Chapter 433: Wolf King Reign

The pack of wolves attacked the martial warriors fiercely.
They seemed famished.
Even if this bone was a little hard to bite, they were unwilling to give up.

Gale Wolves were known for their speed.
They were already hard to deal with, but now, they had the advantage of numbers too.

Even a tiger was afraid of a pack of wolves!

This showed how terrifying a pack of bloodthirsty wolves was.

The human martial warriors kept retreating as they fought against the hundred wolves.
Many of them were already injured.

The 7-star soldier-level martial warrior was indignant at Wang Teng’s negligence.
But she couldn’t do anything.

Wang Teng ignored her completely.

“This bastard!” Xie Xueya gritted her teeth in anger.
She cursed Wang Teng a thousand times in her heart.

Most of her subordinates were injured, so they might not be able to withstand it for long.
If someone died, she wouldn’t have the face to be their leader anymore.

She begged her family to give her this chance to participate in this mission.
She thought it would be an opportunity for her to realize her ambition and prove to everyone that she wasn’t a delicate and weak young miss.

Her family would only recognize her and look at her straight in the face if she displayed adequate ability.
This was the only way for her to grasp her own fate.

But now, all her hopes were dashed.

Suddenly, Xie Xueya saw three Gale Wolves pouncing on her subordinate.
He was about to get bitten and eaten by them.
Her expression changed, and she wanted to help him.

However, the 6-star Gale Wolves around her turned into lingering shadows and surrounded her.
She was unable to break free.

“Get off!”

Xie Xueya turned anxious.
She screamed and slashed her long sword at one of the Gale Wolves in anger.

A flash of contempt flashed past in the Gale Wolf’s eyes.
It swung its claws, shooting out several wind blades.
With a few loud clangs, they shattered the sword glow flying towards it.

A few wind blades flew towards Xie Xueya.

However, Xie Xueya ignored them and waved her long sword frantically.
Sword glow flashed through the air as she tried to get out of the encirclement.


The wind blade cut a few wounds on her body.
Fresh blood spurted out.

Why did this woman suddenly turn crazy? Wang Teng was searching for the traces of the wolf king when he saw this scene.
He frowned.

He thought of something and looked in the direction where Xie Xueya was staring.
He understood at once.

The next moment, three crimson glows bolted out from his finger and landed accurately on the three Gale Wolves.

The three Gale Wolves died on the spot before they had the chance to dodge.

Xie Xueya was staggered.

It’s him!

The person who saved her subordinate was the fellow who had been standing indifferently at the side.
Xie Xueya never expected this.

Also, he was so powerful!

He killed three Gale Wolves in a single attack.
She could do it too but not in such a relaxed manner.
This meant that the other party’s ability was higher than hers.

However, this person seemed conflicting.

When she asked him for help, he refused.

When she didn’t call him, he helped her subordinate voluntarily.

Xie Xueya was getting confused by this young man.

Wang Teng didn’t notice Xie Xueya’s gaze.
After saving the soldier, he continued looking for the wolf king.
That was the pressing matter.

However, he had also realized that he shouldn’t underestimate the ability of this pack of Gale Wolves.
Thus, he paid some attention to the safety of his subordinates.

As their leader, he didn’t want to follow behind them like their nanny, but he mustn’t let them die in this insignificant battle.

Wang Teng’s spiritual power was strong enough to cover the entire battleground.
Hence, he was able to immediately detect anyone in danger and lend them a helping hand.

With his addition, the pressure on the human martial warriors dropped tremendously.
Their morale was boosted, and they started charging towards the Gale Wolves once again.
In the blink of an eye, numerous Gale Wolves were killed by the human martial warriors.

An idea popped up in Wang Teng’s mind.
He slapped his forehead in frustration.

He was so stupid!

Why wasn’t he using his spiritual power? It was the simplest method.
Was he stupid!

The wolf king was able to command the pack, so its intelligence must be high.
In that case, its spirit attribute would most likely surpass its companions.

Wang Teng believed that the wolf king wouldn’t be able to escape the radar of his spiritual power.

The next instant, a mighty spiritual power seeped out from his forehead and spread to the surroundings…

As expected, a few moments later, Wang Teng noticed something amiss among the Gale Wolves to his left.


Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He disappeared on the spot and abruptly appeared beside a 5-star Gale Wolf.

He slammed his palm down.

The Gale Wolves around him roared in anger and pounced on Wang Teng.

“Hmph!” Wang Teng snorted.
Force surged out of his body, throwing the Gale Wolves around him into the air.

During this time, his palm didn’t stop.
It landed on the body of the Gale Wolf.


Blood flowed down the nose, eyes, ears, and mouth of the Gale Wolf.
Before it could howl in pain, it died.


The Gale Wolves around them trembled.
They looked in Wang Teng’s direction in unplanned unison and howled solemnly as they looked up at the night sky.

Indeed, this is the wolf king. Wang Teng smiled as he looked at the ground.
After the wolf king died, a few attribute bubbles had dropped there.

Spiritual Realm Spirit*50

Spiritual Realm Enlightenment*60

Wind Force*210

Wolf King Reign*1

Blank Attribute*75

Wang Teng was surprised after he picked up the attribute bubbles.
He couldn’t help but feel a little astounded.

Spiritual realm spirit and enlightenment!

This wolf king is indeed special.

He muttered in his heart before examining the changes in his attributes panel.
In the battle technique row, a special technique had appeared.
It was the Wolf King Reign!

This was most likely why Gale Wolf was able to become the wolf king.
It was all thanks to this talent.

Without it, the other 6-star Gale Wolves wouldn’t be willing to follow it.
Well, even the other 5-star Gale Wolves might not want to listen to it.

After Wang Teng received the Wolf King Reign, a hint of joy flashed past his eyes.

This skill was not bad.

He had the Wolf King Reign now, so it meant that he had the ability to reign over the wolf pack.

Furthermore, the Wolf King Reign was considered a spirit-type skill.
The higher his spiritual power, the stronger his control over wolf-type star beasts.

Coincidentally, Wang Teng’s spiritual power was indomitable.

At this moment, the Gale Wolves were howling and roaring ferociously at him after they saw him killing their wolf king.
Hatred appeared in their eyes.
They bared their fangs, eager to charge at him and bite him to death to take revenge for their king.

Wang Teng wasn’t afraid.
A green light flashed in his eyes, and spiritual power flowed out.

Wolf King Reign!

The Gale Wolves in the area froze.
Thereafter, the weaker ones lowered their heads and grunted in low tones to show their submissiveness to Wang Teng.

Only a few 6-star Gale Wolves didn’t get influenced by him.
They hesitated for a moment and slowly stepped back, wishing to escape.

Wang Teng wouldn’t let them leave, though.
He increased the spiritual power he had placed on the Wolf King Reign.

“Grunt!” The 6-star Gale Wolves lowered their heads instantly.
They didn’t dare to move anymore.

“What’s going on?” Everyone was baffled when they saw this scene.

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