Chapter 421: Chapter 421:Cough, Were They Considered The Same Type Of Person?

Thick water Force enveloped a huge lake in the depth of the forest.
Wang Teng’s eyes lit up as he gasped in astonishment.

There were many attribute bubbles of different sizes floating over the surface of the lake.
Some were disappearing while some had just appeared.

He had never seen a place that could produce so many attributes bubbles by itself.
This proved how dense the water Force in this lake was.

Even the poisonous pool in the Yongye Mountain Ridge didn’t produce so many bubbles.

This wasn’t a simple lake!

Wang Teng didn’t want to alert the mysterious man, so he didn’t collect the attribute bubbles immediately.

His heart ached when he saw the attribute bubbles disappearing, but fortunately, more would be born to take their place.

He tried his best to shift his gaze away from the attribute bubbles and focus on the mysterious man.
This was obviously his destination, but what did he plan to do here?

Under Wang Teng’s Spiritual Sight, he saw clearly that the other party’s element was wood.
His Force attribute was different, so he wouldn’t benefit if he cultivated here.

As expected, the mysterious man ignored the dense water Force swimming around the lake.
Instead, he started sizing up the lake from the side.
He seemed to be thinking and searching for something.

“This is it.
It’s definitely here.
Rare wood element plants like the Snow Jade Tree can only grow in an environment like this!”

Ecstasy emerged on the mysterious man’s face.

He had been collecting all kinds of wood element treasures over the years to improve his ability.
So far, he had spent a fortune on them.

This was why he led a poor life.

Other people thought that he was noble, a person who never wasted money or pursued extravagance.
They thought that he was different from his compatriots and a role model for their generation.

Only he understood his own hardships.

If he had a choice, he didn’t want to be thrifty either!

He wanted to wear pretty clothes and eat good food.
He wanted to have many beauties beside him.
He didn’t want to chew on hard bread and sleep alone every night.

In summary, for many years, he lived a miserable life in order to raise his ability.
This was the reason why he worked with the dark apparitions.

Not long ago, he suddenly received news of the Snow Jade Tree and went wild with joy.

The Snow Jade Tree was an extremely rare wood element plant.
Legends had it that it could assist wood element martial warriors in stepping through the gates to the general stage.

The dark apparitions promised to help him break through to the general stage, but he had his scruples towards his partners.
If he didn’t need to use them to achieve his motive, he would never act against his interest.

With the Snow Jade Tree, he would be able to advance to the general stage quickly and gain the upper hand.

Many people didn’t know that the Snow Jade Tree had a heaven-defying function.

When martial warriors used the Snow Jade Tree to break through to the general stage, there was a chance that they could develop… water talent!

The Snow Jade Tree wasn’t solely a rare wood element plant.
It was a rare water element plant too!

Rare plants were already hard to find.
Hence, there were even lesser multi-element rare plants.
They were the treasures among the treasures.

If he succeeded, he would become a double element martial warrior!

He wasn’t the most talented person or a genius of any sort.
He was at most average.
However, if he became a double element martial warrior, he could be considered a talented martial warrior.

After all, the combat prowess of double element martial warriors was higher than normal martial warriors.
Once he broke through to the general stage, his strength would definitely be many times greater than a normal 10-star general-stage martial warrior.

This was the only way for him to have a firm foothold in society and pursue his ambition.
Hence, he couldn’t wait a moment longer to get the Snow Jade Tree.
He took the chance while he was working with the dark apparition to sneak into this place.

When he saw the scenery here, he felt that the Snow Jade Tree was not far off, even though he hadn’t seen it.

The Snow Jade Tree! Wang Teng was thunderstruck by the mysterious man’s muttering.

He was an alchemist, so he knew all the rare and treasured ingredients in the world.
Naturally, he knew what the Snow Jade Tree was.

A sly look flashed across his eyes, and the corners of his lips curled up uncontrollably.

This Snow Jade Tree was his!

Employee, do your job!

Wang Teng’s gaze landed on the mysterious man.
He stared at him in encouragement, hoping that he would find the Snow Jade Tree quickly.

However, the mysterious man was cautious.
He kept walking back and forth along the banks of the lake.

Without thinking, he knew that there must be many powerful star beasts lingering around the Snow Jade Tree.
After all, it was a rare plant.

If he entered the lake recklessly, he would be putting himself in danger.
The lake was huge.
No one knew what terrifying star beasts were hiding inside.

“Wait, since he knows that the Snow Jade Tree is here, he will also know which star beast is guarding it.
Based on his cautious way of doing things, he won’t come unprepared.” Wang Teng immediately thought of this.

He squinted.
Fortunately, he wasn’t in a hurry, so he hid in the dark and waited for the mysterious man to act.

The mysterious man covered up his aura and took out the corpses of the star beasts he had killed.
He stuffed something into their bodies before storing them back in his ring.
Then, he sat beside the lake and waited silently.

Wang Teng’s expression turned strange.
He was sure that the mysterious man had stuffed poison into the star beasts’ bodies just now.
This man had the same thought as him.

He wanted to poison this mysterious man a while ago, and the mysterious man was using the same method to tackle the star beast in the lake.

Cough, were they considered the same type of person?

Wang Teng shook his head hurriedly.
He wasn’t the same type of person as this traitor.

He was a human, yet he cooperated with the dark apparitions.
It was a humiliation to be associated with him!

It was still early, and the mysterious man didn’t seem to have any plans to act soon.
Hence, Wang Teng sat down cross-legged on the ground and had a short rest as he closed his eyes and leaned against a tree.

Night fell.
The mysterious man finally started moving.

Wang Teng opened his eyes and looked over.

The mysterious man took out the star beasts he had drugged and tossed them into the lake.

This man is seriously willing to spend a fortune.
He’s just tossing all these advanced-rank star beasts into the lake.
The powerful star beast in the lake might be intelligent, but it probably can’t resist this temptation. Wang Teng wondered to himself.


After a few minutes, bubbles appeared on the surface of the lake.
Under the moonlight, a gigantic black shadow could be seen diving in the water.

It was swimming towards the spot where the corpses of the star beasts were.

“It’s hooked!” The mysterious man was elated when he saw this scene.

He waited for another ten minutes.
The corpses of some fish star beasts gradually floated onto the surface of the lake.
The mysterious man disregarded these innocent fishes that were implicated and stared intently at the lake.

Half an hour later, he took out a blade and swung it towards the lake.

The blade cut the surface of the lake into two, causing a huge commotion.
The lake took some time to resume its calmness.

During this time, the enormous being in the lake never showed itself.

The mysterious man couldn’t control himself anymore.
He laughed proudly and happily.
Then, he jumped into the lake.

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