Chapter 419: The Touch Of Darkness

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“It’s good that you are mentally prepared.” The dark apparition laughed menacingly.
“Don’t worry.
The higher-ups won’t forget your contribution.
Once this mission ends successfully, you will follow us back.
The sirs will help you break through your soldier level.”

As the discussion between the three dark apparitions and the mysterious person landed in Wang Teng’s ear, his expression gradually turned grave.

These dark apparitions wanted to attack the Star Maple Troop!

The Star Maple Troop was a troop from the Xingwu Continent.
They weren’t stationed in this area.
Instead, they were guarding another dimensional rift.
Were the dark apparitions planning to combine their forces from these two dimensional rifts and capture the Star Maple Troop forcefully?

All kinds of possibilities flashed through Wang Teng’s mind, leaving him shocked.

This piece of intel was crucial!

Many people would die once the war started.

The game was already over for the Star Maple Troop if they suffered a combined attack from the dark apparitions stationed behind two dimensional rifts unprepared.
Even more, an insider was helping the dark apparitions.

The tragedy of Yang City was still fresh in his memory.

Wang Teng’s gaze turned sharp.
He controlled his breathing so that he wouldn’t expose himself.

The conversation in the room continued.
They discussed some details of the plan, and Wang Teng remembered everything carefully.

Then, the mysterious person entered a secret passageway and disappeared from the room.

He came from a secret passageway! Wang Teng was enlightened.
No wonder he didn’t detect the arrival of this person.

He was focused on the movements above the ground and neglected to inspect below the ground.

Wang Teng activated his Spiritual Sight and saw the direction where the mysterious person was heading in.
He calmed down and prepared to leave.
He would track the person a bit later.

The dark apparitions remained silent for some time.
Then, the vampire said, “Is this person reliable?”

“Don’t worry.
I have planted the Touch of Darkness in him.
He has no other choice but to work with us.” The dark apparition with a deer head and human body scoffed.

“The ambush of the Star Maple Troop must be a success!” The giant apparition opened his mouth.

“Hahaha, those humans keep opposing us.
In that case, we’ll annihilate one of their troops first.” The dark apparition with a deer head and human body gave a sinister smile.

The killing intent in Wang Teng’s heart almost overflowed.
He left quietly and found his way out of no.
56 garrison.
He planned to chase the mysterious man.

However, he remembered that the other party had only left seconds ago.
He couldn’t attack him near the garrison since it might alert the dark apparitions.

Thus, he went back to the hill and met up with his companions.

The three officers were stunned when they saw Wang Teng.
Then, they felt relieved.
It was great that he was fine.

They gathered around him and asked, “What’s the situation?”

Wang Teng didn’t waste any time.
He immediately told them what he knew.

“What? They want to attack the Star Maple Troop!?”

The three officers were astounded and filled with disbelief.
They didn’t expect Wang Teng to bring back such a major piece of news.
It was unexpected.

“We must immediately go back and report this to the higher authorities,” Yuwen Xuan said grimly.

“That’s right.
There’s not a moment to waste.
Let’s go back immediately.” Niu Li nodded and turned around.

“Wait!” Wang Teng suddenly shouted.

Three gazes landed on him instantly.

Wang Teng’s performance during this mission was remarkable.
They might not have realized it, but they were starting to take his opinions seriously.

Thus, when he opened his mouth, Niu Li asked, “What’s up?”

“I want to intercept and kill that mysterious man!” Wang Teng shocked them with his words.

“Are you crazy? Based on what you said, that mysterious man is a 9-star soldier-level martial warrior.
We don’t have any chances of winning even if we attack him together.
What ability do you have to kill him?” Kong Li frowned.

If it was possible, they wouldn’t let the mysterious person leave either.
This man was the crux of the dark apparitions’ plan to attack the human troop.
They could only gain the upper hand if they took him down.

However, his ability surpassed all four of them immensely.
This was why Niu Li didn’t ask them to intercept him and suggested going back to report to the higher authorities.

“The mission is of paramount importance.
Don’t get blinded by military exploits.” Niu Li thought that Wang Teng wanted to gain military exploits, so he frowned as he rejected him.

“Can you listen to what I have to say first?” Wang Teng replied helplessly.

“You…” Kong Li expected better from him.
Why was he still being stubborn when they had expressed their opinions? He was too insensible.

Niu Li waved his hand and said to Wang Teng, “Go ahead.”

“I have confidence that I can take him down,” Wang Teng said calmly.

“Pfft!” Yuwen Xuan snorted.
He continued in an icy tone, “You’re only a 7-star soldier-level martial warrior.
Where did you get the confidence to make this statement? I admit that you did well up to this point, but you’re seeking death if you go and intercept that person.”

“Wang Teng, this isn’t the time to fool around.
This information is very important.
We need to bring it back quickly.” Niu Li didn’t believe Wang Teng either, but he still explained to him patiently.
He was a genius, and he deserved his respect.

“You guys never believe what I say.” Wang Teng sighed.

“Stop being stubborn and listen to the leader,” Kong Li said agitatedly.

Wang Teng shook his head.
He wasn’t willing to let that mysterious person leave so easily.
He contemplated for a while and suggested, “Why don’t you bring the information back and let me deal with the person alone? This shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

“What bullshit are you spouting now? It’s too dangerous for you to go alone.
I object.” Kong Li was furious.

“I object too.
I’m the leader.
I’m ordering you to go back with me immediately,” Niu Li put on a stern expression and replied to Wang Teng straightforwardly.
This was the first time he had ordered Wang Teng as his leader.

After he finished speaking, he turned and left with the two majors.

Wang Teng followed them helplessly.
Their method wasn’t wrong, but he understood his own ability the best.
If he combined his spiritual power with his martial arts cultivation, he was confident that he could take down the 9-star soldier-level martial warrior.

However, he couldn’t explain this to them.
This was what caused the situation now.

Were they going to let the mysterious man leave without doing anything?

The four of them went back the same way they came.
Their speed was faster compared to when they came.

This mission was surprisingly smooth.
Of course, all the credit went to Wang Teng, but he was such a bother.

He insisted on killing that 9-star soldier-level martial warrior! The youth knew no fear!

Niu Li felt his head hurting when he thought of this.

He must be sulking now.
He’s not making any sound.

He turned his head and glanced behind him.


There was no one!

The veins on Niu Li’s forehead bulged out as he roared in anger, “Where is he?”

Kong Li and Yuwen Xuan turned their heads in astonishment.
Even they hadn’t noticed when Wang Teng disappeared.

“Did he leave to kill that mysterious person?!” Kong Li’s expression was ugly.

“What other reasons can there be?” Yuwen Xuan shook his head.
He felt that Wang Teng was digging his own grave.

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