Chapter 443: An Emotionless Correcting Machine!

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Gorlin departed after he handed over the task to Wang Teng, leaving him with the younger generation of runemasters.

Wang Teng looked at the arrogant and unyielding bunch of people in front of him and felt a headache.

These people were all talented individuals since they were able to become master-stage runemasters’ disciples.

They were obedient in front of their masters, but that didn’t mean they would listen to Wang Teng.
At this moment, everyone stood quietly at the same spot, waiting to see what Wang Teng would do.

Wang Teng remained expressionless.
He said in an indifferent tone, “I don’t care what you’re thinking, but since the masters asked me to take charge, you will have to listen to me.”

Everyone gave a look of disdain when they heard this.
This fellow was daring.
Who did he think he was to ask them to listen to him?

“Those that are unwilling can step out,” Wang Teng said.

Ni Wenguang was unhappy.
He wanted to say something, but another young man beside him pulled him back.
The young man shook his head at him.

Although the others were unconvinced, they didn’t voice out.

“What a pity!” Wang Teng waited for a moment before shaking his head in disappointment.

Everyone was speechless.

Did he think they were stupid? Who couldn’t tell that this was an obvious trap?

Ni Wenguang’s expression changed.
He glared at Wang Teng furiously.

He almost stepped out.

This fellow was waiting for them to kick up a fuss.
What an evil guy!

“Since there’s no objection, you can start moving.
Everyone will be in charge of a certain area.
Start creating the Yi Wood Melting Fire Array now!” Wang Teng glanced at everyone before continuing in an icy tone, “The array is crucial.
If anyone makes a mistake because of carelessness, I will kick you out of the team without any mercy.”

Everyone got nervous.
How domineering!

Wang Teng added, “I’m a narrow-minded person.
If you make things difficult for me, I’ll do the same to you.
I don’t mind if you say I’m abusing my power to get even with you because that is the truth.

“But I wonder what your masters would think if they learned you got kicked out of the team.”

The runemasters’ expressions changed.

Wang Teng had hit their soft spot.
These talented runemasters weren’t afraid of anyone except their masters.

If their masters knew that they were chased out of the team, they would go hard on them.


This was a direct threat!

This fellow was shameless!

He didn’t even blink when he said that he would abuse his power to get even on them.
Why wasn’t he going by the book?

They were indignant and unconvinced, but they couldn’t do anything to Wang Teng.
Well, unless they left voluntarily.

Obviously, no one wanted to give this chance up.

Many of them frowned.
Unknowingly, they seemed to have entered Wang Teng’s trap.

They felt exasperated under Wang Teng’s cold and distant gaze.
In the end, they had no choice but to start working obediently.
They started creating the array under Wang Teng’s lead.

Seriously, this is a piece of cake.

Wang Teng pouted.
These talented runemasters just lacked a beating.
After trampling them for some time, they would become obedient.

He didn’t act personally and used the young runemasters as manual labor.
He pushed them hard.

“Be quick.
Why are you so slow? Did you learn the basics properly?

“How can you call yourselves talent when you’re so slow.
When carving runes, you have to be stable and fast.
Do you understand?

“Who is that? Ni Wenguang, right? Is your rune knowledge taught by a blacksmith?”

Anger appeared on the talented young runemaster’s face.
He bellowed, “Wang Teng, how dare you humiliate my master!”

“Bullshit, when did I do that? I’m humiliating you,” Wang Teng replied calmly.

“You…” Ni Wenguang was so angry he wanted to vomit blood.

This bastard was targeting him on purpose.

The others felt like laughing, but they couldn’t.
If they did, it would encourage Wang Teng’s arrogance.
Their faces looked strange as they tried to suppress their laughter.

But this fellow was a weird guy!

“What about me? Your 16th rune is wrong.
This is such a simple thing.
Why do you need me to remind you?” Wang Teng pointed at his nose and scolded him.

“Nonsense, how can I be wrong?” Ni Wenguang looked at his 16th rune instinctively.
His expression changed, turning ugly.

He did make a mistake!

The others were astounded when they saw this scene.
It looked like Ni Wenguang did make a mistake.
The unfortunate thing was, Wang Teng saw it.

This was embarrassing!

“Change it quickly.
Are you waiting for me to teach you?” Wang Teng glanced at him in contempt from the corner of his eyes.

Ni Wenguang didn’t say anything.
The mistake made him unable to raise his head.
He didn’t have the confidence to speak further, so he looked down hastily and changed the rune.

The atmosphere turned tense.

The other runemasters became more cautious, but they were still too young.
Also, this was their first time arranging a large-scale array, so it was normal to make mistakes.

“Who is that? The 7th rune below you!” Wang Teng’s voice was heard again.

The person who got called froze for a moment.
Then, he pondered and started correcting the rune silently.

“That one with a ponytail beside him.
You look good, but your brain must be muddled.
You made three mistakes.
The 15th, 23rd, and 26th rune.
Change it!”

Wang Teng sat cross-legged at the side.
He opened a bag of chips he had bought on Earth and started eating it out of boredom.
His voice would occasionally ring out.
Everyone had been called, some even more than once.

No one had the heart to laugh at other people anymore.
After all, they were all the same.
They had no right to laugh at others.

At the same time, they were mindblown.
Wang Teng was scary.
He seemed to have memorized all the runes and was able to point out everyone’s mistakes.

They even suspected that if he was asked to make the Yi Wood Melting Fire Array alone, he would be able to finish it without any difficulty.

But how was that possible!

He was at most an advanced-stage runemaster.
How could he create such a large array?

Yet, the truth was laid out in front of them.

Wang Teng was even more outstanding than they expected.
This was a huge stimulation to the talented young runemasters.
They started questioning their lives, and there was no more competitiveness in them.

Wang Teng kept pointing out their mistakes and urging them.
All their efforts were used to tackle their tasks.
They felt that he was even more strict and stern than their masters.

This lad was an emotionless correcting machine!

They complained in their hearts, a tinge of fear appearing in their eyes.

This is so scary!

They weren’t from the same world.

Was Wang Teng an old demon wearing the clothes of a young man?

For the entire day, the young disciples lived in a nightmare.
They felt the fear of being controlled by a correcting machine.

But the result wasn’t bad.
They had completed more than a third of the array.

Towards the end, the young runemasters hastened their pace and became more efficient after they got used to Wang Teng pressurizing them.

As expected of talents.
It looks like I can increase the pressure on them tomorrow..
Wang Teng touched his chin and wondered to himself.

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