Chapter 434: This Leader Is Not Bad!

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A strange and bemused scene appeared in the forest.

A pack of Gale Wolves was bowing to a human.
They seemed to be… expressing their submission!


What on earth was going on?

Everyone was bewildered, feeling at a loss.

A figure walked over and glanced at the wolf king on the ground.
She then looked at Wang Teng in confusion and asked, “What did you do?”

Wang Teng glanced at the other party and immediately recognized her.
She was the 7-star soldier-level martial warrior from earlier.

He remembered how she hastened him continuously in a harsh tone, so he looked at her coldly and replied to her in an indifferent tone, “Please use your brain next time.
It’s useless to charge without an aim.
Don’t you know that you should capture the boss if you want to destroy the entire gang?”

“You!” Xie Xueya felt her chest hurting from anger.

Wang Teng ignored her.
“The wolf king is dead.
The wolf pack isn’t a threat anymore!”

Everyone exchanged glances with one another and heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts.
However, they still kept their distance from the Gale Wolves to prevent provoking them again.

“Leader!” Ice Wind, Black Widow, and the rest of his team hurried over.
They saluted and stood behind him.

“Is anyone injured?” Wang Teng asked.

“Only five of us suffered small injuries.
It isn’t a big deal.
The rest of us have exhausted too much Force, so we need some time to recuperate.” Ice Wind summarized the situation.

Wang Teng nodded.
“We’ll rest here so that you can restore your Force.”

“Yes, sir!” everyone replied.

“These dan pills have better medicinal effects.
Distribute them to the injured soldiers.” Wang Teng took out two bottles of healing medicine from his space ring and tossed them to Ice Wind.

“Erm… we’ve all prepared our own healing medicine.”

Wang Teng stopped him before he could continue.
“Open it first.”

Ice Wind opened the bottle cap curiously.
When he smelled the fragrance of the dan, his expression changed.

“Let me thank you on their behalf,” Ice Wind said sincerely.

“Quickly, stop dawdling.
If you waste my time, I’ll hold you responsible,” Wang Teng smiled as he scolded him.

Ice Wind also smiled under the mask.
He made his move and hurriedly distributed the dan medicines to the injured soldiers.

Black Widow, who was behind him, glanced at Wang Teng after hearing their conversation.

This leader is not bad!

Before this, they accepted Wang Teng because of his ability.
Now, they followed him because they felt something different.

Wang Teng didn’t know what they were thinking.
He just didn’t want to waste too much time.

He sat down cross-legged under a big tree and scanned the surroundings with his spiritual power.
The attribute bubbles dropped during the battle just now flew towards him.

Wind Force*30

Wind Force*15

Blank Attribute*30

Earth Force*10

Wood Force*25

Wind Force*36


Wang Teng’s greatest gain was the wind Force and blank attributes from the Gale Wolves.
There were relatively fewer of the other Forces.

In total, he received 632 points of wind Force and 560 blank attributes.

Wind Force: 1356/3000 (5-star)

Blank Attribute: 5020

Wang Teng’s wind Force was still at 5-star, but the number had increased.
He was getting closer to the 6-star level.

But he still found it a little slow!

Wind Force wasn’t commonly seen.

He glanced at the Gale Wolves around him unconsciously as this thought entered his mind.

If he killed all the Gale Wolves, he should be able to harvest another round of wind Forces.
Would it be enough for him to advance to the 6-star soldier level?

The Gale Wolves suddenly shivered.
The hairs on their bodies stood up as if they had felt a strong killing intent engulfing them.

The 6-star Gale Wolves looked around them vigilantly.

Who is it?

Which bastard is eyeing us?

Wang Teng coughed awkwardly.
He threw this thought out of his mind and waved at the 6-star Gale Wolves.

The Gale Wolves hesitated for a moment before they lowered their heads and strutted towards him.

“Leader!” Black Widow stood up, her eyes focused on the Gale Wolves.

“Don’t worry.
Don’t be so nervous.
Sit back.” Wang Teng waved his hand.

Black Widow remembered how the Gale Wolves had bowed to Wang Teng.
She pondered for a moment and took a step back.
However, she was still on her guard in case the wolves attacked Wang Teng.

The Gale Wolves seemed to sense the enmity from Black Widow and the other soldiers.
They glanced at the human martial warriors, but due to Wang Teng’s Wolf King Reign, they didn’t attack them.
They arrived in front of Wang Teng obediently and squatted down.

Wang Teng stroked the head of a Gale Wolf.
Hmm… the texture is not bad!

If he didn’t get the Wolf King Reign, if these Gale Wolves weren’t useful for his future plans, he might have slapped them to death.

Black Widow was startled when she saw how obedient the Gale Wolves were.
She couldn’t control her curiosity and asked, “Leader, how did you do it?”

“I’m wise, amazing, and outstanding.
It’s only natural that these Gale Wolves will submit to me after seeing me.
They have decided that they will follow me from now on,” Wang Teng started spouting nonsense in a righteous tone.

Black Widow rolled her eyes.

She never knew that her leader was such a shameless person!

“You don’t believe me? You can ask it yourself!” Wang Teng pointed at the Gale Wolf in front.

The Gale Wolf stared at him absentmindedly.

What do I know?

“Hurry up and tell her whether you think I’m wise, amazing, and outstanding!” Wang Teng glared at the wolf.

“Howl!” The Gale Wolf immediately got frightened.
Its furry ears drooped as it nodded instantly.

Black Widow: …

“Childish! Why are you threatening a wolf?” Xie Xueya walked over and said with disdain, “If I’m not wrong, they temporarily bowed to you because you killed the wolf king.
After some time, they will naturally run back into the forest.”

“So? At least they listen to me now.” Wang Teng didn’t explain himself.
He just sniggered in delight.

Anyway, he loved how these people came up with their own stories.
He didn’t need to give them any explanations, and they would find excuses for him instead.
That simplified matters.

Xie Xueya looked at the obedient Gale Wolf in front of Wang Teng and felt envious.
However, she didn’t show it.
She scoffed.
“Which troop are you?”

“What troop? We’re free martial warriors.
We don’t belong to any troop.” Wang Teng played dumb.

Xie Xueya’s face turned black.
Did he think she was an idiot?

She immediately took out a token and threw it to Wang Teng.”We’re from Star Universe Troop.
You can believe me now.”

Wang Teng flipped the token and threw it to Black Widow.
After she nodded, he said, “May I know what you want?”

Xie Xueya noticed that he still didn’t admit his identity, but she didn’t dawdle over it.
When she spoke again, her voice was soft, as if she was embarrassed.
“Erm… many of my men are injured.
I saw that your healing dan has better effects.
Can you lend me some?”

“Oh!” Wang Teng emphasized his reply.
He smiled at her ambiguously and asked, “So you’re here to borrow some dan from me..
However, you were so fierce just now.
Why should I give them to you?”

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