Chapter 436: Green With Envy!

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Niu Li and the others were confused when they saw Dan Taixuan staring into the depths of the pitch-black forest suddenly.
They turned to take a look too.

But they didn’t see anything.

The three of them exchanged glances with one another.
Niu Li asked cautiously, “Chief Commander, did something happen?”

They would have been on alert when they noticed anything amiss.
However, since Dan Taixuan was here, they chose to ask her first.

Of course, they would have to sense the danger first.

“That brat is here!” Dan Taixuan smiled.

“Wang Teng!”

The three officers understood instantly.

The Chief Commander would only call one person like that.
It was Wang Teng.
No one else had this treatment.

Yuwen Xuan was full of jealousy.

Dan Taixuan stopped talking.
She placed her hands behind her back and waited quietly.

Niu Li and the others waited for a moment, but there was still no sight of Wang Teng.
They were astounded.

Their Chief Commander was able to sense Wang Teng at such a distance!

Was this how frighteningly powerful a general-stage martial warrior was?

At this moment, the sound of strong winds echoed from the depth of the forest.
A gale blew against their faces.

“Where did this wind come from?” Yuwen Xuan frowned.
Then he felt something and his expression changed.
“This isn’t right!”

Kong Li and Niu Li felt it too.

Suddenly, the sound of air getting compressed was heard, rapidly closing on them.
It was extremely faint, so they might not have discovered it if they weren’t powerful enough.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

The next moment, countless green lights lit up in the forest.
Many shadows broke free from the darkness and landed quietly in front of everyone.

“Gale Wolves!” Niu Li and the others widened their eyes in surprise.
They saw something unbelievable and were awestruck.

More than a hundred lofty wolves were scattered around them, exuding a ruthless vibe.
They glanced around them with blood-curdling gazes.

It wasn’t hard to tell that they weren’t kind wolves.

The military martial warriors went on guard upon witnessing this scene.

If there weren’t people wearing masks sitting on some of the Gale Wolves, they might have attacked them already.

“Huh? Everyone is here!”

A voice broke the silence.

“Wang Teng!” Niu Li and the others regained their senses and looked at the person who spoke.

“What… is going on? Where did these Gale Wolves come from? You managed to tame them…” Kong Li was dumbstruck.
She bombarded Wang Teng with a series of questions.

Yuwen Xuan’s eyes were filled with bewilderment too.
His pupils twirled furiously in his eyes as he looked at Wang Teng.

“You asked so many questions! Which one should I answer first?” Wang Teng wasn’t expecting this huge reaction from them.
He seemed to have made quite a splash!


“Alright, stop standing there.
You’re the slowest.
Get over here quickly,” Dan Taixuan barked.

“Master, why are you here?” Wang Teng was startled.
He hurriedly climbed down the Gale Wolf and ran over obediently.

“Nonsense, if I don’t come, who are you going to take your orders from?” Dan Taixuan glared at Wang Teng.
“So, what happened? Where did you get this pack of Gale Wolves?”

She was stunned too.
Mind you, it was extremely difficult to tame wild beasts, especially adult wild beasts.
They possessed intelligence and were stubbornly arrogant.
It was almost impossible to train and tame them.

However, Wang Teng managed to bring this huge bunch of Gale Wolves back, and from the looks of it, they listened to him well.

But as the Chief Commander of a troop and Wang Teng’s master, she needed to maintain the poise of a master and the demeanor of an elder.
She mustn’t get surprised so easily.

She must hold it in!

“Oh, this is what happened…” Wang Teng immediately told them what he met on his way here.
In the end, he concluded, “These gale wolves might have recognized me as their new wolf king because I killed the previous one.”

Kong Li and the others perked up their ears and listened.

After Wang Teng finished speaking, their expressions turned strange.
Why was this fellow able to meet such events all the time?

He was so lucky!

This was a normal traveling mission, but he managed to abduct a pack of wolves back.
Why couldn’t they encounter such good things?

However, they also knew how difficult it was to kill the wolf king when there was a huge pack of wolves attacking them.
If they were in Wang Teng’s situation, they might have fled.

Moreover, Wang Teng’s team had remained unscathed.
This was another level of difficulty.
They admitted that they would be unable to achieve the same feat.

Was this fellow really so strong?

It was hard to see through him!

“You’re lucky.” Dan Taixuan glanced at Wang Teng meaningfully.

Only she knew whether she believed him or not.

Wang Teng felt a little guilty by her gaze.
He manufactured an innocent expression and met Dan Taixuan’s eyes with a naive look.

He was an Oscar winner now!

Dan Taixuan felt her hair standing.
She lowered her head speechlessly.

What kind of weird disciple did she take in!

She glared at Wang Teng before saying, “You did well by saving the soldiers from Star Universe Troop.
The war is imminent.
We can’t afford to lose a single man.”

Wang Teng kept his expression and said seriously, “It’s my duty.”

Dan Taixuan nodded.
She dropped this topic and asked, “What do you plan to do with the Gale Wolves?”

“I plan to let the Gale Wolves collaborate with my subordinates, forming a Gale Wolves cavalry.
Master, what do you think?” Wang Teng replied.

Ice Wind and the other subordinates were chuffed.
No wonder Wang Teng asked them to familiarize themselves with the Gale Wolves quickly on their way here.
He had this plan in mind all along.

If they were to have a Gale Wolf as their mount, their strength on the battlefield would increase exponentially.

This was a good thing!

“It suits me fine,” Dan Taixuan replied.
“Since the Gale Wolves listen to you, you can be the decision-maker.”

Wang Teng nodded.
He spoke to his subordinates, “Get familiar with your wolves based on the current arrangement.”

“What about the remaining Gale Wolves?” Kong Li asked hopefully.
Her eyes were shining.

Niu Li and Yuwen Xuan looked at Wang Teng instantly.

They were green with envy when they saw that he had a Gale Wolf as his mount!

There were more than a hundred Gale Wolves, so Wang Teng’s team only used less than half of them.
It wouldn’t be too much to ask him to give them the rest of the wolves, right?

They were on the same side.
It made more sense to let them reap the benefits instead of giving them to another troop.

“The remaining Gale Wolves can be distributed evenly to the other three teams.” Wang Teng smiled.
“Of course, Senior Kong Li can choose first.”

“Haha, as expected of my beloved junior brother.
I’ll remember your kindness.” Kong Li sniggered and glanced at Yuwen Xuan and Niu Li proudly.
Then, she ordered her subordinates to claim their Gale Wolf.

“This is unfair!” Niu Li and Yuwen Xuan looked at Wang Teng bitterly.
When they noticed his indifference, they turned and looked at Dan Taixuan, hoping that their Chief Commander would administer justice.

“I think it’s alright.
As a student from Huanghai, we should help each other,” Dan Taixuan chirped.

The two officers: …

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