Chapter 450: Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array, Activate!

Wang Teng didn’t dare to imagine the despair of the humans when the devil god landed in their world in the future.

A peek of its eye was enough to let countless ordinary people, even martial warriors, lose their minds.

It could form dimensional rifts with one hand and let multiple dark apparitions come to their world…

Would humans be able to resist such a formidable presence?

Fortunately, it currently wasn’t able to move through worlds.
Its body seemed too powerful for a normal dimensional rift to bear.
Even so, everyone was still worried.
They knew that one day, the devil god would come personally.

At this moment, numerous dark apparitions appeared through the dimensional rifts.
They fell from the five dimensional rifts and landed above Star Maple City.

They smashed on the defense shield like black shooting stars.




The figures crashed into the defense shield and caused loud collisions.

Before this, cracks had already formed on the defense shield from the dark apparitions’ attacks.
Now, after getting smashed continuously, the cracks grew larger.
The sound of glass breaking resounded, crisp and clear.


Yin Tongfang gave his command.
His loud voice echoed in the entire city.

The soldiers on the city walls immediately gathered in the center of the city when they heard this.

Behind the low-level dark apparitions, the vampire dark apparition frowned.
“What are they doing?”

“Are they scared of us?” The giant apparition laughed happily.

Idiot! The vampire scolded him secretly.
He looked at Star Maple City in confusion.
“I have a bad feeling.”

“Don’t worry.
The Sirs are already here, and the defense shield of that military city is on the brink of collapsing.
Soon, it will break.
The humans are just lambs waiting to be slaughtered,” the giant apparition said.

The vampire thought of something, and his expression eased a little. This fellow is right.
No matter how sly these humans are, once the Sirs arrive, they will have to die!

He chased away the bad premonition in his heart and mocked himself for being too suspicious.
When did he become like this? This wasn’t like him.

Fortunately, he didn’t expose his thoughts.
If not, that huge guy would laugh at him.

“The Sirs are here.
Let’s make a move,” the giant apparition said.

The vampire nodded.
He flapped the wings behind him and darted to the front.
The giant apparition followed closely behind.

Multiple dark apparitions with powerful auras appeared below the five dimensional rifts.

They came in different shapes and sizes.
There were vampires, sheep-head demons, lycans, and many more.
The Eight Arms Devil General, who Wang Teng knew, was among them too.

“Zurz, this is your chance to atone for your mistakes.
You must perform well!” The sheep-head dark apparition sniggered.

“Hmph!” Zurz snorted.
He replied with contempt, “This is none of your business.”

The sheep-head dark apparition, Sabah, sneered.
Then, he turned serious and said, “The one from Black Incubus Mountain is on the way.
We’ll move out first.
Let’s not make a fool of ourselves in front of Sir.”

The hideous lycan dark apparition, Cyle, smiled, revealing his eerie fangs.
He said, “I can’t wait!”

“Let’s have fun!”

The dark apparitions glanced at one another and laughed madly.
Then, they charged towards the Star Maple City below.

Boom, boom, boom!

They didn’t use any weapons and smashed into the defense shield using the strength of their bodies.
Loud collisions were heard.


The defense shield could no longer withstand the frightening attacks.
It collapsed instantly and shattered into numerous Force shards.
The shards scattered in the air and disappeared without a trace.

The general-stage dark apparitions laughed brutally.


“Kill all the humans!”

With a wave of their hands, swarms of low-level dark apparitions charged into Star Maple City.

The dark apparitions wreaked havoc in the city.
In a blink of an eye, they filled up the entire city and started looking for living creatures frantically.
They destroyed anything that was in their path.

The vampire dark apparition and the giant apparition hurried over and met up with the Eight Arms Devil General and the other dark apparitions in the air.


The two dark apparitions kneeled and bowed respectfully at the general-stage dark apparitions in front of them.

Sabah, the sheep-head dark apparition, glanced around him and frowned.
“I can’t sense any human auras.”

The vampire dark apparition was shocked.
He felt the same bad premonition that he had in the past.

“Sir, the humans were in the city a second ago,” his face turned white as he replied agitatedly.

“So, where are they now?” Sabah questioned.

“Erm…” The vampire dark apparition’s heart shuddered.
He didn’t have an answer.

“What happened? Speak the truth!” Zurz frowned and bellowed angrily.

“The humans seemed to have discovered our plan.
They, they…” Cold sweat dripped down the vampire’s forehead.
He was shivering.

“What about them?” Sabah asked expressionlessly.

“They might have run away!” The vampire dark apparition’s tone carried uncertainty.
He was still hopeful.

“If they wanted to run, they would have escaped a long time ago.
Why will they wait for us to come—”

Before the lycan dark apparition, Cyle, could finish speaking, the other general-stage dark apparitions grasped the situation.

“Oh shit!”


In their haste, the general-stage dark apparitions didn’t have any time to think.
They soared into the sky directly.

“Since you’re here, please stay.”

Cold and menacing voices echoed from all around them.

“Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array, activate!”

After the shout landed, 12 purple rays shot into the sky from different corners of Star Maple City.


The 12 lightning rods slowly rose, accompanied by loud booms.


When the general-stage dark apparitions tried to escape, they were suddenly blocked by an invisible force.

“Rune array!” Sabah’s expression turned ugly.
He stopped in mid-air and scanned his surroundings.

There were 12 elders sitting on the 12 lightning rods.
They stared fearlessly at the general-stage dark apparitions.

“We will make sure you stay here forever!” the master-level runemasters spoke coldly.

“Old fellow, you think you can keep us?” Zurz scoffed in disdain.

“We’ll just break it.
I don’t believe that we can’t destroy this stupid rune array,” Cyle cracked his neck and said viciously.


At this moment, thunder boomed in the sky.

Thick flashes of lightning shot down, splitting the air into different segments.
They aimed right for the general-stage dark apparitions, carrying formidable power with them.

“Lightning element array!” The expressions on the general-stage dark apparitions’ faces changed.
They instinctively chose to evade the bolts of lightning.

The lightning struck the ground.

The low-level dark apparitions on the ground weren’t so lucky.
A huge patch of them was cleared in an instant.
All that was left were several large holes and the mutilated and burnt bodies around them.

“Damn it, it’s a lightning array!” The muscles on Sabah’s face trembled.
He felt a little fearful.

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