Chapter 424: What Did You Do?


The mysterious man was really stunned!

The half-step lord-level black-armor giant crocodile got killed by the young man using such a simple method? He was speechless.

Why was he tormented so miserably by it?

Was he too weak?

Was he not smart enough?

No, he wasn’t… It must be because the young man was despicable!

Yes, that must be the answer.

The mysterious man did some psychological construction before looking at the tragic state of the black-armor giant crocodile.
The astonishment in his eyes remained there for a long time.

He didn’t know that the real credit went to Wang Teng’s Shooting Star Spiral.

The Fire God Cannon might be able to kill the black-armor giant crocodile, but it required much time.
Also, it might exhaust all of Wang Teng’s Force in his body.

However, the Shooting Star Spiral, which was controlled by his spiritual power, was different.
That was some lethal shit.

The fire god cannon was just to numb the black-armor giant crocodile so that he could kill it at the last moment.
Of course, it was also to ensure that the mysterious man wouldn’t discover his trump card.

He would hide his trump card for as long as he could.
Having more tricks up his sleeves wasn’t a bad thing.

Wang Teng scanned his surroundings.
Many attributes were dropped from the battle just now.

Water Force*450

Advanced Stage Water Talent*60

Blank Attribute*360

Astonishment flashed past his eyes when he saw the attributes dropped by the black-armor giant crocodile.
As expected of a half-step lord-level star beast.
It had gifted him so many attributes!

There were 450 points of water Force alone.
If there were more crocodiles, he would be able to advance to the 8-star soldier level soon.

Unfortunately, such chances were rare.

Half-step lord-level star beasts weren’t found everywhere.

As for lord-level star beasts, Wang Teng decided that he wanted to live a few more years, so he wouldn’t dig his own grave.

Besides water Force, there were advanced stage water talent and blank attributes.

Any increase in his talent was good for Wang Teng.
As his talent increased, his speed of cultivation would follow suit and his grasp of Force would become more and more skilled.

Next, Wang Teng looked in the direction of the mysterious man.
Many attribute bubbles were floating around him.

Wood Force*250



When the mysterious man noticed Wang Teng’s gaze, he tried his best to pull the corners of his lips to make a gratifying smile.

Wang Teng: …

To him, that smile was worse than crying.

“Thank you for saving my life!” the man said in a hoarse voice.
He was using the Xingwu Continent’s common language.

Wang Teng’s expression turned strange.
This person was thanking him?

But it was understandable.
He did save his life, after all.

He just hoped that the mysterious man would still thank him after he knew the truth later.

“Young man, can you spare me some healing medicines? Don’t worry, my name is Qiu Bo, an officer from the Star Maple Troop.
I’ll definitely repay you after I recover.” The mysterious man was worried that Wang Teng didn’t trust him, so he emphasized his identity.

Wang Teng finally opened his mouth.
“Star Maple Troop? I’ve heard of it before.
Looking at your emblem, you must be a colonel! Your rank is quite high!”

Qiu Bo felt proud.
However, he remembered that he needed to rely on the young man’s help, so he turned humble instantly and started flattering him, “This is nothing.
You’re better than me.
You possessed such a powerful ability at this young age.”

“Haha.” Wang Teng laughed ambiguously.
Then, he asked.
“Do you know why I’m here?”

Qiu Bo finally remembered this matter.
His expression froze, and a bad feeling crept up his heart.
He asked carefully, “Why are you here?”

Wang Teng looked at him mockingly.
“Why don’t you make a guess?”

The mysterious man: …

Guess your head!

Qiu Bo was exasperated.
At this moment, he realized that this young man wasn’t here to help him.
However, he didn’t flare up in anger.

He didn’t have the right to throw his temper.

His injury was severe.
If he flared up at Wang Teng, who was unscathed, there was only one result waiting for him: he would be dead.

Qiu Bo laughed awkwardly and said, “Young man, don’t make fun of me.
My injury is serious.
Why don’t you give me a healing pill first? We can discuss the details later.”

“I have many healing medicines here.” Wang Teng took out a dan bottle from his space ring and opened the cover, allowing the medicinal fragrance to waft through the air.
Moreover, he used his hand to fan the smell in Qiu Bo’s direction.
He said, “However, if you want it, you have to answer some of my questions.”

Qiu Bo looked at Wang Teng’s actions and felt that he was being played by this young man.
His heart was burning in anger.
A man who lost his status and power was vulnerable to humiliation.
This brat was atrocious.

Nonetheless, he still maintained the smile on his face and said, “Ask, ask away.
I’ll tell you everything I know.”

“Have you gotten the Snow Jade Tree?” Wang Teng asked.

“No.” Qiu Bo’s heart skipped a beat.

“Really?” Wang Teng asked curiously.

“The black-armor giant crocodile discovered me the moment I entered the lake.
I couldn’t even touch the Snow Jade Tree,” Qiu Bo replied.

Wang Teng hesitated for a moment.
He sized up Qiu Bo before shifting his gaze to his hands.

Qiu Bo’s expression changed.
He wanted to hide his hand behind his back, but the black-armor giant crocodile’s last attack had broken all the bones in his body.
He couldn’t move at all.

Wang Teng sniggered.
He took the space ring off his finger.

Qiu Bo was infuriated, but he didn’t dare to reveal any emotions on his face.
He felt exasperated and said hurriedly, “Young man, the space ring has its master.
It’s useless even if you take it.”

“I’ll just have to kill you, right?” Wang Teng replied calmly.

Qiu Bo’s expression changed tremendously.
Wasn’t he telling the other party to kill him?

He lost his composure in front of death and became so stupid.
He wanted to slap himself.

“Hahaha, I’m joking.
Look at how frightened you are.” Wang Teng laughed.

“Hahaha…” The veins on Qiu Bo’s forehead popped out.
During ordinary times, he would have killed this young man, but he couldn’t do it now.
He could only bear with it.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry.
I’m a good man.
I won’t kill you.” Wang Teng patted his shoulder.

Qiu Bo’s bones were already broken, so when Wang Teng patted him, his bones almost crumbled.
He gasped in pain.

“Oh my, I forgot that you’re injured.
I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Wang Teng apologized in embarrassment.

Qiu Bo wanted to cry.
He said weakly, “Can you give me my space ring back?”

“Is there something important inside? Why are you so concerned about your space ring?” Wang Teng asked with interest.

“No, you’re thinking too much.
There are only some miscellaneous items inside.” Qiu Bo laughed awkwardly, his heart beating like a drum.

“Really?” Wang Teng smiled in contempt.

“Of course.
I’m a poor man.
I have nothing valuable.
If not, I wouldn’t have asked you for medicine… urgh!”

Before Qiu Bo could finish speaking, he felt an excruciating pain throughout his body.
He gave a painful expression and vomited a mouthful of blood.
He was appalled.

“What did you

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