Chapter 429: A Masked Martial Warrior In The Underground Training Area

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Song Wanjiang felt anger surging into his heart when he saw Wang Teng’s lazy manner.

This is an important matter! Can you be more serious!

But the moment he remembered Wang Teng’s background, he would glance behind Wang Teng uncontrollably.

He felt as if Dan Taixuan was standing there.

Never mind, he would be benevolent and forgive the wrongdoings of this young man.
As a deputy chief commander, he had no reason to harbor a grudge against a small corporal.

He turned to look at Kong Li and Yuwen Xuan.
As expected, they were more soothing to his eyes.

“We don’t want to alert the dark apparitions, so this mission is confidential.
Your identity will be normal martial warriors, and you will each lead a small team, heading to Star Maple City from different directions.
All the necessary equipment has been prepared for you in no.
3 underground training area.
You can go and get them,” Song Wanjiang said.

Wang Teng and the others nodded.
They saluted at Song Wanjiang and prepared to leave.

“After taking your equipment, don’t create any commotion.
You will hide in the Force floating airships transporting our daily goods and get out of the city using it.

“Remember, time is tight.
You need to hurry to Star Maple City before midnight tomorrow!”

Song Wanjiang gave his last reminder.


The four of them turned around and left.
Song Wanjiang stood alone in the room for a long time before he walked out.

The four of them hurriedly made some preparations and met up again.

Wang Teng followed Niu Li and the others to a heavily guarded building.
After confirming their identities, the guards let them in.

They strode inside and passed through a corridor made of steel.
A row of elevators appeared in their vision.

Niu Li and the others seemed familiar with this place.
They brought him to an elevator with the number 3 written in front.

The lift door opened.
There was only one button beside the door.
When Wang Teng and the others entered the lift and pressed it, they immediately felt a sense of weightlessness.

The elevator traveled at a fast speed.
The underground training area seemed exceptionally deep.

It felt as if they had jumped down from a building.

Fortunately, they were all martial warriors and had a strong mentality.
If not, they might not be able to handle this excitement.

After some time, the elevator trembled abruptly and opened with a swoosh.

Wang Teng and the others walked out calmly.

The first thing they saw was an enormous underground space filled with all kinds of weapons.

There were already many people in the underground training area.
They were split into four teams and were waiting quietly.

These people were dressed in black battle uniforms and were wearing all kinds of strange masks on their faces.

Wang Teng’s expression turned strange.

This scene was beyond his expectations.
They didn’t look like they were going to war.
Instead, this seemed like a large-scale cosplay game.

He turned to look at Niu Li and the others.
They didn’t seem surprised by the scene.
He immediately rearranged his expression to prevent them from thinking he was a frog in the well.


After the martial warriors in the underground training area saw them, they suddenly raised their hands and saluted.
They were extremely organized and neat.

“Sir!” The fierce and low voices of these martial warriors reverberated in the underground area.

Niu Li and the others saluted back.

Wang Teng was helpless, feeling that he needed to salute everywhere in the military.

“We will each pick a team from the four teams.
You guys can choose first,” Niu Li said at this moment.

“I’m alright with any of them,” Wang Teng replied calmly.

Niu Li opened his mouth and wanted to persuade him otherwise.
However, he remembered what had happened before and decided to shut up.
His face was still hurting from the slap in the face.

“I won’t be polite then, hehe.” Kong Li didn’t push away the offer.
She carefully examined the four teams and felt their auras to analyze their power.

This mission wasn’t easy, and they wouldn’t be able to complete it on their own.
On the battlefield, unless they were general-stage martial warriors, they weren’t capable of fighting their enemies alone.

Hence, the abilities of their subordinates were crucial.

This would affect their performance in this mission.
If they could perform outstandingly and get merits, they might be able to rise to another rank.

At their age, the major rank was their limit.
Ordinary military exploits weren’t enough for them to climb the ladder.
They had to make outstanding contributions during a large-scale battle and gather enough reputation if they wanted to advance another step.

Obviously, this mission was a great chance.

While Kong Li was choosing her team, Yuwen Xuan didn’t slack off either.

He glanced at Wang Teng.
He was still unwilling to accept this young man, but he wouldn’t let his emotions get the better of him.
He immediately started choosing his team.

At this moment, a flash of light appeared in Wang Teng’s eyes.
He had activated his Spiritual Sight.
He glanced through the martial warriors and was astounded.

These martial warriors were all 3-star soldier level and above.
The most powerful ones were at the 5-star soldier level.

Every team’s arrangement was the same.
There were two 5-star soldier level, ten 4-star soldier level, and 30 3-star soldier-level martial warriors.

With this ability, if they were outside, they would dominate wherever they went.

Of course, there was a difference in the ability of the individuals.
This was why Kong Li and Yuwen Xuan chose their teams so carefully.

After some time, the two of them made their decision.

“Which one will you choose?” Niu Li asked.

This time, Wang Teng didn’t reject his offer.
He pointed to the team on the left and said, “I’ll choose them.”

Actually, among the four teams, the one he chose was the strongest.

With his Spiritual Sight, he saw that more than half of the martial warriors in this team had thicker Force in their bodies as compared to the other teams.

Especially the 5-star and 4-star soldier-level martial warriors.
Their battle ability must be high.

This couldn’t be seen from their appearance.

Kong Li and Yuwen Xuan would never have imagined that after choosing for such a long time, the strongest team still landed in Wang Teng’s hand.

Just like that, the allocation of the team was completed.

There was a table with nothing except for a mask in front of all the teams.

The four of them walked in front of their teams.

Wang Teng felt speechless.
He took the mask on the table and flipped it over to take a look.


This was a cat mask.
Actually, it still looked alright since most of the others were wearing animal masks, but this mask seemed a little… cute.

Wang Teng felt even more speechless than before.

What on earth is this?!

Why did you give such a cute mask for this serious mission? Who came up with this idea?

This is outrageous!

No wonder they placed the mask facing down.
They didn’t want him to see the mask.

Had he seen the front of the mask, he would never have chosen this team, even if they were the strongest.
He wouldn’t let his dignity as a man get trampled.

Wang Teng couldn’t help but glance at the mask in the other officers’ hands.

Wang Teng: …

The bitterness in his heart became stronger.

Why were their masks normal?

He could feel a malicious intent from their mask.
This was how martial warriors should look on the battlefield!

Under Wang Teng’s unhappy gaze, Niu Li and the others suddenly felt a strong resentment floating towards them.

They were stunned.

What is this?

Why is this fellow looking at us so bitterly?

When they saw Wang Teng’s mask, they understood immediately.
Their expressions turned weird as they tried their best to control their laughter.

However, Kong Li didn’t give him any face.
She burst out laughing without any restraint.



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