Chapter 420: Free And Good Manual Laborer!

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Niu Li was infuriated by Wang Teng’s sudden departure.
At the same time, he was frustrated.
Just like what Nie Jianqiang said, this brat wasn’t easy to deal with.

“He shouldn’t have gone far.
Let’s split up and search for him.
We must bring him back,” Kong Li suggested.

As his senior, she didn’t want to see a rare genius from her alma mater dying in this place.

Niu Li pondered for a while before he nodded.
“The time limit is half an hour.
If we can’t find him by then, we’ll stop searching and gather here.
You should understand the importance of the information.”


Kong Li and Yuwen Xuan nodded simultaneously.
Then, they started searching for Wang Teng immediately.

At first, Wang Teng wanted to tell them the position of the secret passageway.
However, they didn’t agree to his interception proposal, so he didn’t have the chance to share this information with them.

Thus, the three officers could only fumble their way around.
If they were lucky, they might catch up with him.

Half an hour later, they returned to the original spot.

Kong Li’s face was black.
She said indignantly, “Is that brat rushing to die? Why did he run away so quickly!”

“Alright, a general is exempted from the king’s dictations in a battlefield.
He’s a tough nut to crack.
I did expect him to create trouble, but I didn’t think that it would happen this early.” Niu Li shook his head and sighed.

“This is his decision.
Whether he lives or not is up to his fate,” Yuwen Xuan said coldly.

“Idiot!” Kong Li glared at him.

“Alright, alright, stop arguing.
That brat is a smart kid, so he might return unscathed.” Niu Li said, “There’s nothing we can do if we stay here.
Let’s hurry back.”

Kong Li was a soldier, so she knew that Niu Li’s decision was the best.
She gritted her teeth and said, “Okay, it’s up to himself whether he comes back alive or not.”

Wang Teng didn’t know what had happened on their end.
He predicted that the officers would choose to head back for the mission even if they discovered his disappearance.

Hence, he wouldn’t affect the delivery of intel even though he had defied a military order.

He never expected them to stop and search for him.
Still, he didn’t have the time to waste.
He was chasing after the mysterious man in the passageway.

He had wasted some time in convincing them earlier, so the mysterious person was already a distance away.
He had exceeded the scope of his Spiritual Sight.

Fortunately, Wang Teng remembered the direction of the passageway and chased after him on the path.
Finally, he saw the ball of Force light that belonged to that person.


If he had to return without accomplishing anything, it would have been embarrassing!

Wang Teng silently heaved a sigh of relief.
Then, his gaze turned sharp, and his speed increased exponentially within a split second.
He decided to dash ahead of the person and ambush him.

After all, this mysterious person was a 9-star soldier-level martial warrior.
He shouldn’t underestimate him and should remain vigilant.
If he could catch him off guard, that would be the best.
If he couldn’t, he would have to waste much effort and time.

A mountain range appeared in the distance.
Looking in the direction where the mysterious man was going, he should be heading for the mountains.

Without a doubt, the exit of this secret passage was in the mountains.

The length of the secret passageway was longer than expected.
It must have been hard for the dark apparitions to dig such a lengthy passage.

Wang Teng couldn’t find the exact location of the exit, so he had to keep a close watch on the mysterious person.

A few minutes later, he appeared in the middle of a mountain valley.

Wang Teng activated his Spiritual Sight and scanned the valley.
He finally noticed something different.

The exit of this passage was in a mountain cave.
It was concealed with a high-quality rune array, so ordinary people couldn’t detect it.

However, Wang Teng was an advanced-stage runemaster with impressive spiritual power.
This was a piece of cake for him.

He hid his figure and stepped into the cave.
The next moment, he frowned involuntarily.

There were two balls of dark Forces in the cave.
They were at the 3-star soldier level.

Wang Teng sighed.
He had made a mistake.
He didn’t expect there to be two dark apparitions guarding the cave.

He gave up the idea of ambushing the mysterious person.
If he wanted to capture the mysterious person, he had to kill these two dark apparitions first.

However, the mysterious person was very close.
There was no time.

If he took the risk and killed the two dark apparitions, he was afraid that he would be discovered.
Once he alerted the person, the possibility of taking them down would drop.
It wasn’t worth it.

Also, Wang Teng wanted to capture the mysterious person alive.
He planned to dig more useful information from their mouth.

If Niu Li and the two majors knew his plan, they would have reprimanded him for overestimating himself and building castles in the air.

It’s hard to capture him alive!

Wang Teng touched his chin.
He was 80% confident of killing the mysterious person.
As for capturing them alive, he felt the chances were only 50%.

He looked at his attributes panel and scanned all his skills.
His gaze paused on something.

Wait, I have a brilliant idea.
The corners of his mouth lifted and formed an eerie smile.

He secretly left the cave and hid outside, waiting for the mysterious person to come out.

A few seconds later, a figure covered in a black cloak came out of the cave.
The person was wearing a mask, so no one could see their face.

Pfft, how vigilant! Wang Teng pouted.

The figure scanned the surroundings and walked out of the valley.
He chose a direction and stepped into the forest.

Wang Teng followed secretly.

Half an hour later, the figure was already a distance away from the exit.
Once confirming that no one was on their trail, they took off their black cloak and mask.
His face was finally revealed.

This was a handsome man around 30 years old.
He gave off a dignified vibe and had a crew cut, looking smart and capable.

There was a conspicuous scar on his forehead.

Below the black cloak, he was wearing the red-black military uniform of the Xingwu Continent’s army.
Wang Teng had seen the uniform in Yang City, so he was familiar with it.

When he saw the military uniform, a sneer appeared at the edge of his lips.
It was followed by waves of killing intent.

This person deserves to die!

The mysterious man increased his speed after he took off his disguise.
He headed in a certain direction into the mountains.

He’s not planning to leave? Wang Teng frowned.
He had no choice but to follow the man and wait for an opportunity.

The two of them didn’t fly in the air.
The mountains were home to many powerful star beasts, and flying would make them an obvious target.
They would get attacked easily.

Along the way, Wang Teng suddenly realized that the mysterious man wasn’t just randomly moving about.
He had a motive.


Suddenly, an enormous star beast covered with scales pounced on the mysterious man.
It opened its bloody mouth in an attempt to swallow him whole.

“Go away!”

The mysterious man scoffed.
He punched his fist out and killed this 7-star star beast instantly.

He didn’t look at the corpse and kept it directly into his space ring.
Then, he continued moving forward.

Wang Teng’s gaze landed on the spot where the 7-star star beast was killed.
The corpse was taken away, but the attribute bubbles remained.

Earth Force*180

Wood Force*60

Blank Attribute*300

This was a 7-star star beast, so it had dropped a sizable amount of attributes.

Wang Teng chuckled.
He picked up the attribute bubbles and caught up with the mysterious man.

He didn’t expect to have an unexpected gain from following this man.
Were the gods rewarding him because they felt that he was having a hard time?

Wang Teng felt narcissistic.

During the journey, powerful star beasts would appear occasionally.
The mysterious man purposely evaded the star beasts, but he still met some of them.
When he did, he had to kill them.

Wang Teng stayed behind him and happily picked up the attributes.

The mysterious man was heading deeper into the mountains, so the star beasts he met were all formidable.

He tried his best to evade 8-star and above star beasts, but the mountain was only that big.
He couldn’t find alternate paths all the time.
Thus, he had to choose the path with the weaker star beasts, mostly around 5-star to 7-star in level.

Even so, Wang Teng had a huge harvest.
All his Force attributes saw an increase.

His blank attribute reached a new height too.

Blank Attribute: 4350

Wang Teng hid in the dark and happily watched the man battle a giant python star beast.

Fight, continue fighting! Drop more attributes!

Wang Teng felt fortunate that he had chased after the person.
He wouldn’t have been able to pick up all these attributes if he hadn’t.
Even more, he didn’t have to move a finger.

Looking at the man, he nodded in approval.

What a free and good manual laborer!

Boom, boom, boom!

The giant python hissed in agony.
Its gigantic body squirmed and struggled on the ground for a while before it stopped breathing.

The mysterious person was also panting for air.
It had been an arduous journey for him.

He was a 9-star soldier-level martial warrior, so these star beasts couldn’t hurt him.
However, it was still exhausting.

Nonetheless, he had to do this to get close to that place.

He kept the corpse of the giant python and dashed further into the mountain range.
Time was tight.
He mustn’t dawdle anymore.

Fire Force*120

Wood Force*120

Blank Attribute*280

Wang Teng picked up the attribute bubbles and followed the person hurriedly.

At night, the mysterious person barbecued the leg of a wild boar star beast over the campfire he created.
A pleasant scent wafted through the air, tempting one to take a bite.

However, the man had used his Force to lock the aroma in this area so that it wouldn’t attract other star beasts.

Wang Teng observed the other party silently not far away from him.

At first, he wanted to prepare some poison and feed it to the mysterious person secretly.
Now, he was curious what this person’s motive was.
Why did he spend so much effort to head deep into the mountains?

If there were more attributes for him to pick up, that would be great.

The peace of the mountains at night was occasionally broken by the roars of wild beasts.

The man was extremely vigilant.
Whenever a star beast came close, he would dodge it.
He had wasted too much energy in the day, so he didn’t want to fight at night.

Wang Teng felt bitter in his heart.
He was forced to wake up many times at night.
Why can’t you let me sleep properly? You’re so troublesome!

The next day, he continued following the mysterious man with a pair of panda eyes.

The mysterious man killed many star beasts along the way and finally reached a lake deep in the mountains half a day later.

Wang Teng’s pupils constricted when he saw the location from afar.

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