Chapter 445: A Huge Blow To Their Hearts!

“I can try!”

These three words gave no certainty, but when they saw Wang Teng’s calm face, they chose to believe him.

Even the master-stage runemasters had great expectations for this young man.
He had already used his actions to prove his ability.

He had proposed the lightning-fire double array and led the formation of the Yi Wood Melting Fire Array.
These two events were enough to prove his skills.

“In that case, we’ll allow Wang Teng to join the masters in completing the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array!” Lord Yang concluded.
Then, he said to Wang Teng, “Wang Teng, thanks for your hard work.”

“You’re being too polite.” Wang Teng nodded.
“I’ll do my best.”

The young runemasters were stunned for a few seconds before revealing envy.

This fellow got invited into the runemasters’ team and had the opportunity to work with them.

They were from the same generation, but Wang Teng was already ahead of them.
It was frustrating.

“Master, what about us?” Ni Wenguang couldn’t control himself and asked.

The other young runemasters also stared at their masters hopefully.

They wanted to join in too.
Even if they were only there to observe, it was better than being rejected entirely.

“You?” Master Dong Guo glared at him in contempt.
He snorted and replied, “Don’t you know your limits?”

The corners of their lips twitched, and their faces turned warm.

Although Master Dong Guo’s response was merciless, it was the truth.
They were honestly a little weak.

Ni Wenguang turned green and white in anger and embarrassment.
He turned and wanted to find someone to help him, but he realized that…

Those idiots had already retracted their hopeful gazes and were looking at the ceiling nonchalantly.
It was as if this had nothing to do with them.


Ungrateful fellows!

Ni Wenguang felt awkward, so he remained quiet.
There was bitterness and resentment in his eyes.

After the meeting ended, Wang Teng got dragged by the runemasters to discuss the arrangement of the next rune carving.

After many rounds of discussions, they only had less than two days before the battle.

The dark apparitions wouldn’t attack them right on time.
They must finish their preparations before that and give ample time for emergency responses.
If they didn’t, unpredictable changes might occur.

Ni Wenguang and the other young runemasters watched Wang Teng getting pulled away right in front of them.
On the other hand, no one cared about them.
They stood on the spot and felt gloomy and forlorn.

The runemasters only rested for two to three hours.
They prepared to continue working at night.

Wang Teng had no choice but to accompany the bunch of old people to work in the dark.
It was miserable.

They arrived at the southwest side of Star Maple City and divided the work.
Then, they immediately started carving in the runes in this part of the city.

The runemasters executed all their methods, resplendent glows shimmering in the night sky.
Multiple runes appeared under their hands and got imprinted on the ground.

Close to twenty runemasters worked at the same time.
It was a rare scene.

Wang Teng didn’t waste time.
He took a deep breath and turned grim.
Then, he placed the rune pen on the ground and started twirling it around…

The runemasters had their own tasks, but they still diverted a bit of attention to observe Wang Teng.

When they saw Wang Teng’s skilled moves and his stable posture, they knew that they were overthinking.

There was no doubt of his impressiveness, and his ability was even more worth acknowledging.

Gorlin smiled, feeling delighted and satisfied.
With a disciple like Wang Teng, he managed to earn much respect and honor from the other runemasters.

The next morning, everyone stopped what they were doing and sighed in relief.

The runemasters looked at the progress of their own work before looking at their companions.
They exchanged zones and proceeded with the last step: correction.

Their method was exactly the same as how Wang Teng had guided the young runemasters.

Even these master-stage runemasters couldn’t guarantee that they wouldn’t make mistakes.
Before the array was completed, there was still time for them to rectify the errors.
If they waited until the array was finished, it would be too late.

The array was a whole, and a single change would affect the entire thing.
Any small mistakes could have unbearable consequences.

The collapse of the array would cause a backlash to the runemasters who would host the array.

Hence, they were extremely careful.

After they rectified one another’s mistakes, everyone came to the area where Wang Teng was at.

A group of people gathered around him.

Wang Teng: …

He was given key attention!

He didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.
These masters didn’t trust him at all.

But he didn’t mind.
He would admit defeat if they were able to find any mistakes.

The runemasters gathered here to inspect Wang Teng’s carving with the intention of making up for his deficiencies.
Yet, in the end, they realized something incredible.
Their expressions turned grave.

“This is…”

Master Carl’s eyes lit up.
He praised, “The carving skills are exquisite! There are no mistakes at all.”

“This is amazing.
He has probably exceeded my level of mastery!” Master Cha Shu exclaimed in surprise.
He was flabbergasted.

They complimented Wang Teng while carefully observing all the runes.
In the end, they realized that there were no errors!

This patch of runes was frighteningly perfect.

A bunch of hundred-year-old runemasters exchanged glances with one another in disbelief.
They had lost their ability to speak for a moment.

One word popped out in their minds.


“Wang Teng, what is your runemaster level now?” Gorlin took a deep breath and asked.

“I don’t know.
Master, I haven’t done any tests.” Wang Teng pretended to be oblivious.

“Really?” Gorlin nodded.

At this moment, Master Carl asked, “I saw that the runes you carved are perfect.
Have you carved them before?”

The Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array is terrifying.
I won’t have the chance to touch it normally.” Wang Teng shook his head.

Master Carl also knew that he had asked a stupid question, so he froze for a moment and shook his head.
“This is, seriously…”

He couldn’t find any words to describe Wang Teng’s result.

“You did well, even better than us,” Gorlin said with a bitter smile.
He was much more straightforward than others.

“Really? Master, don’t scare me.
I’m just trying my best to carve these runes properly.” Wang Teng was delighted, but on the surface, he replied to his master in profound respect and humility.

“Trying your best?” Everyone smiled and shook their heads.

He surpassed them just by trying his best.
The master-stage runemasters felt a huge blow to their hearts.

He was being humble, but it sounded so infuriating when Wang Teng said it.

“Your rune skills have improved greatly.
I suspect that you have advanced to the master stage,” Gorlin said sternly.

“Master level? Master, are you sure?” Wang Teng asked in bewilderment.

He looked at everyone’s sincere expressions and immediately felt that his acting skills had improved.
This was great!

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