Chapter 440: This Stupid Disciple Only Knew How to Embarrass Him In Front Of Everyone

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“Less than 60% is a little low!” Lord Yang frowned.
He was hesitant too.

One could see their determination to exterminate the dark apparitions.
After all, they had decided to sacrifice an entire city.
Hence, the array was extremely important.
There must be no mistakes.

Looking at the time, they only had one chance to lay the array.
They couldn’t change to another array easily if the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array failed.

If that was possible, they wouldn’t be in a dilemma now.

Master Carl and the other runemasters were startled when they heard Gorlin’s words.
Then, they gave a bitter smile and said, “Actually, this isn’t a low probability for the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array.”

They looked at Gorlin and sighed.
“As expected of Master Gorlin.
You are able to have a high success rate even with such a difficult array.”

“You’re flattering me.
I came up with this percentage after taking into consideration your help.
If I do it alone, I’ll only be 40% confident.” Gorlin shook his head.

“Oh?” Yin Tongfang and Lord Yang were surprised when they heard the other runemasters’ high praises.

The runemasters and the martial warriors were looking at the issue from two different perspectives, so their conclusion was also different.

The runemasters focused on mastery.

The martial warriors were the commanders, so they only cared about the success rate.

“Since the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array is so powerful, why don’t we take a leap of faith and give it a try?” Dan Taixuan suggested.

“Erm…” Yin Tongfang was still hesitant.

“We can have two strings to our bow.”

While everyone was hesitating, they heard a voice speaking slowly.

They turned to look at Gorlin… and then at Wang Teng beside him.
This was the young man who spoke just now.

Many general-stage martial warriors frowned.
Honestly, they didn’t have any impression of him even though Lord Yang and the others thought highly of him and praised him just now.
Thus, when they heard him speaking at a moment like this, they felt that he was insensible.

After all, at such an important event, any opinions could affect the final result.
You needed to be extremely careful with your words.

The disciples of the runemasters were flabbergasted.
They turned to Wang Teng and complained in their hearts.

This young lad is bold!

Where did he get the guts to speak?

Can’t he see how serious the general-stage martial warriors are and how tense the atmosphere is?

However, they had to acknowledge his courage.
Under such a huge and frightening pressure, he was still able to open his mouth and speak calmly.

Unlike them.
They didn’t even dare to make a peep.

No, they were just being sensible.

Of course, many people were anticipating Wang Teng’s response.

For instance, Dan Taixuan, Gorlin, and Lord Yang…

Lord Yang looked at him with interest and smiled.
“Say it.”

“We can have two arrays.” Wang Teng scanned the crowd and continued indifferently, “The Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array will be the main array.
Inside it, we can draw the Yi Wood Melting Fire Array to complement it.”

At the start, the runemasters didn’t take Wang Teng seriously.
But toward the end, they felt mind blown.
They went into deep thought.

The martial warriors didn’t know much about rune arrays, so they looked at the runemasters and waited for their reply.

Noticing how lenient Lord Yang was towards young people, a young runemaster said, “That isn’t right.
Based on my humble opinion, the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array is a thunder element array, while the Yi Wood Melting Fire Array is a fire-element array.
These two arrays restrict each other instead of reinforcing each other.
How can you use it as assistance? Also, creating an array in another array will increase the difficulty level.
Isn’t this putting the cart before the horse?”

Wang Teng glanced in the direction where the voice came from.

He saw a delicate young man with an extraordinary aura looking at him.
He was dressed in runemaster attire and was lean and skinny.

When their eyes met, a hint of delight flashed past the young man’s eyes.

Wang Teng retracted his gaze and sniggered in his heart.

He understood the young man’s motive.
He wanted to step on him and create an impression in the hearts of the powerful runemasters and formidable martial warriors.

Young people were naturally competitive.

However, if he was able to control his hands that were trembling because of his nervousness, the effects might have been better.

Also, his knowledge of runes was lacking, so his rebuttal didn’t hold water…

Normally, Wang Teng wouldn’t allow others to trample on him.
However, this fellow was too weak.
He couldn’t even bother about him.

Yin Tongfang and the other martial warriors were stunned once again.
They glanced meaningfully at the two young men, but no one was in a hurry to open their mouths.
They waited quietly for the runemasters to speak.

Li Rongxue, who was sitting beside Lord Yang, gave Wang Teng a cheeky smile.

Wang Teng shook his head.
This young miss was enjoying the show without any concern over the consequences.

The young man was filled with jealousy when he saw this.
He opened his mouth and wanted to say something.

“Shut up!” A cold voice stopped him suddenly.

“Master!” The young man was dumbstruck.
He looked at the elder in front of him absentmindedly.

The elder turned and glared at him with a black face.

The young runemaster was at a loss.

“Don’t speak if you don’t know anything.” The elder reprimanded him in a low voice.
Then, he cupped his hands and apologized to everyone, “I’m sorry, I didn’t teach my disciple properly.”

“It’s alright, it’s alright!”

“It’s normal for a young man to make mistakes.”

“That’s right, we used to be like this when we were young…”

The runemasters were secretly laughing at his plight, but on the front, they waved their hands and pretended to be magnanimous.

The young man knew that he had just displayed his incompetence when he saw the reaction of his master and the other runemasters.
He had just embarrassed himself.
He turned red and wanted to dig a hole to bury himself.
He couldn’t bear to stand here anymore.

However, he had already made a mistake.
If he stepped out of the line again, the humiliation would be worse.

He couldn’t help but blame his master for not giving him face.
Why did he have to reprimand him in front of so many people?

He didn’t know that his master had already recorded his mistake in his heart.

This stupid disciple only knew how to embarrass him in front of everyone.

However, the young runemaster was still confused.
He went through his rebuttal again and again in his mind but couldn’t find his mistake.

The Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array was a lightning element array, while the Yi Wood Melting Fire Array was a fire element array.
They were not related, so they couldn’t merge.
If they forcefully combined these two arrays, the difficulty would only be greater.

But why were the runemasters and his master giving that expression?

Was there something magnificent about Wang Teng’s plan that he didn’t notice?

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