Chapter 449: They Are Fighting For The Human Race!

Cannons roared, and shrill and terrifying screams echoed throughout the city.
The mutilated bodies of countless dark apparitions were littered on the flatlands.
Black blood soaked into the ground and turned the soil dark.

It was a ghastly sight!

The dark apparitions continued advancing wave upon wave.
They broke the first layer of defense by sheer numbers and continued closing in on Star Maple City!

They didn’t have a conscience.
Their instinct was to follow orders and be the lowest form of being.
They were always at the frontline.

Also, they were on the edge of life and death, so they were neither alive nor dead.

To a human, their presence was hard to tackle.

Behind the army of dark apparitions, many high-level dark apparitions were viewing the war nonchalantly.

One of the vampire dark apparitions spread the wings behind his back and hover in mid-air.
A frosty smile appeared at the edge of his lips.
“It looks like our spy failed.
The humans are prepared.”

“Humans are indeed useless.
They can’t be trusted.” Another lofty and muscular giant apparition snorted in disdain.

“Hehehe, even if they are prepared, it won’t change their fate.
The entire city will be slaughtered by us.” A crimson glow appeared in the vampire’s eyes.
His laughter was eerie.

The giant apparition laughed too.
He raised his head and looked at the five dimensional rifts in the sky.
His expression was fanatical.
“The dimensional rifts are almost completed.
The Sirs will dawn on this world soon!”

“I heard that the Sir from Black Incubus Mountain is coming as well.” The vampire dark apparition gave a repulsive smile.

“What? That Sir is coming too?” The giant apparition’s expression changed when he heard this frightening news.
He was petrified.

“What are you afraid of? Will Sir attack you?” The vampire dark apparition scoffed.

The giant apparition felt awkward.
He got terrified just from hearing the name of the Sir.
How embarrassing.

He touched his rough and bald head and laughed awkwardly.
He tried to explain himself.
“I was shocked.
I didn’t know that Sir would come personally.”

“We have been blocked at the other end of the dimensional rifts by these humans for many years.
The Sirs above us are getting impatient.
This time, we must destroy their military city and let these stupid humans know that we, the dark apparitions, can’t be stopped,” the vampire dark apparition said proudly.

The giant apparition nodded.
He seemed restless.
“Is it time for us to move?”

“Let’s wait a while longer.
Let the low-level dark apparitions attack a few more rounds.
I want to see how much longer humans can stop us.” The vampire dark apparition shook his head.

At the same time, Wang Teng said to Dan Taixuan, “Based on what we have prepared, Star Maple City might not be able to resist for long.”

Dan Taixuan turned somber.
She nodded and replied, “The dark apparitions have attacked in full fury.
We have underestimated their determination.”

There was worry in her eyes.
This situation was out of her expectation.

Wang Teng remained quiet, staring intently at the battlefield in front.

Yin Tongfang and Lord Yang stood on the roof of the central command building and looked at the endless swarm of dark apparitions closing in on the city.

The defense arrays had been activated.
They formed a sturdy and thick half-circle yellow shield protecting Star Maple City.

The cannons continued firing.
However, there were too many dark apparitions.
They were like a mountain of ants.

Many dark apparitions managed to evade the attacks of the cannons and arrived below the city.

The low-level dark apparitions started attacking the defense shield, causing ripples to appear on the shield.
They were too weak, so they couldn’t break the defense instantly.

Rows of soldiers gathered on the city walls with rune guns in their hands.
They aimed at the vital spots of the dark apparitions and started raining bullets on them.

As time went by, more and more dark apparitions managed to reach the city walls.
The pressure on the defense shield intensified.

Behind the swarm of dark apparitions, the vampire dark apparition smiled hideously.
He licked his lips and smiled.
“Let’s move!”

In a split second, multiple shadows shot out behind him, screams of excitement escaping from their mouths.

Some flew in the air while others ran on the ground.
They shot past the low-level dark apparitions, charged their way to the front at the speed of lightning, and hurled themselves at the defense shield like sharp spears.

Atop the central command building, Yin Tongfang waved his hand down silently with a somber face.

Boom, boom, boom!


A cold bellow was heard.

Many figures dashed out of Star Maple City and started fighting with the high-level dark apparitions.
Force explosions occurred everywhere, the noise deafening.

The human martial warriors had finally acted!

In the forest, Wang Teng asked grimly, “Are we not moving?”

“It’s not time yet,” Dan Taixuan replied indifferently.


The moment she finished speaking, a body fell from the sky.
The person got drowned by the dark apparitions on the ground.
Screams of agony penetrated the air before stopping within a second.

That was a 5-star soldier-level human martial warrior.
He was the first human martial warrior to be sacrificed in this war.

After the first, there was the second.
Death spread quickly…

The high-level dark apparitions were more talented.
Their battle power and physical condition surpassed their human counterparts.

The humans knew this, but they remained fearless and embraced their deaths unflinchingly!

They were fighting for the human race!

Wang Teng stood at the crown of the tree and watched the battle from afar.
Although his expression calmed down gradually, a malicious aura was building up in his eyes.

He clenched his hands tightly.
He wanted to help them right now.
Even if he just killed one dark apparition, it would soothe the torment in his heart.

But he knew that he must not move.

They had been preparing for this day for a long time.
If he moved, all their efforts would be in vain.

Everyone was waiting.
He wasn’t the only one suffering.

Actually, as soldiers, many people knew that they would die, yet they still fought at the frontline.
Were they stupid? Did they get brainwashed?


They just hoped that in the future, their families wouldn’t have to face this terrifying disaster.
For their sake, they were willing to bear the implications, even if it cost them their lives.


A loud explosion suddenly came from the sky.

Everyone looked up.
The five dimensional rifts seemed to have reached their limits and couldn’t expand anymore.
They started spinning slowly.

The dimensional rifts were finished.

Evil and sinister aura flowed out from the rifts, seeping into this world.

Everyone seemed to have gone into a trance.
They saw five massive pillars retracting, their positions coinciding with the five dimensional rifts.

“That’s a hand!”

Someone cried out in disbelief.
His throat went dry.

The dimensional rifts were formed by a hand?!

Who would have thought of that!

Many people were terrified by the hand.
They shuddered in fear.

Wang Teng’s gaze flickered.
He still remembered the crimson eye peeking through the dimensional rift, spying on the Xingwu Continent from the other end during the invasion of dark apparitions in Yang City.

At that time, a hand big enough to hold the sky had crossed the dimensional rift and saved the Eight Arms Devil General.

Devil god! Wang Teng muttered to himself.

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