Chapter 418: The Academy Owed Him An Oscar!

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Wang Teng sighed loudly after he walked out of the lobby.
He couldn’t stand the bunch of demons inside anymore.
They were like maniacs.

And he was the only normal person in this mental hospital.

That was why he had to leave them.
If he stayed too close with that bunch of madmen, any sane person would go crazy.

Looking up at the moon peeking out from behind the clouds, he got emotional.

He had disguised himself as a dark apparition and infiltrated into their camp.
He was probably the only person who dared to think of this plan and do it.

Moreover, he might be the only person who had the ability to do it.
After all, there was only one bug in the world—him!

He felt that everything seemed like a fantasy.

If his identity was exposed, he imagined that the hundreds of dark apparitions would turn and stare at him simultaneously.
That scene would be a little… awkward!

The next moment, he shook his head hurriedly.
No, he mustn’t be exposed!

“Why did you come out?”

Phyllis’s voice appeared behind him.
Wang Teng couldn’t help but frown.
This female dark apparition was so irritating.

She followed him everywhere like a plaster, yet Wang Teng couldn’t slap her to death.

He could only keep a stern face and reply calmly, “They’re too irritating.
I want to have some peace.”

“You’ve changed so much.
In the past, you loved to mingle with them, but you’re voluntarily keeping your distance now.
I’m really curious about your dream that caused such a change,” Phyllis said.

Wang Teng was startled.
He hoped that she didn’t notice anything wrong.
No matter how much a person changed, there was a limit and a reason.

Fortunately, he used a dream as his excuse, and the other party believed him.
She thought in that direction, so she didn’t sense anything amiss.

However, in front of Phyllis’s question, Wang Teng felt that he needed to work out the plot of his dream properly.

Indeed, one had to use multiple lies to cover up one lie.


Wang Teng sighed.
He racked his brain and came up with a storyline quickly.

He replied in a composed manner, “Phyllis, have you ever experienced the fear of being controlled by death? Do you understand the pain of getting betrayed by your closest friend? Do you know the despair when your friend leaves you to die?”

“I…” Phyllis stared at Wang Teng absentmindedly.
She seemed alarmed by his series of questions.

Wang Teng was pleased when he saw her expression.
However, he pretended to shake his head as if he was mocking himself.
“I knew that you wouldn’t understand.”

“Rupert, don’t act like this.
It’s just a dream.” Phyllis looked at Wang Teng worriedly.
He seemed a little possessed.

“It was just a dream, but it seemed so real.
Also, that dream was more terrifying than you could imagine,” Wang Teng replied.

“Even so, I won’t betray you.
I understand that you don’t trust others, but have you stopped trusting me too?” Phyllis said with heartache.

Wang Teng looked at her indifferently without saying anything.

Phyllis trembled.
His calm gaze was without any shred of emotion.
She took a few steps back unconsciously.

She couldn’t understand why the Rupert who loved her dearly in the past had become so cold and detached suddenly.

Phyllis didn’t continue the conversation.
She left dejectedly.

Damn it, she finally left!

Wang Teng heaved a sigh of relief.
He nodded to himself when he recalled Phyllis’s reaction and the tears hovering at the ends of her eyes before she left.
His acting was splendid!

The Academy owed him an Oscar!

Wang Teng rubbed the stiff muscles on his face.
It was hard to deal with a female dark apparition.
He was now praying that the mysterious person would appear soon.

Once he got the information he wanted, he would leave instantly.

Wang Teng instinctively used his Spiritual Sight to scan the locations where the three 7-star soldier-level dark apparitions were at.


His pupils constricted.

In his vision, the three brightest balls of dark Force were heading in the same direction.
But that wasn’t the main point.

The main point was, another bright ball of Force had appeared at the spot where they were about to meet.

That ball of light wasn’t black.
It was green!

Wood Force!

There was another human martial warrior in this garrison?

From the brightness of the glow, that person was at least at the 9-star soldier level!

Very suspicious!

Wang Teng frowned.
He dashed towards that direction without any hesitation.

During his discussion with the majors, they had guessed that the person the three dark apparitions were meeting might be a human.
After all, the presence of traitors was revealed a long time ago.

There were always people who couldn’t resist the temptations given by the devils and fell into their embrace voluntarily.

However, when he saw it personally, he still couldn’t understand.

What was going through the minds of these traitors? Why did they have to be weasels when they could be humans?

Wang Teng moved quickly.
He evaded the dark apparitions around him and arrived only a second after the three dark apparitions.
He stopped outside a room.

“You’ve arrived!”

“Haha, we have been waiting for you for many days.” The dark apparition with a deer head and human body let out a peal of evil laughter.

“It can’t be helped.
I couldn’t get away.
I rushed here when I was still on my mission.”

Their conversation floated out of the room faintly.
They didn’t expect someone to eavesdrop on them, so they didn’t use voice transmission.

Actually, most martial warriors wouldn’t use voice transmission to talk to one another if they had the choice.
It was too troublesome.

The mysterious person’s voice was hoarse.
It might be a fake voice.
It looked like this person was cautious, even though he didn’t use voice transmission.

Wang Teng inched forward carefully.
He merged into the darkness, hiding his aura and Force waves.
There were concealing runes on his body, too, formed using his spiritual power.
With his current level of spiritual power, even the 9-star soldier-level martial warrior wouldn’t be able to discover him.

He peeked into the room through a crack in the window.

Unfortunately, I can’t see through objects with my Spiritual Sight.
If not, I won’t have to go through all these troubles!

Wang Teng complained in his heart.

The mysterious man had covered himself entirely with a black cloak.
Wang Teng couldn’t see his figure.
The man was facing sideways, so he couldn’t see the face under the cape of the black cloak either.

Turn around! Turn around! Come on, turn around!

Wang Teng screamed in his heart.
Unfortunately, the person didn’t listen to him.
He couldn’t see the face no matter how hard he tried.

Wang Teng was exasperated.
He had no choice but to focus his attention on their conversation.

“Time is tight.
Let’s get down to business.”

“Nine days later, my race is going to launch a surprise attack on the Star Maple Troop.
Prepare to welcome us.”

“Attacking the Star Maple Troop!” The mysterious person was obviously shocked.
“Why the sudden move?”

“Haha, that’s not something you have to know.” The dark apparition sneered.

When I decided to join your side, I knew that this day would come sooner or later.
I just didn’t expect it to be so fast..” The person regained his composure and shrugged.

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