Chapter 41: Presence Enlightenment

After studying his spiritual sight for some time, he had digested almost all the food in his stomach.

Wang Teng got up and climbed down the stairs.
On the way, he greeted his parents.

“Dad, Mom, I’m going to the martial arts academy.”

Wang Shengguo had just come back from his business trip.
He didn’t go back to his office tonight.
One reason was that he wanted to rest at home and the other was to spend more time with his wife.

At this moment, he was watching the television with Li Xiumei in the living room.

When they reached an interesting part, he would discuss with Li Xiumei how outdated the storyline was.
The way he was acting now was no different from the millions of ordinary men in this world.

When he heard Wang Teng’s voice, Wang Shengguo waved his hand without even bothering to turn his head.

“Move aside.
Don’t interrupt us while watching the television! This is the climax!”

“Alright, I won’t!” Wang Teng rolled his eyes and beat a hasty retreat.

Li Xiumei patted Wang Shengguo once and shouted in a hurry, “Son, what do you want to eat tonight? I will make supper for you.”

“Anything is fine, Mom.
You can cook whatever is available.
I’m going now!”

Wang Teng’s voice came from outside the door.
Then, the rumble of a sports car engine was heard.

Jixin Martial House.

Wang Teng parked his car and walked along the small pathways in the martial arts academy.
On the way, he thought to himself, Let’s go straight to the third floor today.
Some people already know that my strength has exceeded an intermediate stage martial disciple.
There’s no point in hiding it anymore.
However, I should drag the news that I’ve become a martial warrior for a little longer.

Sigh, rising too quickly is vexing!

Actually, Wang Teng never expected himself to become a martial warrior so quickly either.
He thought he would have to wait until the university entrance exam was over.

Accidents always came so abruptly!

It caught him off guard!

Wang Teng stood in front of the martial disciple training building and glanced at the martial warrior training building beside it.
He heaved a deep sigh, as if lamenting the unfairness of the world like an old man.

Within sight but beyond reach!

Wang Teng walked into the building and quietly finished his test.
The identification information changed automatically, and he received the right to move to the third floor.

He didn’t forget to finish a round on the first and second floor, picking up dropped attributes.
Wang Teng then headed to the third floor.

The staircase leading to the third floor was situated in a conspicuous location.

Wang Teng didn’t want to be in the spotlight, but he still attracted everyone’s attention the moment he stepped on the stairs.

“Wang Teng, I didn’t expect you to become an advanced stage martial disciple so quickly!” Some familiar students came forward and started praising him.

Their tone was full of envy!

The longer one trained as a martial disciple, the harder the path got.

Many students here had been stuck at the martial disciple intermediate stage for a long time.
They never managed to break through the doors to become an advanced stage martial disciple.
It was sorrowful, to say the least.

“Sigh, Zhang Shaoyang became an advanced stage martial disciple.
Now, another one is leaving.”

“I heard that the Ministry of Education underwent a reform this year.
Intermediate stage martial disciples can also take part in the martial arts exam now.
But, it has nothing to do with us.”

“Damn it! Why didn’t this reform take place earlier…”

The moment the news of an increase in enrolment for the martial arts course was released, it spread like wings throughout the city.
Everyone that should know about it had heard of it.

Most of the intermediate stage martial disciples present were adults practicing martial arts as part of their job.
Their average age was quite high.
As a result, they were unable to take part in the university entrance exam.

They weren’t the same as the students in school.
Even if the students were intermediate stage martial disciples, they still had the chance to climb up the social ladder in the future.

But, to them, this piece of news wasn’t good.
Instead, it was a huge blow!

Some people were born in the wrong era and missed many good opportunities!

Time was not on their side, so what could they do?

“Just work hard.
There will be opportunities for you.” Wang Teng nodded at the student and went up to the third floor.

“That’s right.
There will be opportunities!”

The student clenched his fist tightly, and the fighting will in his eyes lit up again.
He was just a little past 20.
It was too early to give up now.

Among the crowd, a fatty was watching Wang Teng’s pretentious back view as he left.
He cursed in his heart. I knew it.
I knew that this fellow must be hiding his true abilities.
If not, how could he run faster than me or become an advanced stage martial disciple so quickly? This is so dishonest of him.

On the third floor, there were obviously fewer people as compared to the second floor.
From the first floor to the third floor, the numbers would sharply dwindle.
This was a good example of the pyramid concept.

Wang Teng’s arrival caused many people to pause their training and turn around to glance at him.

“He’s so young!”

“Another genius!”

“Hmph, genius?”

Wang Teng scanned his surroundings.
The floor was littered with attribute bubbles and there was a bunch of two-legged sheep for him to collect furs from…

It felt so good!

At this time, Zhang Shaoyang, who had just become an advanced stage martial disciple, walked over.
He sized up Wang Teng with a strange gaze.

“Wang Teng, your progress is a little scary!”

“I started practicing martial arts at a young age.
I’ve been stuck at the intermediate stage for some time.
I was just waiting for an opportunity,” Wang Teng smiled and replied.

Zhang Shaoyang had a look of enlightenment.
He placed his arm around Wang Teng’s shoulder and took him inside.

“Come, come.
Since you’re here, there’s finally someone who can spar with me using fist skills.”

The entire night, Wang Teng collected all the attribute bubbles on the third floor.
It was another round of huge gains.

In total—





Currently, Wang Teng was more focused on increasing his points for Enlightenment and Spirit.
However, these two attributes were rare as always.

He had researched online before.
Force skill scriptures and Force battle techniques were more profound.
Hence, they had a higher demand for Enlightenment.

If one’s Enlightenment value was high, they would yield twice the result with half the effort when practicing the scriptures and battle techniques.
If the Enlightenment was low, they would experience what despair felt like.

Wang Teng was able to collect attributes to improve his scriptures and battle techniques.
However, martial warriors were rare.
Even more, they wouldn’t congregate together like the martial disciples.
He wouldn’t be able to collect rounds and rounds of attributes as he did with the martial disciples.

Thus, when there were attributes, he would collect them.
When there was nothing to be picked, he had to rely on his own practice!

Increasing his Enlightenment was considered saving for a rainy day!

However, Wang Teng was lucky that he was able to increase his Enlightenment by collecting attributes.

Many a little made a mickle.
If he slowly collected them, he believed that his Enlightenment would increase.

He was different from others.
If other people had low Enlightenment, there was nothing they could do besides feeling despair.

As for Spirit, it was related to the endurance time of his Spiritual Sight ability.
This ability might prove really important in the future.
He should increase the capacity of his spirit battery as quickly as possible.

Besides all these, he had collected many Basic Footwork, Basic Fist Skill, Basic Sword Skill, and Basic Blade Skill attributes today.

Now, these battle techniques were charging towards another stage above the mastery stage.

The next stage after mastery was ‘presence enlightenment.’

Presence enlightenment was the last stage of a basic battle technique.
At this stage, one would comprehend the powerful aura behind the skill.
When fighting with someone, the frightening presence of the skill would be felt first, overwhelming the other party.

Subduing the enemy without a fight!

This was the use of presence.

However, few would spend a huge amount of time practicing their basic battle techniques to this stage.
If they had the time and energy, they would rather work towards becoming a martial warrior and cultivate Force battle techniques.

But Wang Teng didn’t mind.
All he needed to do was pick up the attributes.
It would be a waste if he didn’t collect them.

Also, if he practiced his foundation well, it would be beneficial to his cultivation of Force battle techniques in the future.
After all, a skyscraper was only possible if the foundations were solid.

Besides the basic battle techniques he already possessed, Wang Teng picked up a new basic technique—Basic Stick Skill (foundation)!

Stick skill!

Not bad, not bad… Do I have to find a golden cudgel or an iron polearm in the future?[1]

Then, I will shout out loud—

Hey, demon, let go of my master![2]

[1] [Annotation text missing]

[2] [Annotation text missing]

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