Chapter 453: Human, You’re Looking For Death!

The two martial warriors were steadily losing their grounds under the onslaught of the vampire dark apparition.

Wang Teng was surprised.
He quickly flew towards the two martial warriors to reinforce them.

He could tell that these two human martial warriors weren’t the dark apparition’s match.
If they continued fighting, they would get killed within a few moments.

He wasn’t exaggerating.
That vampire was seriously powerful.
He was many times stronger than normal 7-star soldier-level dark apparitions.

Also, he looked very young.

No matter what race it was, there would always be one or two extremely talented individuals.
This vampire dark talent was one of them.

Wang Teng had defeated many human talents, but he had never met one from another race before.
At this moment, he felt a little excited, like a hunter who saw his prey.
He wanted to know how powerful this talented dark apparition was.

Also, if he could kill a few talented dark apparitions, it would benefit the human race in many ways.

As Wang Teng flew towards them, the three martial warriors were in an intense battle.
The vampire dark apparition might have the upper hand, but the two human martial warriors weren’t weak either.
They exchanged blows continuously.

The vampire held two blood-red bone blades and attacked the humans without stopping.

As for the two human martial warriors, one of them was holding a long spear with a sharp glint at the tip.
The other was holding a battle sword.
In an instant, the person slashed a huge blue sword glow in the air.

Boom, boom, boom!

The Forces from both parties collided in midair.
One black, one green, and one blue.
The three different Force glows intertwined, eroded, and melted in the air…

The two human martial warriors got thrown back for more than ten meters because of this powerful explosion.
The instant they managed to stabilize themselves, their eyes widened in fear.
They saw a blood-red shadow darting towards them like a flash of lightning.
The two blood-red bone blades split the air into two and formed a shrill grinding sound.

Thick blade force covered the blades like blood stained by darkness.
It was bloody and sinister.

The black-red sharp blade cut through the air, aiming for the throats of the martial warriors.
A frightening strength came along with it.

It was too late for the two martial warriors to dodge.
In a battle between high-level martial warriors, one slow move meant that it was too late.
The difference was life and death.


Seeing the success so near, an evil smile appeared at the edge of the vampire dark apparition’s lips.
A blood-thirsty glint appeared in his eyes.

The two humans turned pale.
They wanted to dodge, but their bodies couldn’t react as fast as their minds.


Suddenly, a figure forcefully cut into their battle and blocked the two blood-red blades of the vampire.

The two human martial warriors heaved a sigh of relief when they saw someone stopping the fatal blow.
They had barely managed to escape.
They could feel that their backs were already soaked with cold sweat.

They looked at the person who suddenly appeared and then exchanged glances with each other.
They saw fear in each other’s eyes.
They hurriedly said, “Thank you for saving us.”

Wang Teng tilted his head and looked at one of the figures.
He said calmly, “If you die, who’s going to pay me back the money you owe?”

“?” Xie Xueya was wearing a mask.
When she heard the familiar voice, she was stunned.
“It’s you!” She was dumbfounded.

“You know each other?” The other human martial warrior was surprised too.

“This is not the time to talk about this.
Let’s work together and kill that vampire first,” Xie Xueya said.

Within this short time, the vampire had already retreated.

He was careful in front of this young man who managed to block his attack easily with his sudden appearance.
Before he grasped this human’s ability, he shouldn’t attack rashly.

“Who are you?” His accent was a little weird as he used the human language to speak to them.

“Oh, another dark apparition who knows the human language,” Wang Teng exclaimed in surprise.

The dark apparition sensed contempt in the tone of this young person.
His face turned black.
“Human, you are looking for death.”

Wang Teng gave a constipated expression.

When the dark apparition said that he was looking for death in that weird accent, he felt speechless.
He wanted to laugh but couldn’t.

He looked at the other party in exasperation and copied his accent.
“I’m not looking for death, really.”

“Pfft!” Xie Xueya burst out laughing.

Where did this cheeky fellow come from? Couldn’t he read the situation? Why was he still teasing the enemy?

Most importantly, he didn’t seem to understand what was happening at all.

How amazing!

The other human martial warrior was looking at Wang Teng strangely too.
This young man allowed him to experience some fun on this tragic battlefield filled with life and death.

The vampire dark apparition glared at Wang Teng.
As a talented vampire, he had never been angered by a person like this before.
He couldn’t resist the urge to kill the young man in front of him.

“Look, he’s looking at me as if he wants to suck my blood.
How scary,” Wang Teng pointed at the vampire dark apparition’s face and said to Xie Xueya and the other human martial warrior.

Xie Xueya: …

The other human martial warrior: …

The vampire dark apparition: …

Many dark apparitions were paying attention to this battle.
All of them were shocked by the scene.

“This human is fearless.
How dare he provoke Lesley!”

“Quick, look at Lesley’s expression.
He seems angry!”

“Let’s move further away in case we are implicated…”

Thus, this scene appeared.
The dark apparitions screamed and ran away as if they were being chased by dogs.
They kept their distance from Lesley and Wang Teng.

The talented vampire, Lesley, looked at Wang Teng’s irritating face and couldn’t bear with the provocation anymore.
He exploded in anger and roared.
Then, he disappeared on the spot.
In the blink of an eye, two blood-red blade glows slammed down on Wang Teng’s head.

“Be careful!” Xie Xueya and the other human martial warrior shouted in unplanned unison.
Their expressions changed.

However, Wang Teng didn’t move.


Under the astounded gaze of the two human martial warriors, Wang Teng got chopped into three parts by the two red blades.

“No, no way!” Xie Xueya was dumbfounded and furious.
She didn’t manage to stop her comrade from dying.
He might be a little irritating, but he was still a human who saved her just now.
How could he die just like that?

“No, wait!” The other human martial warrior shouted in astonishment, “He’s not dead.
How fast!”

When the blood-red blades in Lesley’s hand chopped at Wang Teng’s body, he noticed something amiss.
This wasn’t the feeling of cutting a human body.

He squinted and retreated instantly.

Wang Teng’s figure slowly appeared on the other side.
He patted his chest and shouted, “Wow, I almost got chopped.”

“Enough!” Xie Xueya was on the same side as him, but she felt exasperated.

He could have dodged the attack easily, yet he chose to react at the last moment.
She was worried for nothing.
The sadness in her heart had gone to waste.

Also, his acting skills were so exaggerated. Could you be a little more fake, you bastard?

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