Chapter 428: On The Verge Of Breaking Out!

Wang Teng understood at once.
His master was worried about him!

Hmph, ladies were always fierce in speech but soft at heart.

Wang Teng chuckled in his heart.
However, his expression remained unchanged.
He coughed softly and said, “Master, don’t you believe me? Your disciple is incredibly talented and extremely powerful.
Catching a traitor is a piece of cake for me.
Look, I brought the fellow back.”

He kicked the ‘body’ at the side as he spoke.

Everyone felt the corners of their lips trembling.

This brat was shameless!

But why did this scene seem familiar for some reason?

They couldn’t help but glance at Dan Taixuan.
They were enlightened.
It was passed down from his master.

Dan Taixuan ignored everyone’s gazes and glared at Wang Teng.
She didn’t probe further when she noticed that he wasn’t injured.
Instead, she turned to look at the ‘body’ and said, “Is this the mysterious man?”

“That’s right.
His name is Qiu Bo, and he’s an officer from the Star Maple Troop.” Wang Teng flipped the ‘body’ over and continued, “He’s still alive.
You can question him anytime.
I’m sure you’ll be able to get some information out of him.”

Everyone couldn’t help but praise Wang Teng.


Since he was able to bring the traitor back, all their problems were solved.
Wang Teng seemed to have some skills.

Niu Li and the two majors were astounded.
Wang Teng really managed to catch the mysterious man.
How did he do it?

That was a 9-star soldier-level martial warrior!

They couldn’t wrap their heads around it and were filled with curiosity.

However, they knew one thing: Wang Teng wasn’t joking when he said that he was confident in catching the other party.
He did have the skills to back his words.
Yet, they didn’t believe him and thought that he was fooling around.

The three of them remembered what happened at that time and felt awkward.
They gave a bitter smile.

At this moment, Qiu Bo’s finger moved.
Wang Teng might have used too much force just now and woke him up.

He opened his eyes in confusion and sized up his surroundings.

The first person he saw was Wang Teng sitting in front of him.
His expression changed entirely, and he wailed in fear, “You devil, you can kill or skin me alive, but if you slap my face one more time, I won’t let you go even if I turn into a ghost!”

He sounded so tragic that it made everyone’s imagination run wild.

What did this fellow go through? Why was he terrified?

When they saw Qiu Bo’s face, their expression turned strange.

His face… had turned into a pig’s head!

Everyone glanced at the poker-faced Wang Teng.
Their Chief Commander’s disciple was a ruthless person.
He beat this person so inhumanly.

“Cough, cough.” Wang Teng coughed awkwardly.
He was afraid that others would misunderstand him and think that he was a pervert who liked to torture people.
This would affect his valiant and outstanding image.
Hence, he remained patient and explained in a soft tone, “Qiu Bo, I did it for your sake.
The journey back was filled with bumps, and you were injured so badly.
I slapped you unconscious so that you wouldn’t be able to feel the pain.
That way, you wouldn’t have to suffer on the way back.”

Qiu Bo wanted to cry.
Was this what a person should say?

He beat him up brutally and told him it was for his sake?! Could you be a little more shameless?

The atmosphere turned weird.
All the officers present had a clearer understanding of Wang Teng.

His shamelessness was no lesser than his master’s!

Kong Li and Yuwen Xuan stared at him speechlessly.
They didn’t know what to say.

Wang Teng didn’t know what everyone was thinking.
He felt that his explanation was useful, so he continued, “However, I won’t slap you anymore.
You can feel at ease now.”

Qiu Bo was puzzled.
He didn’t trust Wang Teng.

Suddenly, he realized something was amiss.

Feel at ease?

He felt that he wanted him to die in peace.

“We’re already here.” Wang Teng noticed that he didn’t believe him, so he enlightened him.

They were here?


Qiu Bo could still move his neck, so he glanced around him.
Many high-ranked officers were sitting on the chairs, looking at him amiably with a smile on their faces.

This environment, this atmosphere, he seemed to be home… my foot!

Qiu Bo turned as white as a sheet.

Damn it!

He was dead!

He was in the hands of the military.
All his secrets would be exposed.

“Carry him down.
Don’t let him die an easy death,” Dan Taixuan said.

A few soldiers charged in after she finished speaking and carried Qiu Bo away.

Qiu Bo didn’t shout.
He had probably resigned himself to fate.

Dan Taixuan waved at Wang Teng.
“Alright, your part has ended.
You can do whatever you want now.”

Wang Teng: …

Are you kicking me to the curb after using me?!

You’re so cold-blooded!

Wang Teng felt bitter.
He had committed a huge merit.
Shouldn’t they be discussing his rewards now?

Did she forget about it?

He remembered Dan Taixuan’s style and felt that this was possible.
He started winking at his master frantically.

“Do you have sand in your eyes?” Dan Taixuan asked curiously.

Wang Teng: …

“You just need to blow your eyes to get rid of the sand.
Do you need your dear master to help you?” Dan Taixuan asked calmly.

Wang Teng’s eyes felt better instantly.
Dan Taixuan was scary.
He couldn’t offend her.

Wang Teng didn’t care about the military exploits anymore.
If they belonged to him, they wouldn’t run anywhere.
Dan Taixuan wouldn’t let her disciple suffer.

He wondered what rank he would be able to rise to.

A corporal was too low.

He should be at least a company officer…

After that, someone came to ask him about the details of the mission.
Wang Teng filtered what he could tell.
As for unimportant information like the Snow Jade Tree and the celestites he stole, they didn’t have to know…

Even if Qiu Bo told them about it, they couldn’t do anything to him.
As Dan Taixuan’s disciple, no one would dare to snatch it from him.

After handing over the mission, they walked out of the meeting room.

The three of them found it unreal when they saw Wang Teng’s relaxed manner.
He looked as though he had just come back from a holiday.

“How did you catch Qiu Bo?” Kong Li leaned over and whispered to him.
She knew that there must be secrets, but she couldn’t contain her curiosity.

Niu Li and Yuwen Xuan looked over.
They were also eager to know.

That was a 9-star soldier-level martial warrior!

However, he got caught by Wang Teng, and judging from his state, he must have been tormented violently.
The process was probably full of twists and excitement!

“I’m very powerful, so I used my skill to suppress him,” Wang Teng said in a righteous tone.

“Who are you trying to fool? How can a 7-star soldier level suppress a 9-star soldier level?” Kong Li was speechless.

“How do you think I caught him?” Wang Teng asked her back.

“Tsk, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.” Kong Li rolled her eyes at him.

They chatted casually along the way as they prepared to go back for some rest.

After some time, Kong Li grabbed Wang Teng’s shoulder and asked, “The mission has ended.
Do you want to have some fun?”

“Cough, a little fun is enough,” Wang Teng glanced at Niu Li and Yuwen Xuan and replied calmly.

“You two…” Niu Li didn’t know what to say.
He shook his head.
“The mission has ended, but the issue hasn’t been solved yet.
There might be a huge task tomorrow.
Know your boundaries, and don’t go overboard with the fun.”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry.
I’m a sensible person.” Kong Li waved and walked over with her hands over Wang Teng’s shoulder.

When Yuwen Xuan saw them leaving, a glint flashed past his eyes.
He bade farewell to Niu Li and turned to leave.

Wang Teng and Kong Li had a fun time eating and playing outside.
They only came to the dormitory late at night.

When he was preparing to enter his room, Wang Teng noticed that the two rooms beside him were very quiet.
Han Zhu and Wan Baiqiu were still on their missions.

It made sense.

His mission didn’t take up too much time, ending in a few days.
Compared to the rest, it was much shorter.

Han Zhu and Wan Baiqiu’s mission shouldn’t be difficult.
However, since they were undergoing training, it wouldn’t be short.

Wang Teng shook his head and stopped thinking about them.
He sat cross-legged on his bed and started cultivating.

The next day, just like what Niu Li said, they received a mission notification at around 10 am from the higher authorities.

Wang Teng, Niu Li, and the two majors gathered in a meeting room again.

The four of them looked at one another.
No one spoke.

Despite waiting for some time, no one came.
Kong Li got impatient and asked, “Niu Li, did you receive any information from the higher-ups? Can you reveal some things to us?”

“I didn’t receive any notification.” Niu Li shook his head.

“We’re probably heading to Star Maple Troop to reinforce them,” Yuwen Xuan guessed.

“Hey, that’s not bad.
Wang Teng will definitely get first-class merit.
However, since we worked with him, we should be able to get some soup too.” Kong Li’s eyes lit up.
She sniggered.
“Wang Teng, we’ll bask in your reflected glory.”

“Senior Sister, stop kidding.
The missions are all arranged by the higher authorities.
It’s got nothing to do with me,” Wang Teng said.

The door of the meeting room finally opened, and Song Wanjiang walked in.

“It looks like you all have guessed it.”

The four of them hurriedly stood up and saluted.

“Alright, let’s talk business.
Yesterday, we dug some information out of Qiu Bo.
Chief Commander personally brought him back to the Star Maple Troop overnight and had an entire night of meeting there.
They’re already preparing for war.
It’s on the verge of breaking out.”

Song Wanjiang’s words caused the four of them to turn serious.

War was a heavy word.
Its appearance meant blood and death.

Even if they were at an advantage, many people would still die in the end.

Song Wanjiang said grimly, “The dark apparitions have invaded the Xingwu Continent for many years.
All along, we have been at a disadvantage.
This time, we finally got to control the situation.
We must gather all our strength and give them a violent knock on the head.”

Wang Teng exchanged glances with the others.
They could detect the determination of the humans from Song Wanjiang’s words.

They felt invigorated.

Even a selfish person like Wang Teng felt a little impulsive.
He wanted to get on the battlefield and kill some enemies.
He wanted to take revenge for all the sacrifices humankind had suffered over the years.

“Your mission is time is very important!

“After our discussion, we’ve decided to let each of you lead an advance force and head to the Star Maple Troop.

“You will listen to the Chief Commander when you’re there!”

“Do you have any questions?” Song Wanjiang asked seriously.


“Alright, prepare to leave.” Song Wanjiang nodded in satisfaction.

“Yes!” Niu Li, Kong Li, and Yuwen Xuan shouted in high spirits.

“Yes~” Wang Teng replied in a lazy tone.

Everyone: …

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