Chapter 441: Lightning Fire Double Array

The saddest thing in the world was, before your opponent spoke, you had already made a grand exit.

The young runemaster, Ni Wenguang, lowered his head.
He didn’t dare to look at other people.

They must be mocking him!

The other young runemasters glanced at Ni Wenguang happily.
They felt fortunate that they didn’t speak up.
If not, they would be the ones getting embarrassed.

Actually, besides the younger generation and Ni Wenguang’s master, Master Dong Guo, who planned to punish him after they went back, the other important figures didn’t have the time to care about him.

At this moment, Master Dong Guo wanted to lighten the awkward atmosphere, so he said, “Master Gorlin’s disciple is indeed exceptional.
This is an ingenious solution.”

“You’re flattering him.
However, I didn’t expect him to be able to come up with this idea either.” Gorlin remained humble, but he was beaming with happiness.

“Yi Wood Melting Fire Array.
Master Gorlin, your disciple’s rune knowledge must be profound.
It’s not easy to find a complementary array for the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array among the millions of arrays present,” Master Carl shook his head and commented.

“When lightning strikes trees, trees will light up in flames.
Your disciple extrapolated this in the arrays.
He’s not bound by the appearance of the arrays.
This is a rare and valuable trait,” Cha Shu praised.

“That’s right.
My disciple only looked at the appearance of the arrays and thought that they couldn’t merge.
Actually, the Yi Wood Melting Fire Array uses the wood Force in its surroundings to stir up the fire Force that powers up the array.
Hence, it is linked to the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array.
We won’t need to worry about them conflicting with each other if we add some assisting runes in,” Master Dong Guo said.

“Pfft!” Ni Wenguang felt a stab in his heart once again.
He almost vomited blood.

He finally understood what the problem was.
He had truly embarrassed himself.
He gave a regretful look.

At the same time, he was amazed.
How did Wang Teng come up with this ingenious plan? How high was his talent?

Mind you, even the masters didn’t think of it!

No one bothered about him.

Cha Shu continued, “After linking these two arrays, the operation of the Yi Wood Melting Fire Array won’t be affected even if the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array failed.
But if both of them work, it will be magnificent.”

He got more excited as he spoke, his facial features dancing happily.
“Both arrays will activate at the same time.
The combined forces of lightning and fire won’t just double the effect.
At that time, we don’t have to worry about annihilating the dark apparitions anymore.”

He wasn’t the only one feeling amazed.
Even Carl and the other runemasters found this plan remarkable.
The other runemasters who never spoke became extremely interested and attracted by the ingenuity of this solution.
They praised it continuously and joined the discussion.

The martial warriors exchanged glances with one another and then looked at Wang Teng beside Gorlin.
This young man seemed to have given a constructive suggestion.

Li Rongxue’s shining eyes landed on him.
No one knew what she was thinking.

On the other hand, Dan Taixuan wasn’t that happy, her face downcast.

At first, she had dragged Wang Teng here to boost her pride.
He did boost someone’s pride, but it was Master Gorlin’s.

How infuriating!

As the main lead, Wang Teng felt helpless.
When these runemasters started discussing, they threw him to the side.

As expected, these were a bunch of old kids who only loved runes.

Fortunately, Wang Teng didn’t mind.
He didn’t come up with the plan to gain a reputation.
He just wanted to kill more dark apparitions.

Of course, he didn’t mind gaining more reputation if he could.

Yin Tongfang coughed helplessly when he saw the runemasters getting carried away with their discussion.
He asked, “Is this idea possible?”

The runemasters immediately stopped talking and nodded.


“That’s right, it’s 100% possible!”

“No problem.
I think we can start working right away.”

Yin Tongfang and Lord Yang were elated.
They immediately made the decision.
“Alright, we will hand this matter over to you.”

“We won’t hesitate to,” the runemasters replied simultaneously.

“Also, I suggest having Master Gorlin as the chief commander of the construction of the rune array,” Master Cha Shu proposed.

“I can’t do that.
I think we can form the array together.
There’s no need for a chief commander.” Gorlin waved his hands hurriedly.

It was always hard to be the first in the world of runes.
Gorlin didn’t want to step into the muddy waters.

“No, without a chief commander, we’ll probably start quarreling again.
It will be a waste of time.” Master Carl shook his head.
He understood his personality.

Gorlin gave a forced smile.

It’s good that you know what you’re like!

Even if he was the chief commander, they would still argue.
This was a troublesome matter.
Gorlin didn’t want to be the mediator.

He still wanted to reject the offer, but the other runemasters started speaking up.

“Master Gorlin, please don’t reject it.
There are too many of us.
We need someone in command.
I have no objections to you being the leader.”

“That’s right.
I have no objections either.”

“We’ll have to trouble Master Gorlin then,” Lord Yang smiled and said.

Gorlin sighed.
Since Lord Yang had asked him personally, he couldn’t reject it anymore.
He nodded with resolution and said, “Alright, I’ll accept it.”

Then, he teased himself, “I’m afraid that I might cut short my lifespan after forming these two arrays!”

“Hahaha!” Everyone burst out laughing.

“I’ll ask His Majesty to record your meritorious deeds after this battle ends.
I’ll also ask His Majesty for some longevity spiritual herbs for Master Gorlin to make dans.” Lord Yang laughed along.

“I don’t deserve such divine herbs.” Gorlin shook his head.

Everyone laughed and chatted for some time, the atmosphere easing up a little.
After that, the intense preparation work for the rune array started.

More work was needed to form two arrays, but time was extremely tight.

All the runemasters left the central command building and started surveying the site to choose the spot for the lightning rods.

On the surface, Star Maple City seemed normal.
But it had already entered an emergency alert state.
No suspicious person could enter the city anymore.

The runemasters didn’t cause any commotion either.
Everything was done secretly to prevent any unwanted attention.

The runemasters finally settled on the spots for the 12 lightning rods.
Then, the blacksmiths started forging the rods fervently.

The runemasters weren’t the only ones who came.
The blacksmiths and the alchemists came too.
They were all preparing for the war secretly.

Wang Teng followed Gorlin to a huge underground smithery room in Star Maple City.

The moment they came out of the lift, heatwaves splashed against their bodies.
Loud clangs shook their eardrums without stopping.

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