released all their Force when they got locked by Wang Teng’s spiritual power.
Before the attack of the human martial warriors landed on them, they struggled and got away forcefully.

They were all flabbergasted.
They could still feel the lingering fears in their hearts.

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