Chapter 427: Wang Teng Is Back!

Everyone: …

The room turned silent.
Everyone’s attention was placed on Dan Taixuan, who was sitting on the host’s seat.

Her beautiful face was always calm, and she always gave a relaxed vibe.
Even if Mount Tai collapsed in front of her, she could still maintain her composure.

But could you consider the feelings of your subordinates!

Dan Taixuan’s words were like a bomb.
They felt as if they were struck by lightning when they heard what she said.

Zhu Chengwang was having a mental breakdown.
A drop of cold sweat appeared on his head as he looked at Dan Taixuan and smiled awkwardly.
“Chief Commander, are you serious?”

“Do you think I have nothing better to do than playing tricks with you?” Dan Taixuan replied furiously.

Zhu Chengwang froze.
He looked as though he was choking.

Another deputy commander, Song Wanjiang, laughed secretly at his miserable plight.
However, he was astounded too.

When they were arranging the missions, he had received an order from Dan Taixuan.
That was why he allowed Wang Teng to take the same mission as Niu Li and the two majors.

If it wasn’t for this reason, Wang Teng wouldn’t have had the right to take this mission.
He might be powerful, but as a recruit, he lacked experience.

It was made possible because of Dan Taixuan’s order!

Thus, he knew that Dan Taixuan was Wang Teng’s support.
However, he didn’t expect him to be Dan Taixuan’s disciple.

This relationship was stronger than most backgrounds.

Niu Li and the two majors looked at one another in disbelief.
Wang Teng was their Chief Commander’s disciple!

Kong Li covered her mouth, almost screaming in shock.
Her junior brother was amazing.
If this news was made known to others, Wang Teng would become the prince of the Black Sparrow Troop.
He could do anything he wanted here.

Yuwen Xuan was appalled too.
The muscles on his face trembled violently.
He couldn’t express his emotions with any words.

It felt as if your classmate from high school had become the CEO of a company while you had just graduated from university and were only a white-collar worker.
Naturally, the CEO would feel superior.

Suddenly, the CEO realized that the white collar’s house got demolished and the government compensated him with many houses.
The rents he collected were much higher than his salary.

The CEO would feel that the world had forsaken him…

All the other higher authorities from the Black Sparrow Troop stared at the floor and pretended that this had nothing to do with them.

At first, they were questioning the reliability of this information too.
After all, it was a serious matter.
However, once Dan Taixuan opened her mouth, the situation changed.

Their Chief Commander was obviously standing up for her disciple.

Actually, even if she didn’t speak up for Wang Teng, their relationship alone was enough for them to place high importance on Wang Teng’s words.

The difference in the power of his words was solely caused by his identity.

“Hahaha, the weather is good today.
What did I say just now?” Zhu Chengwang finally regained his composure and laughed awkwardly.
He changed the topic as if what he said a moment ago was bullshit.

As someone in a high position, their skins were all extremely thick.

The other didn’t take it to heart either.
They chuckled and let this matter pass.

“Going back to business, I believe what Wang Teng said even if there’s no evidence.” Dan Taixuan glanced around her and continued, “That brat might be cheeky, but he won’t joke around on serious matters.”

“Tell us the details then.” Zhu Chengwang nodded and signaled Niu Li to explain further.

Niu Li shared with them everything he knew.
However, when he told them that Wang Teng had gone to chase the mysterious man alone, they were shocked.

“This is atrocious!” Zhu Chengwang shouted.
A second later, he realized what he had said.
He turned his head stiffly and coughed.
“Erm, Chief Commander, I’m not saying that he’s atrocious.
I’m talking about myself.
I’m atrocious!”

Dan Taixuan nodded in satisfaction.
Then, she frowned and yelled, “What the hell is he doing? I think he needs a beating.”

Everyone: …

Can you please be less obvious with your bias?

“He said that he’s confident.
I didn’t agree, but he sneaked away while we were on our way back.” Niu Li smiled bitterly.
He wasn’t going to take the blame.

“That suits his personality.” Dan Taixuan shook her head.
She didn’t reprimand Niu Li.

“It’s going to be hard to settle this matter if we don’t have evidence.
It affects an entire troop.
A slight move may cause a domino effect.
We can’t just rely on his words,” Zhu Chengwang said after some hesitation.

“We should still inform the Star Maple Troop.
Whether they believe it or not is up to them,” Song Wanjiang suggested.

“I’ll talk to them personally!” Dan Taixuan said.

Everyone nodded.
Dan Taixuan had to do it personally to show the importance of this news.

“Niu Li, tell me the exact position.
I’ll go and see if that brat is still alive.
Even if he’s dead, I have to find his corpse.” Dan Taixuan stood up.
She said to all the officers present, “The rest of you are dismissed.
Contact the Star Maple Troop after you leave.
I’ll head over in three hours.”

The moment she finished speaking, there was a knock on the door.

“Come in!” Dan Taixuan frowned and said.

A soldier opened the door and saluted.
He said hurriedly, “Reporting, Wang Teng is back!”

“He’s back!”

Everyone was stunned.

Dan Taixuan sat back down and smiled.
“Perfect, I don’t have to waste a trip.
Send him in.”

“Yes!” The soldier received the order.

A few moments later, he brought Wang Teng into the meeting room.

Some of the officers present had seen Wang Teng before, but some were completely unfamiliar with him.
Now that they knew he was Dan Taixuan’s disciple, they sized him up carefully when he walked into the room.

His back was straight, and he was handsome.
The most crucial point was, he was very young.

A little too young.

The next instant, they were startled.

Wang Teng was holding a human-shaped living thing that was in a sorry state.

What was going on?

Wang Teng was confused.
Why did he have to face all these higher authorities the moment he came back.
What was the situation?

However, when he saw Dan Taixuan, he felt at ease.
As someone with a powerful background, he wasn’t afraid.

“Come and take a seat.
Why are you standing there absentmindedly?” Dan Taixuan pointed to the seat beside her and opened her mouth.

“Okay!” Wang Teng sniggered.
He strutted over and sat down without any qualms.
As for the person in his hand, he casually threw him on the floor beside him.

The officers stared at the ceiling.
No one said anything.

Dan Taixuan was the biggest boss here.
What she said was always right.

“You’re not dead yet!” Dan Taixuan glanced at him and said.

Wang Teng: …

What the hell? What’s with the strong verbal attack?

Wasn’t she amiable and kind a moment ago?

Why did her attitude change suddenly?

“Where did you get your guts to chase after a 9-star soldier-level martial warrior?” Dan Taixuan continued angrily when she noticed that he wasn’t speaking.

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