Chapter 431: Awe!

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This team is not easy to lead!

Wang Teng looked at his subordinates and lamented in his heart.
Actually, this mission of leading a team shouldn’t be given to him.

But he was the one who discovered the piece of news.
He was also powerful enough and had Dan Taixuan backing him up.
All these factors allowed him to stand in this position even though he had no qualifications.

Wang Teng knew that many of his subordinates hadn’t accepted him yet.
However, he didn’t want to explain himself.

Sometimes, the impact of words was minimal.
There was no point in talking too much.

He knew the faces of all his subordinates now.
The two 5-star soldier-level martial warriors gave him a deep impression.

If used properly, they would be the sharpest weapons in his team.

At least for this mission.

At this moment, a soldier walked over and saluted.
He said, “Report, the Force floating airship will pass by Mount Guzhao in half an hour.”

Wang Teng was wearing his mask, so his voice was a little muffled.
He nodded and replied, “I understand.”

After the soldier walked away, he looked at his subordinates and said, “Once we reach Mount Guzhao, we will leave the Force floating airship and make a detour north.
From there, we’ll head to Star Maple City.”

“Yes, sir!” everyone shouted in unison.

Although they didn’t like Wang Teng, on the surface, they still respected his order.

Wang Teng didn’t say much.
He glanced at Ice Wind and Black Widow and closed his eyes.
He leaned against the cargo behind him and rested.

This Force floating airship was specially used for transporting goods.
Hence, there were all kinds of cargo boxes inside.
The other martial warriors sat cross-legged on the floor and rested with closed eyes, waiting patiently.

Half an hour passed quickly.
Wang Teng slowly opened his eyes.

The other martial warriors also opened their eyes in unplanned unison, the gazes behind their masks sharp and focused.

Wang Teng thought more highly of his subordinates when he saw how well-trained they were.

Wang Teng didn’t say anything, though.
He stood up, walked to the door of the airship, and pulled it open.
Gusts of strong wind blew into the cabin.

The hair on his forehead danced in the air.
The next moment, he stepped out without any hesitation.

Behind Wang Teng, Ice Wind and Black Widow exchanged glances with one another.
A glint flashed past their eyes.
Then, they jumped out of the Force floating airship too.

The other martial warriors followed suit.

Among these martial warriors, besides Black Widow and Ice Wind, who were at the 5-star soldier level and had Force wings that allowed them to fly in the air, the others relied on rune equipment.

All of them had a rune device on their backs.
After activating the runes on it, a pair of mechanical wings would spread out, helping them fly in the sky.

If someone looked up from the ground, he would see many black dots suddenly appearing in the air.
These black dots grew larger gradually and landed in the same place.

Wang Teng floated above the peak of a mountain so that his subordinates would be able to see him.

Ice Wind and Black Widow scanned the mountain and immediately saw Wang Teng.
They flapped their Force wings and shot towards him.

When they came close, their pupils constricted in surprise.

There were no Force wings behind him.
He wasn’t using any rune equipment either.
He was just floating in the air.

This meant that he was at least…

7-star soldier level!

Their leader was a 7-star soldier-level formidable warrior!

How was this possible?

He was so young, even younger than Major Yuwen and Major Kong, yet he had reached such heights!

They were both in disbelief.
They did guess that his level wouldn’t be low since the higher authorities let him lead them, but they thought that he was at most at the 5-star soldier level or 6-star soldier level.

They didn’t even think about him being a 7-star soldier-level martial warrior.

After all, the difference between the 6-star soldier level and the 7-star soldier level was vast.
For the soldier level, every three stars represented an obstacle.
By rank, 6-star and 7-star had a difference of only one star, but the actual gap was huge.

These two levels were incomparable!

Ice Wind and Black Widow were stunned.
They looked at each other involuntarily before following Wang Teng quietly.
They bent their bodies slightly to show their respect.

No matter where you were, strength was the best explanation.
A strong person would always gain respect!

Wang Teng didn’t say nor do anything, but none of them dared to belittle him anymore.

The others hurried over one after another.
They kept the wings behind their backs and landed on the ground gently.

At the same time, they had also noticed Wang Teng’s situation.
Behind their masks, their expressions were the same as Ice Wind and Black Widow.
They were astounded.

“Is everyone here?” After a few minutes, Wang Teng asked.

Ice Wind didn’t dare to waste any time.
He took a step forward and called the roll.
Then, he replied to Wang Teng, “Yes!”

“Let’s go!”

Wang Teng gave his order and turned into flashes of lingering shadows.
He rushed in a certain direction.

Based on the military’s requirement, they needed to arrive at Star Maple City before midnight.
It was noon now.
The distance between them and the city meant that time was tight.

If Wang Teng was alone, he didn’t need much time.
However, the 3-star and 4-star soldier-level martial warriors under him couldn’t move so quickly.

The team of martial warriors traveled relentlessly and quickly through the mountain.

Some of them leaped through trees while others ran on the ground.
They were scattered within a small area, stabbing through the forest like a sharp blade.

They were in the wild, so star beasts would appear occasionally and attack them.
However, the star beasts would be torn into pieces by the ‘sharp blade.’

Wang Teng didn’t help them.
He observed his subordinates at the side to judge their abilities.

He realized that his subordinates weren’t just strong.
They worked well together too.
Their performance on the journey surprised him.

Also, he managed to pick up many attribute bubbles without doing anything.
Unknowingly, his ability increased…

On the way, a 6-star star beast appeared in front of everyone.
Nonetheless, under Ice Wind and Black Widow’s instructions, they still managed to gain the upper hand.

Sometime later, the 6-star star beast roared in anger and started attacking without any constraints.
It charged towards two 4-star soldier-level martial warriors, attempting to bring them down with it.

Ice Wind and Black Widow’s expressions changed.


At this moment, a crimson red light penetrated the star beast’s head.

The star beast froze, the glimmer in its eyes disappearing completely.
However, its huge body still slammed down on the two 4-star soldier-level martial warriors due to inertia.


The two martial warriors were thrown off their feet.
Fortunately, they weren’t injured.
They stood up immediately and felt lucky.
Then, their gazes turned to Wang Teng, who was standing on a branch to their left.

He stood there calmly and kept his finger.
It looked as though he didn’t do anything.

Everyone was thunderstruck.

One finger!

He used one finger to kill a 6-star star beast! How powerful was he!

Ice Wind and Black Widow couldn’t believe what they saw.
For the first time, Wang Teng had given them a preview of his power.

“Thank you, sir!” The two martial warriors who were saved bowed and thanked him immediately.

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