Chapter 451: The General-stage Dark Apparitions Were Stunned!

Star Maple City had already turned into a battlefield!

Waves and waves of dark apparitions swarmed into the city and caused massive destruction.
However, they found no signs of humans.

The humans had already left Star Maple City through the underground passageway.
Only the 12 runemasters were left behind.
They activated the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array and cleared the uncountable number of dark apparitions trapped in the city.

Sabah and the other general-stage dark apparitions were trapped too.
They were evading the bolts of lightning raining down from the sky continuously.

They never expected the humans to prepare this lightning element array.

As dark apparitions, there were two forces they feared the most.
One was the complete opposite of the dark Force, the light Force, while the other was the lightning Force.
Humans hadn’t grasped the light Force yet, but they knew many ways of using the lightning Force.

This lightning element rune was one of them.
Furthermore, it was extremely powerful.


At this moment, the general-stage dark apparitions were having a hard time.
Even though they were at the general stage, they didn’t want to face the power of lightning.

Fortunately, they were fast enough, so they were able to dodge the attacks all the time.

But the low-level dark apparitions below weren’t so lucky.
A large portion of the low-level dark apparitions was chopped into pieces by the lightning and disappeared from the world.

“Damn it!”

The lycan dark apparition was in a bedraggled state.
Suddenly, his nose twitched as it smelled something burning.
He turned around to take a look.
He was only slightly slower just now, but he got burnt by the lightning.

A drop of cold sweat dripped down his forehead.
This was so scary!

“Damn it, how did you plan this? Why is there such a huge loophole? You pushed us right into humans’ trap!” Sabah was burning in anger as he shouted at the vampire.

“Sir, I don’t know how this happened either!” The vampire was on the brink of tears.
He felt frustrated and shook his head violently.

He thought that with the general-stage dark apparitions, the humans could only die.
Even if they pulled some small stunts, it would be useless and wouldn’t affect the result.

He didn’t expect the Sirs to get trapped as well.

This was completely different from what he thought!


A bolt of lightning shot directly at two dark apparitions.
It squirmed through the sky like a silver snake, attempting to swallow them with its huge mouth.

The vampire dark apparition was shocked.
He turned fearful and wanted to dodge.
Suddenly, someone grabbed his shoulder and lifted his body.


He lowered his head and saw Sabah’s indifferent face.
He screamed in despair.


The lightning struck his body.
A silver glow flashed and swallowed him entirely.

“Useless!” Sabah spat at the vampire.
He looked away from the lightning above him and scanned the 12 runemasters.

The heart of the array was the runemasters.
If the runemasters were killed, the array wouldn’t be a threat anymore.

“Kill them!”

Sabah shouted at the other general-stage dark apparitions.

Zurz, Cyle, and the other dark apparitions understood his intention.
They immediately flew towards the runemasters.

A sickle-shaped weapon appeared in his hand.
He went forward and swung his weapon at the figure sitting on the pillar in front.

That person was Gorlin!

A black glow cut through the air and fired towards Gorlin.

Gorlin’s expression didn’t change.
He was extremely calm.
He didn’t move, but somehow, a bolt of lightning struck down and collided with the black blade glow.


Force exploded, and the black blade glow disappeared without a trace.

The residual force blew towards Gorlin.
His hair flew messily in the wind, and the gown he was wearing fluttered loudly.

Sabah’s expression changed.
He didn’t expect his attack to be blocked so easily!


A flash of lightning attacked him again.
Sabah had to abandon his advancement and evade the lightning hastily.

His expression was extremely ugly.

These human runemasters were harder to deal with than he had imagined.

At the same time, Zurz and the other dark apparitions executed their moves and furiously attacked the other runemasters.

When Zurz and Cyle saw the situation on Sabah’s side, they looked at each other and attacked Master Carl together.

Zurz’s weapon had landed in the hands of Wang Teng after the Yang City war.
The time was too short for him to make another weapon, so he could only use a gigantic battle blade for the time being.
Of course, the quality wasn’t as good as the divine weapon Mo Que.

Also, his arm had grown back.

But if one observed closely, they would realize that the arm that had grown back was still a little stiff.
It wasn’t as agile as the other arms.

He held his battle blade in one hand and slashed it at Master Carl.


Lightning slammed on the blade glow, rendering Zurz’s attack useless.

The lycan, Cyle, appeared out of nowhere and arrived above Master Carl in an instant.


He gave a sinister smile and clawed at Master Carl furiously.
He was wearing sharp metallic claws made from an unknown material.

“Hmph!’ Master Carl snorted.
He waved his hand, and a purple shield appeared above him.

Lightning flashed on the purple shield.
Cyle’s claw attack landed on the shield and caused an electrical sound.
Then, his attack was disarmed by the lightning on the shield.


Another bolt of lightning struck towards Cyle simultaneously.

He squinted and evaded the lightning precariously.
However, the lightning bolt still brushed against his body and burnt a patch of his fur.

Cyle moved and appeared beside Zurz.

A burnt smell wafted into Zurz’s nose.
He turned and looked at Cyle.
When he saw his appearance, Zurz’s expression turned strange.

He wanted to laugh, but he tried his best to hold it in.

They were on the same side.
It would be too much for him to laugh at his companion.

Although he had tried his best to suppress his laughter, the sharp Cyle still noticed Zurz’s gaze.
He turned angry from embarrassment and glared at Zurz.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have the time to bicker.

Scorching heat suddenly rose from the ground, and burning flames appeared in thin air.

The Yi Wood Melting Fire Array was activated too!

“What’s going on? Isn’t this a lightning element array? Why did it change to a fire element array?” Zurz shouted at Sabah in astonishment and anger.
He was flabbergasted.

He was afraid of fire element arrays.

In Yang City, he was crippled by the Eight Dragon Ablaze Dragon Array.
The memory was still clear in his mind, hence his fear.

He could almost feel the pain in his recovered limbs.
The pain constantly reminded him that fire element arrays were also scary!

Sabah was stunned too.
Why was there fire in a lightning array? What the hell was going on?

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