Chapter 439: Using One City To Bury The Dark Apparitions!

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Li Rongxue stood among the crowd and looked at Wang Teng, who was chatting casually and confidently with the general-stage formidable warriors.
A different emotion appeared in her eyes.

This fellow was truly surprising!

They hadn’t met for a short while, but he was still the same.
He didn’t change at all.

Wang Teng was chatting with Lord Yang when he noticed a gaze from the corner of his eyes.
His heart shuddered.

Why is she looking at me with such a loving expression?

He didn’t do anything to Li Rongxue, right?

Why was this lady being so troublesome suddenly…

All kinds of thoughts appeared in Wang Teng’s mind.
However, he didn’t reveal any of it on his face.
He evaded Li Rongxue’s gaze.

The runemaster arguing finally sensed Gorlin’s arrival.
They hurried over and shouted, “Master Gorlin, you came at the right time.
We picked a few arrays but haven’t chosen which one to use.
What do you think we should choose?”

“Those old fellows.” Gorlin shook his head and said to Wang Teng, “Come, let’s go and take a look.”

Wang Teng nodded and followed Gorlin over.

“Why are you still arguing at this time? Don’t you know how serious the situation is?” Gorlin frowned the moment he went up.

“It’s their fault.
They refused to use the Waterfall Heaven Array I chose!” a fat old man complained.

“Bullshit, the Waterfall Heaven Array has a larger coverage area, but it isn’t powerful enough.
How can it give the dark apparitions a lethal blow?” Another balding, short elder with little hair glared at the old man.

Wang Teng glanced at the short elder.
His ears were pointed, and his face was covered with wrinkles.
He had a long nose, along with a slightly sharp chin.
He should be an elder from the goblin race.

He seemed old, but his temper was huge!

“Carl, stop complaining about Old Cha’s array.
Your Golden Ray Heaven Lock Array is good at pinning people, but it’s not that powerful either.
My Crimson Stormfire Array is better than yours,” another runemaster joined the conversation.

Seeing that they were about to start arguing again, Gorlin said hurriedly, “Alright, alright! Everyone, there’s not much time.
Let’s sit down and discuss properly.
Let’s not waste time over these pointless arguments.”

The runemasters understood the situation, but this was precisely the reason why they were anxious.
The more urgent the matter was, the more agitated they became, giving rise to more differing opinions.

Gorlin was the oldest among them and had the highest accomplishments in rune mastery.
He was at the entrance of the grandmaster level already.

Hence, the instant he opened his mouth, everyone took the opportunity to take a step back and stop this endless argument.

Yin Tongfang and the other martial warriors heaved a sigh of relief when they saw this.

“Everyone, please take a seat.” Yin Tongfang guided them immediately.

They all sat down around the large-scale model of the Star Maple City.
The atmosphere turned tense and serious.

The young men came over and stood beside their masters.

Li Rongxue sat beside Lord Yang.
As a princess, she enjoyed special treatment.

Wang Teng glanced around him and understood his position.
He knew that there was no seat for him, so he planned to stand behind Gorlin and observe the situation.

Suddenly, Yin Tongfang said, “Wang Teng, you can sit beside Master Gorlin.”

The young men looked at him with a questioning gaze.
There were envy and jealousy on their faces too.


Why was he able to sit down when they couldn’t? They were from the same generation, right?

Of course, they only dared to complain in their hearts.
In front of all the big shots, they were too scared to open their mouths.

Wang Teng ignored the gazes.
Since Yin Tongfang said that he could sit, he sat down directly beside Gorlin.

He became the second youth who was able to sit with powerful figures.

Yin Tongfang placed the complete layout of the Star Maple in front of everyone and said, “We plan to abandon Star Maple City this time.”

Abandon Star Maple City! Wang Teng raised his eyebrows.
He was stunned.

“Hence, you can do whatever you want.
Try your best to arrange the most powerful rune array!” Yin Tongfang said coldly with a stern face, “We will use a city to bury the dark apparitions who dared to provoke us!”

Many people didn’t know about this plan.
Thus, when they heard it, they gasped in astonishment.

How determined was the Xingwu Continent this time to have decided to abandon an entire city!

The runemasters turned serious, feeling a heavy burden landing on their shoulders.
They looked at each other with bitter smiles.

Yin Tongfang passed the stage to the runemasters after he finished his speech.
He didn’t speak again.

The runemasters opened their mouths, but no words came out.
In the end, they looked at Gorlin.

The fat elder, Cha Shu, said, “Master Gorlin.
you should lead the discussion.”


“That’s right, that’s right.”

“You should do it…”

The others agreed readily.

Gorlin shook his head with a forced smile.
“You’re giving me a tall hat!

“Alright, time is tight, so I won’t decline the offer.”

He was extremely decisive.
He didn’t waste time on the issue and went directly into the topic.

His gaze landed on the layout of Star Maple City as he said, “Since General Yin is allowing us to do whatever we want, let’s go all out.”

“You mean…?” the goblin runemaster, Carl, asked.

“Have you heard of…” Gorlin scanned the crowd before continuing slowly, “Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array?”

Everyone turned silent.

Cha Shu hesitated before replying, “Is it the array that is said to be able to destroy everything? The array that is known as the God of Lightning?”

“That’s right.” Gorlin nodded.

Master is really going all out.
Wang Teng glanced at Gorlin in bewilderment.
He didn’t expect his courtly master to have this side too.

He knew the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array.

It used the strength of the runes and the help of lightning rods to conduct all the lightning in the sky.
It was formidable enough to obliterate anything in its path.

Wang Teng recalled how Ren Qingcang used the Leiting Physique and made use of the power of nature to throw lightning bolts at him.
He had personally experienced how strong the impact was.

However, honestly, it paled in comparison with the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array.

But this array had its cons too…

The runemasters glanced at one another and smiled helplessly.
“Master Gorlin, the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array is indomitable, but it’s extremely complicated.
The success rate isn’t high, yet we only have one chance.”

This was the disadvantage Wang Teng was thinking about.

How confident was his master?

“From what you’ve mentioned, the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array is powerful, but the success rate is low,” Yin Tongfang asked at this moment.

In terms of power, the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array is the number one array we can arrange based on our current ability,” Cha Shu said.

Yin Tongfang’s eyes lit up.
“Master Gorlin, how confident are you?”

“With everyone’s help, I’m only less than 60% confident,” Gorlin said.

“This…” Yin Tongfang was in a dilemma.

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