Chapter 444: I Can Try!

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The young runemasters didn’t hear Wang Teng’s thoughts, but they unconsciously shuddered.
They felt an evil aura engulfing them.

They gathered together and started discussing in low voices, occasionally glancing at Wang Teng.
It was obvious that they were talking about him.

These talented young runemasters rarely had any interactions, but they were now bonded by a common hatred for a common enemy.

“Ni Wenguang, I think you shouldn’t argue with him.
Wang Teng is a devil!”

“That’s right.
His rune mastery is at a frightening level.
I can’t imagine how he did it.”

“I heard my master saying that Master Gorlin’s rune mastery is higher than him.
I didn’t expect his disciple to be so powerful too.”

“Like master, like disciple.
Ni Wenguang, don’t fight with him.
You can’t win!”

Ni Wenguang didn’t feel good.
He still didn’t like Wang Teng, but he knew his limits.
He honestly didn’t plan to fight with Wang Teng anymore.
He knew that he would just be bringing humiliation to himself if he did.

Unfortunately, that bastard didn’t want to let him go.
He always reprimanded him.
That was still alright.
The infuriating thing was, his tone was worse compared to when he was speaking to the others.

The other runemasters realized this too.
They felt lucky that they didn’t offend Wang Teng in the past.

This person was truly narrow-minded!

At this moment, Master Gorlin and the other masters dragged their exhausted bodies and walked over from afar.

Master Carl immediately asked, “How’s the formation of the Yi Wood Melting Fire Array?”

Everyone replied honestly.

“It’s slightly more than a third completed? Are you kidding me?” The master-stage runemasters were all in disbelief.

The young runemasters felt frustrated.
They got tormented by Wang Teng and had put in so much effort to get this result.
In the end, their masters suspected them!

Master Carl’s disciple was a goblin too.
He was short, and his temper was just like his master’s.
He jumped up instantly and pointed at the area they had completed.
“Master, if you don’t believe us, you can inspect it yourself.”

“Oh!” The runemasters were surprised.
These young fellows seemed confident.

Were they telling the truth?

However, this didn’t make sense.
The Yi Wood Melting Fire Array might not be as difficult as the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array, but it was a large-scale array too.

These young lads completed more than a third of it in one day? It seemed impossible no matter how they looked at it.

They walked over in confusion and amazement.
The master-stage runemasters observed the runes in that area.
They got more and more astounded.

Good riddance!

They had really completed more than a third of it!

Even more, there weren’t any mistakes.
The completion rate was extremely high.
When did these brats become so incredible?

“You did… well!” Master Cha Shu complimented them.

“I told you to give the young men some chances.” Gorlin stroked his beard and smiled.

The other runemasters nodded in approval.
They gave their disciples a look of satisfaction.

The bitterness in the hearts of the young runemasters disappeared instantly.
They puffed up their chest and felt exhilarated.
It was as if they were finally able to hold up their heads.

“How did you do this? There isn’t a single mistake at all,” Master Carl asked curiously.

“Erm…” The young runemasters fell silent.
They turned and looked at Wang Teng in unplanned unison.

“Huh?” Their masters were puzzled.
They glanced at Wang Teng and asked, “Why are you all looking at him?”

Master Carl’s disciple gritted his teeth and explained what had happened to them.

“I see.” Cha Shu gave a forced smile.
“I thought you had improved.”

“Hmph, I knew it.
If these young lads were so powerful, I wouldn’t be having a headache because of them.” Master Carl glared at his disciple and scoffed.

“Master, I worked hard too.” Master Carl’s disciple argued angrily.

Just as the master and disciple were about to start quarreling, Master Cha Shu stopped them quickly and said to Gorlin, “Master Gorlin, you have groomed an outstanding disciple.
We’ll have to rely on him to take care of our good-for-nothing disciples for the rest of the array formation.”

“You’re flattering him.
Instead of taking care of them, Wang Teng can have some exchanges and mutual learning with your disciples,” Gorlin replied humbly.

“Yes, please don’t worry.
We’ll have exchanges and mutual learning with one another,” Wang Teng agreed.

The runemasters immediately had a better impression of Wang Teng.
They started throwing all kinds of praises and compliments at him.

At this moment, Wang Teng became other people’s kid again.

The faces of the young runemasters were as black as the bottom of a pot, especially when they saw Wang Teng acting all humble and courteous.
They gritted their teeth angrily.


Exchanges and mutual learning? Had he forgotten how he pressurized and humiliated them?


In the next two days, everyone made the best use of their time to create the two arrays.
Things were going smoothly for the master-stage runemasters.
However, they went for quality, so the progress was a little slow.

On the other hand, the speed on Wang Teng’s side was astonishing.

On the third night, they had completed all the carvings of the runes for the Yi Wood Melting Fire Array.
Everything was smooth, and there were no mistakes.

Wang Teng didn’t move his hands at all during the process.
He just used his mouth.

Of course, the young runemasters weren’t weak, and their mastery wasn’t low.
If Wang Teng was given a bunch of beginner-stage runemasters, he wouldn’t be able to rely solely on his mouth.

The young runemasters finally acknowledged Wang Teng’s ability.

This fellow was irritating, but his skills were undeniable.

They improved greatly after following Wang Teng for the past few days.
One could say that they owed it to him.

Currently, everyone was having a meeting in the meeting room.
Yin Tongfang and the other martial warriors understood the situation and felt happy and worried at the same time.

“Master Gorlin, can we speed up the formation of the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array?” Lord Yang asked.

“We’re afraid that there will be mistakes if we pick up the pace,” before Gorlin could open his mouth, Master Cha Shu replied to him after some hesitation.

We’re in the crucial stage where we are carving the core of the array.
If we hasten the process, I’m afraid… we might waste all our efforts.” Gorlin gave a bitter smile.

“Why don’t… we let Wang Teng join in?” Master Carl suddenly suggested.

Everyone was shocked.
They glanced at Master Carl before turning to look at Wang Teng.

Wang Teng was stunned.
He just completed the Yi Wood Melting Fire Array.
Why were they throwing the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array to him now?

These people sure had high hopes for him.

“We all know who should get the credit for the completion of the Yi Wood Melting Fire Array.
I feel that his mastery level is enough for him to make the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array,” Master Carl said.

Gorlin contemplated for a second before asking, “Wang Teng, are you confident?”

Everyone looked at him in anticipation.

Wang Teng scanned the crowd, lamenting that he was born to be a workaholic.
Then, he slowly nodded..
“I can try.”

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