Chapter 442: Forging Lightning Rods

Forging lightning rods was the first step to creating the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array.
It was an important step too.

When making the lightning rods, both the blacksmith and the runemaster must be present.
The runemasters would carve the runes on the rod when it was almost completed.

Master Gorlin and the other runemasters came to the underground smithery room for this.

Wang Teng followed them out of the lift and walked towards the knocking sounds and heatwaves.

The other younger generations didn’t come.
Wang Teng had come up with the lightning-fire double array and gained recognition for his rune mastery.
That was why he was allowed to come and observe.

As they came closer, the temperature became higher.
After some time, a breathtaking scene appeared in front of Wang Teng’s eyes.

Lava flowed on the ground, and fire rose into the air.

Many pillars more than ten meters tall and one meter in diameter were suspended in the air by black chains.
They were red from all the burning.

Muscular figures stood on the scorching hot round pillars and knocked the pillars continuously with the giant hammers in their hands.
Sparks flew everywhere.

The figures were perspiring profusely.
They bathed in the flames as they forged, seemingly unafraid of the heat.

“Down!” Suddenly, a deep and strong voice echoed in the room.

A person standing on one of the pillars leaped down.
The round pillar plunged straight into the lava below, along with the clanging of the chains.


Fire spurted straight to the roof.

Impressive! They must be master-level blacksmiths.
Wang Teng was lost in wonder.

As he gasped emotionally, his gaze was attracted by the attribute bubbles around the blacksmiths.

He picked them up.

All the attribute bubbles flew into his arms~



Spiritual Realm Spirit*60


Spiritual Realm Spirit*82

Wang Teng raised his eyebrows.


Then, his blacksmith level seemingly, possibly, probably achieved a breakthrough accidentally.

Blacksmith: 322/3000 (Master)

Master blacksmith!

Wang Teng felt incredibly proud of himself now.

He couldn’t help but glance at the blacksmiths who were furiously wielding their muscular arms on the round pillars.
Fortunately, he didn’t look like that.

He would go crazy otherwise!

Besides smithery, there were many spiritual realm spirit attributes too.

All the master-level characters experienced changes to their spirit.
They were all in the spiritual realm.

However, Wang Teng knew that not everyone who reached the Spiritual Realm spirit would have spiritual power.
That depended on talent.

It went without saying that he was a talented child.
No one could deny that.

Spirit: 720/1000 (Emperor Realm)

Wang Teng looked at his spirit attribute.
It was getting closer and closer to the peak of the Emperor realm.
His eyes shone.
He was highly anticipating what the next realm would be.

The figure who leaped down the round pillar walked over and said, “You’re here!”

“Master Opul,” Gorlin and the runemasters stepped forward and greeted him.

“This lightning rod is completed.
You can carve the runes on it soon.” Master Opul was a dwarf.
His hair and beard were plaited into multiple braids.
He pointed to the round pillar in the lava as he spoke.

Gorlin nodded and asked, “Who’s willing to go?”

“I’ll do it!” Master Carl replied instantly.

Soon, the round pillar was lifted, bringing a huge splash of lava and flames with it.
The body was entirely red, and it was burning hot.
Carl rose into the air indifferently, unaffected by the heat.
He took out a special rune pen and started carving on the pillar.

Purple glow shone around the rune pen.
Every time he moved it, a rune would be carved on the pillar.

Master Carl was extremely careful.
Hence, he slowly moved his pen stroke by stroke…

The other pillars were finished one by one.
They proceeded to the carving stage too.

The runemasters kept themselves busy as they started carving.

While they were working hard, attribute bubbles dropped from their bodies.
Wang Teng picked everything up cheerfully.

Rune Knowledge*36

Spiritual Realm Spirit*12

Spiritual Realm Spirit*8

Rune Knowledge*25

Rune Knowledge*30

Wang Teng’s runemaster level and his Spiritual Realm spirit were slowly increasing.

Gorlin and the others didn’t know that Wang Teng had reached the master level and his skills were better than some of the runemasters present.
Hence, they didn’t ask him to carve the runes personally.

After all, much time was required to forge one lightning rod.
No mistakes were allowed.

In summary, they still thought Wang Teng was too young.

Wang Teng didn’t say anything.
He was happy to be free.
He didn’t need to do anything and could still pick up attributes.
How wonderful was that?

Within a single day, 12 lightning rods were all completed, right on schedule.
No accidents happened.

It was hard for any accidents to happen, though, since the masters were there.

Very soon, it was dinner time.
Wang Teng and the other runemasters walked out of the underground smithery room.

Yin Tongfang and Lord Yang were waiting for them.
They asked anxiously, “How is it?”

“Fortunately, we didn’t disappoint you,” Gorlin replied with a smile.

Yin Tongfang heaved a huge sigh of relief.
“That’s great.
The first step is successfully completed.
This is a good start.”

“You must be tired.
Have your dinner quickly,” Lord Yang reminded everyone.

The next day, all the runemasters started carving the rest of the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array in the Star Maple City.

Gorlin split the city into different areas and assigned one to each runemaster.
Then, he said to Wang Teng, “I’ll let you handle the Yi Wood Melting Fire Array.
Can you do that?”

“Me?” Wang Teng had been in a relaxed state all this while, so when he suddenly heard his master passing the mission of creating the entire Yi Wood Melting Fire Array to him, he was dumbstruck.

The disciples of the runemasters had tagged along this time.
They were also astounded.

He was passing the Yi Wood Melting Fire Array to Wang Teng?

Master Gorlin was so biased towards his disciple!

“Master Gorlin, isn’t that a little… inappropriate?” Master Carl and the other runemasters were hesitant.

“It’s alright.
In the past, Wang Teng helped me complete the Eight Dragon Ablaze Dragon Array.
The Yi Wood Melting Fire Array is around the same difficulty level.
I believe that he can do it,” Gorlin replied.

“He helped you to complete the Eight Dragon Ablaze Dragon Array!” Everyone stared at Wang Teng in shock.

They were all at the master level, but why was Gorlin’s disciple so exceptionally outstanding?

The younger generation of runemasters was stunned.
Wang Teng’s rune mastery had already reached that stage!

“Also, let’s allow the disciples to participate.
There won’t be enough time for Wang Teng to complete the array alone,” Gorlin added.

Master Cha Shu smiled bitterly.
“I’m afraid that they will mess up and waste this ingenious double array plan.”

“We should give the young people some chances,” Gorlin urged.

“Alright, let them try.
We can clean up their mess anyway.” Master Carl gritted his teeth.

The runemasters’ disciples were excited.
It would be a rare experience for them if they were able to complete the Yi Wood Melting Fire Array.

They thought that their masters wouldn’t let them go easily, but they actually agreed in the end.

However, the moment they remembered that they had to listen to Wang Teng’s command, their gazes flickered, a competitive spirit rising in them.

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