Chapter 437: Dan Taixuan Feels Different Today!

“Hahaha…” Kong Li burst out laughing.

Niu Li and Yuwen Xuan were on the brink of tears.
They felt that they got abandoned by the entire world.

In the end, they were the outsiders!

How saddening!

Wang Teng shook his head and smiled when he saw their expressions.
“Come on, are you planning to snatch from a lady?”

“Sigh, talk is cheap.
You can make irresponsible remarks because your subordinates have already chosen their mount,” Niu Li replied.

“What can I do? I was the one who tamed the Gale Wolves.” Wang Teng smirked.

“Alright, you can stay here and choose your mounts slowly.
Afterward, get familiar with the wolves.
Don’t leave before your mission comes.
Keep hidden, and don’t expose yourselves.
Wang Teng, follow me!” Dan Taixuan said.

She rose into the air after she finished speaking.

“Where are we going?” Wang Teng asked curiously as he chased after his master promptly.

Niu Li and the others glanced at one another when they saw the two of them flying away.
Their gazes were ambiguous.

“Looking at the direction, Chief Commander is bringing Wang Teng to Star Maple City,” Niu Li said.

“She’s giving favored treatment to Wang Teng.
I’m so envious.
I wish I could be Chief Commander’s disciple,” Kong Li complained.

“You’re thinking too much.” Yuwen Xuan sneered.

“Why can’t I think about it?” Kong Li glared at him.
“Chief Commander is our Huanghai’s principal.
I’m half her disciple too!”

“Tsk, I’m not going to waste my time with you.
Hurry up and choose your Gale Wolves.
We’re still waiting for you!” Yuwen Xuan scorned.

Wang Teng followed Dan Taixuan and asked, “Are we going to Star Maple City?”

“Just follow me.
Why are you asking so much?” Dan Taixuan glanced at him.
Suddenly, she smiled.
“Your mask is not bad.”

“Don’t let me find out who played this bad joke on me.
If not…” Wang Teng got angry the moment he remembered the mask.

“If not?” Dan Taixuan smiled at him ambiguously.

“Master, are you the one who found this mask?” Wang Teng asked curiously, his heart skipping a beat.

“Of course!” Dan Taixuan nodded and admitted it directly.
“I specially designed this for my beloved disciple, but you’re so ungrateful.
This is depressing.”

Wang Teng stared at Dan Taixuan in shock.

In the past, he would never have imagined that Dan Taixuan had designed this mask.

How bored are you!

You’re a Chief Commander, but you went to design a mask? Seriously?!

Also, what do you mean by beloved disciple?

Wasn’t he always the good-for-nothing? When did he advance to become her beloved disciple? Did he hold such an important position in her heart?

He felt so overwhelmed by the flattery and honor that a chill went up to his spine.

Wang Teng took a few steps back and asked carefully, “Can you speak properly?”

“Go away!”

“Anyway, master, how did you know I would get this mask?” Wang Teng asked.

“Because you’re my beloved disciple! I believed that you would choose the strongest team,” Dan Taixuan said blatantly.

“Can you not call me your beloved disciple? I feel scared.” Wang Teng was in a dilemma.

“Have I been too gentle recently?” Dan Taixuan squinted, a dangerous gaze shooting out of her eyes.

“Cough, erm, actually, I’m thankful for your trust,” Wang Teng said weakly.

“That’s more like it.
All you need to do is to accept the gift your master gave you, my beloved disciple.” Dan Taixuan nodded in satisfaction.

Wang Teng laughed awkwardly.
He could feel his blood running cold.

There was something wrong with Dan Taixuan today!

She kept calling him her beloved disciple.
Was she preparing to kill him and change to a new disciple because she didn’t like him anymore?

Maybe she was being sarcastic.

That’s right, that must be it!

Master is an evil person.

Wang Teng let his thoughts run wild.
He felt uneasy.
This was so scary.

After some time, a city appeared in front of them.

Dan Taixuan hid her presence, so no one detected her.
She landed in the city with Wang Teng.

The environment in the city was different from what Wang Teng expected.
It was exceptionally calm.
It seemed no different from a typical day.

“Do you find it weird?” Dan Taixuan smiled and asked.

“A little.” Wang Teng nodded.

“It’s nothing.
Until the last moment, everything inside the city will run as usual,” Dan Taixuan explained.

Wang Teng guessed the reason.
They had been cautious all this while.
Even when they entered the city, Dan Taixuan hid her aura.
She was afraid of alerting the dark apparitions.

It might seem impossible that dark apparitions could appear here, but they would have other ways of collecting information within the city.

“Let’s go.
I’ll bring you to meet a few people,” Dan Taixuan said.

“Who?” Wang Teng asked.

“You’ll know once you see them.
My lovely disciple, please don’t embarrass your master.” Dan Taixuan smiled.
“If not, you’re dead!”

Wang Teng: …

It’s here, it’s here.

As expected, she had a motive!

“Don’t worry, I’ll perform well and not embarrass you.” Wang Teng nodded firmly.

“That’s good.” Dan Taixuan smiled and rubbed the back of his head.

Wang Teng shuddered, his head turning numb.

This is frightening!

The layout of Star Maple City adopted the classic military style.
However, it was different from Black Sparrow City and Crimson Tiger City.
The architecture of the buildings had the influence of the Xingwu Continent.

However, it seemed to have referred to Earth’s military cities for their layout.
You could faintly see the shadow of the other military cities here.

The Xingwu Continent had also been influenced by Earth over the years.

The two of them passed through many streets and finally arrived at a three-level octagon tower in the middle of the city.

“This is the central command center of Star Maple City,” Dan Taixuan introduced nonchalantly.

Wang Teng raised his head.
This building was interesting.

They stepped into the building.
The guards at the side recognized Dan Taixuan and placed their fists on their chest as they bowed to her slightly.
This was the military salute of the Xingwu Continent.

Dan Taixuan nodded.
She brought Wang Teng all the way to the third level.

The moment they entered the lobby, they saw a huge model of Star Maple City placed in the middle of the room.
The panorama layout of the city floated above the model.

Many people were standing around the model, debating in loud voices.

There were also a few people wearing black-red military uniforms standing at the side helplessly.

When they saw Dan Taixuan walking in, a refined-looking middle-aged man said, “Taixuan, you’re back!” His eyes lit up when he saw her.

“How’s the situation?” Dan Taixuan glanced at the people who were arguing.

“There’s no conclusion yet.” The refined-looking man shook his head.
Then, he noticed Wang Teng and asked in surprise, “This is?”

“My disciple!” Dan Taixuan replied.

Wang Teng wasn’t interested in their conversation.
Instead, all his attention was on the people who were quarreling.

No, his attention was on the huge attribute bubbles beside them.

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