Chapter 448: Kill All Of Them!

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No one had anything to say about Wang Teng giving the first piece of meat to Dan Taixuan.
After all, she was his master.

Kong Li was exasperated.
She glared at Wang Teng as if she wanted to skin him alive.

The greatest distance in the world wasn’t between the sky and the earth.
It was when you had good food in front of you, but you couldn’t eat it!

This was extremely cruel for a foodie!

Kong Li had experienced Wang Teng’s narrow-mindedness.
She felt a sense of helplessness floating up in her heart.

Wang Teng knew that she was a food lover.
He wanted to laugh when he saw her hopeless expression.
He shook his head and said helplessly, “Don’t worry.
I’m making more meat.
You will have your share.”

“You said it.
You must fill up my stomach!” Kong Li felt refreshed when she saw the meat turning golden in front of her.
She rubbed her stomach.


“Can you have some ambition?” Wang Teng mocked her.

Kong Li ignored him.
She stared at the barbecued meat intently.

Drips of golden fats fall into the flames and evaporate from the heat.
Soon, another batch of fragrant meat was served fresh out of the flames.
The skin was crispy, and the meat was tender.


Kong Li was swift.
She grabbed a piece of meat and stuffed it in her mouth directly without worrying about the heat.

“Oh my god! Wang Teng, your cooking skills are amazing!” she exclaimed in awe.
The huge piece of meat entered her stomach without much chewing.

“Now you know,” Wang Teng said proudly.

Kong Li gave him a thumbs up.
She had no time to talk as she stuffed her mouth with meat again.

Wang Teng: …

Wang Teng shook his head and distributed the rest of the barbecued meat.

Yuwen Xuan kept his dried rations silently and calmly took over the piece of meat given by Niu Li.
He ate it quietly.

This was so delicious!

There were many people, so Wang Teng barbecued three rounds of meat before everyone had the chance to have a taste of the Force dish prepared by Force Chef Wang.

Wang Teng looked at the satisfied expressions and felt that his efforts were worth it.

Most people here never had the chance to eat a Force dish prepared by a Force chef master.
Today, they finally got the opportunity, and it was free to boot.
They were delighted.

Wang Teng even took out the delicious wine he got from the dwarves and had a few drinks with Kong Li and the others.

“You have many good things.
After the war ends, you must take them out and share them with me.
It can be the repayment for all the free meals I gave you.” Kong Li burped in satisfaction.

Wang Teng smiled without replying to her.

If you can take it from me, I’ll bow to you.

They had their fill and extinguished the fire.
Besides the glow from the moon and the stars, there was only darkness around them.

Everyone was relaxed a moment ago, but they knew that after tonight, their life and death would be decreed by fate.
They might not be able to enjoy the joy of life tomorrow.

Waiting was torture.

Coming events cast their shadows before them.

Dark clouds enveloped the sky as if indicating the imminent arrival of a storm.
The atmosphere was tense and depressing.

Star Maple City.

The entire city was frighteningly quiet.

Time passed slowly as they waited.
Yin Tongfang and Lord Yang stood on the roof of the central command building.
They had been there since morning.
They never left.

At the edge of the forest, Dan Taixuan stood on the crown of a huge tree with her hands behind her back.
She watched Star Maple City from a distance quietly.

She stood for the entire day.

At the same, in many secluded spots around Star Maple City, numerous pairs of eyes were staring at Star Maple City in silence.


An explosion suddenly resounded.

They’re here!

These two words immediately appeared in everyone’s mind, and they tensed up.

A storm was brewing in the sky.

An invisible force was churning and tumbling the thick and dark clouds.
Giant whirlpools were formed in the air.

There were as many as five whirlpools.

They were scattered above Star Maple City like five huge devil eyeballs peeking from another world.

“Five dimensional rifts!”

Yin Tongfang and the people in Star Maple City turned grim as they stared at the five gigantic dimensional rifts in the sky.
They were flabbergasted.

Wang Teng saw this scene too.
He muttered to himself gravely, “This is a large-scale attack.”

Beside him, Dan Taixuan remained expressionless.
She said coldly, “The human race will never have peace if the dark apparitions are still around.”

“We’ll kill all of them then,” Wang Teng replied unexpectedly.

Dan Taixuan was shocked for a moment.
Then, she laughed like a maniac and said, “That’s right, kill all of them.”

For some reason, Wang Teng started laughing too.

They laughed like two mentally ill patients.

Some distance away, Kong Li and the other martial warriors stared at the two of them in a daze.

Were they mad?

After a few seconds of laughing, Wang Teng stopped.
He looked at the pitch-black holes that were widening continuously.
He could almost see the numerous space attributes falling from the sky.

He couldn’t keep his excitement anymore, feeling restless.
Before the dimensional rifts in the sky finished forming, a vibration came from the ground.

In the distance, countless black figures rose from the ground.
They surged towards Star Maple City from all directions like a tsunami.


Howls that sounded like wild beasts resounded in the sky.
The entire city seemed to be surrounded.
There was nowhere to run.

This was a painting of an apocalypse.

When the dark apparitions were a few hundred meters away from the Star Maple City, Yin Tongfang took a deep breath and waved his hand.
He commanded sternly, “Ignite!”




Rounds of explosions sounded abruptly.
A large number of dark apparitions got hit by the explosives and burst into pieces.
Black blood splattered everywhere.

However, these low-level dark apparitions weren’t afraid of death.
They continued scurrying forward like an army of ants.

The explosions continued, clearing a massive portion of the dark apparitions at the forefront.
A fracture appeared in their formation.

“They blocked them.” Kong Li felt a little relieved.

“This is just the first wave.” Yuwen Xuan shook his head.

“I know.
However, it means that our preparations aren’t useless.
We’ll give the dark apparitions a good lesson this time,” Kong Li replied.

A good start would boost the morale of the soldiers significantly.

“I suddenly realized that bombing is an art.” Wang Teng touched his chin and receded into deep thought.


Kong Li and the others almost fainted.
Was this the time to talk about art?

Wait… what kind of art was bombing!

What strange thoughts did this fellow have all the time?

“The second wave is coming!” Niu Li suddenly said.

Everyone looked at the city.
Indeed, numerous dark apparitions were charging towards the city from the back.
From afar, all one could see was a huge patch of black.

Boom, boom, boom!

Explosions sounded immediately on the walls of Star Maple City.
Rune weapons were being used to destroy the dark apparitions on a large scale.

Normally, these weapons were kept away in the military city.
Today, they finally had the chance to bare their fangs.

Some of these weapons were secretly transported over from other military cities over the past few days.
As a result, there were enough weapons.
After one round of attacks, the next batch would take over seamlessly..
No chances were given to the dark apparitions.

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